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True Detective season 3 premiere date 2018

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When will season 2 of True Detective start in 2018? Will there be the new episodes of the show? We want to know the premiere date on HBO.

The television series True Detective was recognized as one of the best newcomers 2014 on the American TV. Critics’ reviews were only positive, and the number of fans in the USA comprised more that 3.5 million people at the final episode of the first season.

Of course, after such a successful start HBO management simply didn’t have a right to cancel the project and soon the second season was announced to be developed. This news hasn’t become a surprise for anybody, as back to the beginning of 2014 it appeared that the director Nic Pizzolatto had signed contract with HBO for two years, which meant the renewal of the show for Season 2.

Since the show is an anthology, the new story got new actors, including Colin Farrell and Rachel McAdams. The presence of such stars should have made the project even more successful, but this time the critics’ reviews were ambiguous. We cannot say that the season is disappointing, but we also can’t talk about the total success of the show. The number of fans reduced to 2.4 million people, and a score on Rotten Tomatoes fell to 6.4/10 (the first season got 8.5/10).

However, the famous experts from The Washington Post and New York Daily News again praised the work of Nic Pizzolatto, that’s why the chances for Season 3 are quite real. At the moment it is too early to talk about the release date of the third season of True Detective, as HBO is going to discuss the future of the show with the director and only then to announce its verdict.

True Detective season 3 premiere – [2018] (UPDATE 3)

We hope, the rights holders make the rights decision and in 2018 we will enjoy the new criminal story with famous cast. Follow the announcements and support the show!

UPDATE 1 (Nov.17, 2015): Nic Pizzolatto has inked an exclusive overall deal with HBO through 2018.

UPDATE 2 (March 28, 2017): Nic Pizzolatto has written several episodes of a possible third season. He’s been working alongside David Milch (Deadwood, NYPD Blue).

UPDATE 3 (August 31, 2017): Good news! HBO has formally renewed Nic Pizzolatto’s crime anthology True Detective for a third season, with Mahershala Ali set to star.

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