Aug 26

Dexter season 9?

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When does Dexter season 9 premiere? Official release air date is known? Will TV show return for new season?

Famous American television drama series «Dexter» premiered on Showtime TV Channel with 0,8 millions U.S. viewers. It was hard to believe that such stories could be so interesting to the TV viewers.

First episode of the story from the screenwriter James Manos, Jr. was broadcasted in October, 2006. Premiere date for the final episode scheduled for September 22, 2013. All seasons were shown during that period, which includes 96 episodes.

In April 2013 Showtime announced that season eight would be the final season of Dexter. Release date is not actual any more because the serial is finished after episode 96 («Remember the Monsters?»).

Would you like to see new episodes of the given story? Or should the ninth season be created?

P.S. «Marvel Comics will release a monthly Dexter series in July 2013. The comic books are written by creator Jeff Lindsay and drawn by Dalibor Talajic».

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  1. SaHa

    we neeeed more dexter!!!!

    • Shah Newaz

      Weee nnneeeeeeddd dddeeeexxteeerr mooorreee…………

  2. julio lisboa

    yes i deffinatley think there shud b a least one more season, i love that show and it is one thing i look forward to watching every week and every year, for the past 8 years i have watched dexter religously, i have also turned many friends and family on to the shoew, and ebverybody who has started watching was instantly addicted.. for real this is the best series i have ever watched it beats any hbo series by far. please dont end dexter this year, keep it going,,jnj

    • Jaden

      Usually I don’t like happy endings because they happen so much in tv shows but dexter deserves a happy rest of his life I bet being a lumberjack is miserable he’s just not gonna give up we all know that. I saw the stare he gave at the end of the season he’s not done.

  3. Jake

    I have never missed any episode of Dexter so please don’t ever ever end it .

  4. courtney

    I hope that the producers give in, & make one final season. Season 8 was amazing, but the ending was just.. Meh. I don’t know, I just hate sad endings. Dexter is better than this, he should reunite w/ Hannah & Harrison, he needs to be w/ them. Not be a miserable lumberjack. He deserves better. End the series w/ Dexter finally being able to be happy.

    • Lucy

      I agree with Courtney. Dexter should be happy. Why did Debra have to die anyway? There could have been happy ending for both! I never watch TV dramas but I took a chance on this series due to so many comments make. I am not a blood and gore kind of person but this movie had me HOOKED. I could not wait to get home from work the watch Dexter, and for me, that is saying something. PLEASE LET THERE BE A HAPPY ENDING..YOU WILL UPSET ALOT OF FANS IF THERE ISN’T. Season nine coming up, right?!

    • Trish Connery

      I AGREE ! Please bring it back it was a fabulous show……. not meant to end with him out there, with no one!

      Let him be with his son !

    • debra cicchelli

      yes yes yes!! I agree

  5. LadyLei

    I agree with Courtney. I’m a new fan since summer of this year & spreading the word to everyone I know! This show is awesome!!! Please show Dexter achieving what he was told he could not. Leave him happy in Argentina, if it must end, that is. It may be unrealistic, but the entire show is just a wonderfully addicting drama. I have never found myself so driven to watch any other show. The writers are amazing! The characters were believable and I always found myself rooting for Dexter. Hollywood is famous for beating a dead horse in order to squeeze out one more sequel or episode of anything that earns a few pennies. This one is still going strong. You have a loyal fan base that is still growing & willing to stick with it for a few more seasons. Keep it going!

  6. Babs

    We need more Dexter!!!!!!

  7. bob

    Sundays will never be the same

  8. Marion Napolitano

    We need a 9th season of Dexter!!!!I miss him already!!!

  9. peter peter the dexter eater

    Give us more!! Thinking about strapping myself to a table Dexter style if there’s not a 9th season.. 😉

  10. Chris

    I think Dex must become like days of our lives!!! Never end

  11. ginga

    yes there should be another season, it finished wrong, i saw his dad as the dark passenger and when he said he didn’t need him anymore I thought he would go be happy,with his son and hanna, yes losing deb was sad, but i thought he had found feelings and happyness. to end with him on his own was a bit meh!!!! needs a great writer to come in make it end in a way that makes you feel it was worth feeling for a serial killer, in the end it came across as why did you bother liking the guy he’s just a phyco and always will be.

  12. LD

    There just must be a REAL ending to the Dexter saga… please 1 more season!

  13. aby

    That ending look of dexter just means he’s still in there. He’ll be back for a fresh start. I’m a hundred % sure! Can’t wait for dexter 9….. and so on….

  14. Kayla

    There should be another season . The way it ended was so disappointing after 8 years we get a rushed ending . it’s not even like dexter to abandon his son it makes no sense and for what to be a lumberjack . That is the stupidest ending anyone could come
    Up with . there was no closure with any of the other characters . It was a rushed season . That can’t be it.

    • Twist

      Totally agree. Season 8 needs to redeem itself. That ending was not right and did leave to many questions unanswered. You want a new twist for Season 9?; Dexter’s father didn’t kill himself instead he was given an overdose by someone else. Right! But who? Da Da Da!

    • danny a

      ….except for that time Rudy (Brian) made the comment, (something like): “Oregon! Where all good serial killers, go to die!”…..I figured that’s why, ‘Oregon’…

  15. Olympia

    Yes, I would like Dexter to continue for Season 9

  16. Paolo

    Yes, we want season 9

  17. Olivia

    Yes, I want season 9

  18. Shane kou

    I hate any series of any show that runs long time but once my sister told me to watch this show I agreed then my wife bought all 8 season to watch, something to do together once I start the first episode i was hooked, watched all seasons in 2 weeks couldn’t stop after that.had to get the final season and watched that in 3 days even missed work lol I am 54 years old not too many things excites me but this show was great and I need more off it so plz plz do one last one with better ending (happy) absolutely love this show must watch more of it.

  19. lee woods

    plzz more dexter f*ck face

  20. Captaindirko

    The start of season 8 was cr*p, and the end was even worse. Felt like there were 1 or 2 twists too many in the end. Killing off deb would have made the path clear for him to be happy in Argentina. A happy ending to a great series. Or kept him drowned, instead of being a lumberjacker. Still a cr*p ending, but better. So do us all a favor, make a 9th season, and this time give a worthy ending. Kill off dex, let the police capture him, or let him be happy with hanna and his son.

  21. Bcinque

    I wd like to see dexter 9. However, I think you’ve done all you can do
    In Miami. How many serial murderers can you have in
    Miami? Lets move Dexter to Argentina… Maybe they can get new
    Identities and move to NY… Or California! Some new pp around
    Dex and his new family.

  22. Cee

    I would love to see a season 9 of
    Dexter starting over….

  23. killu

    F u writers what a cr*p ending it did not do justice to the charictors on the show I am very disapointed

    • PRH

      I agree, I hated the ending and I hated what happened to Debra. Bring back Dexter 9

  24. Dexter Addict

    Ok, I have already read enough comments without having finished season 8. Once we started watching the Dexter series on Netflix we never stopped. I just went online checking when season 9 was coming on. Holy “F” Balls I can’t believe it is ending! I stopped reading comments when I thought I saw that Deb was gone! Are you guys at Showtime nuts! I get interested in NOTHING as far as TV, short of sports, and admit I am a Dexter addict! If you guys make money on good shows nothing will compare to this show. As we we’re catching up on the old series from the beginning we once watched it from 8AM until 2AM. If Deb is gone you better run now producers because Dexter is going have you on his table. Better magically bring Deb back!

    • Shirley

      YES, YES, YES, I agree, she was great. maybe her and Dexter can hook up and carry on as parners, Yes

  25. Zamir

    Season 9 please!!!! Show is awesome but I don’t like that they kill Deb! She needs to return to the show! More Dexter please!!!! Least few more seasons…

  26. The Magster

    This show cannot end. Simply put he would of had to jump over board with his sister. Now that would have been the end. He still has his son and to retire him to a logging camp? That’s another movie in itself!! Please pay the actors more money and BRING BACK MY DEXTER
    As deb would say!

  27. Olivia

    Yes, we need a final season to wrap everything up.

    • Shirley

      we need more than that, lots of seasons


    I was so upset to hear that DEXTER was coming to an end. I cried through most of the final episodes. I hat goes out to the intelligent awesome writers & creators. It was a fabulous show & I would love it if SEASON 9 would be created. I beg for the writers to pick up where it was left off & continue the storyline. I want to find out how the rest of the crew would deal with Deb’s death & I want Dexter to reunite with his son. Please consider it.IT WOULD MAKE SO MANY PEOPLE HAPPY. Thank You

  29. Laurie Peters

    Absolutely more episodes. More ore more

  30. terra

    More dexter PUH-LEZE

  31. Dickens

    I just started watching on Netflix a few weeks ago. Just finished the 96th episode and am sitting here in tears. Can’t do this to me!

  32. patrick

    We all want more Dexter, worst ending ever. You guys gotta make up for it with at lease another 10 more season. Lol

  33. Michael Cain

    Please inform me by telling me in an email when I could start watching season 9 of Dexter.
    I really like all the character’s, and hope Dexter, (the real Dexter) will be playing the part. I am very sadden about Debra; she was really a wonderful caring, and loving sister to Dexter.

  34. Loudog91

    Just finished Dexter….:-(!!! Definitely make a season 9!!! Make it to where dexter meets up with Hannah or Harrison starts getting urges to kill an dexter needs to teach him how to control it!!! Not the ending I wanted or expected. So many different ways you can go sad to see a show like this go…

  35. Marc

    Great show ending was too rushed feels like it should at least end on a good note because all that trouble he went through to get a family just to leave them in Argentina lazy

  36. Steve

    If any person had seen this ending who was in touch with the fans they should be fired. Writers are out of touch with the fans that make THEM. THESE CLOWNS DON’T HAVE A CLUE.

    HOPE Manos gets the message.

  37. Jamie

    I love this show. I have laughed and cried with the chaacters for the last 8 years. I have seen all the episodes, and this just cannot be the end. You know, I would love to see him conquer his dark passenger and live happily ever after with Harrison and Hannah. Please bring me season 9, and let our hero come to the light.

  38. James

    Please more Dexter!!!!

  39. dexter fan

    Best show I have ever seen. Very addictive please make more!!!!!!!!!

  40. ray

    by all means ..yes at least one more …two or three would be better an even dozen of dex would be truly awesome ..ive watched the entire series three times so far .. im disappointed that their even considering cancelling dexter .. it would be an outrage ..such great acting in it by all involved it was a truly great storyline for sure //yes pleaaaaseee more dexter ..

  41. please bring deb back

    Just use what happened to deb as a thought of dexters

  42. Jean

    Just watch every last show on netflexs I didn’t want it to end that way. Please more! More! More!

  43. Nick D

    A serial killer should not have a happy ending, so I can’t say I agree with some of you on that, but Dexter would never leave his son. If we know anything about his character we know that. Deb dying was extremely sad, but inevitable. I would love to see another season, as I am hopelessly addicted to this show and now that’s it over I am lost. The final season felt like to much like a continuation of season 7 and didn’t really go anywhere accept for the terrible ending that is leaving all of hanging. If there is no season 9 this entire series will be ruined for me.

  44. Pammy

    Please bring back Dexter, I agree with Nick, he would never leave his son!!! so there should be more to the story.. however, thank you to all that made Dexter possible, absolutely a favorite series of mine!!! it’s crazy to watch a show about a serial killer and think sometimes.. “Poor Dexter.”

  45. Jtedall

    So disappointed with the way season 8 ended. Too abrupt and so unlike Dexter. Please give us one more season! Too many unanswered questions!!!

  46. DONNA

    Just finshed watching season 1-8 on netflix and did it in 3 weeks with a full time job and a 7 year old child. So I was so addicted, I choose Dexter instead of sleep.I love Dexter! Please bring it back for one more season after all he has been through he deserves a better ending than the one he got. Please!!!!!!!!!! This is the best show ever!!! Please Please bring it back for one more season.

  47. steve n dee

    Just finished season 8 on Netflix..What the hell are we going to watch now…Nothing even comes close to Dexter… Jones’n for another season or two Pleeeez!

  48. yes

    Yes we need a happier ending 1 more episode or 1 more season. specifically a reunion with his son n Hanna. but a changed man that doesn’t kill anymore.

  49. Axesumbody

    “Always leave them wanting more” Great job, great series, good ending. No season 9, the ending made sense. Maybe everyone forgot about Rita, Deb is fresh in their minds though. Dex is an incredible guy, but “he’s a fxxxxxx liability” His mother, his wife, his sister. Umm, ever heard of the three strikes rule. Obviously not his fault what happened to his mother, but Dex is a man who takes responsibility for the things that he allows to happen around him. Don’t be pissed at the writers for making him be accountable and reasonable! THIS IS A HAPPY ENDING FOR DEX! Dex conquered his “Dark passenger”, Hannah is safe and Harrison is with a capable mother that he loves. 😉

    • leyla karkhoy

      What the he’ll are you talking about?

  50. Dexter fan!

    please bring back dexter!!!!!!!!! I want to see the next chapter of his life!

  51. Olivia

    Yes, bring back Dexter along with Deb.

    • TC

      I was thinking that also. Just not sure how the writers would pull that off.

  52. jimbosan1911

    Just finished watching season 8. I’m an addict now, and you can’t just take away my only fix! It’s not fair that Dexter has to loose everything good in his life. Give him another chance to be a father and a husband. OR, DO I HAVE TO PUT YOU ON MY…TABLE?

  53. leyla karkhoy

    Yep!!! There must be the 9th season!!! This TV show is so realistically fantastic!!! All heroes playbrilliantly! All my family hooked on dexter once we watched it!!! The end of the 8th season was devastating, it was disaster!!! Do something, please!!!! We all are waiting for the happy ending!!!!

  54. Traci Lynn

    It can’t end like that!!! We need season 9!!!

  55. Mary

    “Jesus Christ on a cracker” it can’t end this way not to mention I am addicted to this show. I just finished the entire series on Netflix and it “over”. OMG Noooooo. Everyone that knew who/what Dexter is gone so it only makes sense that Dexter start over with Hanna and Harrison somewhere. This was the best crime/detective/drama I’ve ever watched and I’m 60yo.

  56. Bridgette

    I agree. They left it like that so they could continue on and should. I kept waiting for Dexter to walk up to them both at the end but he didn’t. He’s smarter than that. Upset about his sister yes, but there’s no reason to ditch Hanna and Harrison. He just has to be more careful and they’ll never get hurt.

  57. Lois

    I came upon this show by accident on Netflex – watched all 96 episodes in two weeks. Absolutely amazing. Please do another show. Would like to see Dexter end on a happy note. I don’t remember ever having such feelings about a series before. Thank you.

  58. Matt

    Keep them coming!!

  59. Vance Youngblood

    I just finished the last episode !!! I need more Dexter!!!! Season 9 Please!!!!!! F*cked up that Deb died!!!!!!!!!!!!! Boo!!!!!! Bring it back and make her death a dream sequence!!! 😉

  60. lauren

    omg!!!!!!!! i just felt like i did when i was a kid when i found out santa wasnt real!!!!!! im so sad about no more dexter thats craziness! i have never been so addicted to a show before. it can’t end now! theres GOT to be more!!there so should be a season 9!:))))))

  61. kevin fisher

    yes… more seasons!! and debra shouldn’t have died!!

  62. Nash Mourad

    All manifestations in the physical realm – person, place, or thing, etc – are temporary. That does not mean, however, that what seems to be is unnecessary, quite the opposite. This show appears entirely necessary if only temporal. It seems to be a completion, an answer, a fulfillment, a source, a whimsy of originality, a release, or all of the above and more. There are more good things to say about this show than this space will allow. And, it makes no sense to say it is about one thing or another – it seems to connect to many aspects of perceived life. Hannah’s character, when quoting her GrandMother to Deb, may have said it best (paraphrasing), “Trust anyone that seeks the truth, believe no one that says they’ve found it.” Perhaps the most compelling quality, however, is the exposed relationship between Dexter’s inner and outer worlds. I get to hear and see Dexter’s inner world – his personal narratives, his conversations with his Dad or Brother, and the sentences he completes in his mind. From this inner experience, the external is far more interesting, compelling, and captivating. Well done!

  63. Melinda Davis

    Please let there be a season 9!!! I’m so addicted!!! I want, need more!!!

  64. Sincara

    It would be interesting to have an additional season of “Dexter” in the near future. But Debra’s presence will be missed profundly. Debra captivated the viewer’s attention with suspence and toughness. Both Dexter and Debra’s character fed off one another to the point, where it makes you wonder whether either character can live without the other. If a ninth season is in installed, “Dexter” I don’t believe would develope the same impact without “Debra”‘s physical presence.

    Another alternative ending should have been the following in order to start a 9th season. Dexter should have kidnapped the female doctor and taken Debra onto the boat. He should of had the Female doctor hook up all the necessary medical equipment and supplies needed to get them from point A to point B. Made it look like the “Morgans” both died during the storm and at the cabin just wait for a possible miracle to occur to bring Debra back to life. Meanwhile, a possible meaningful relationship could occur between the female doctor and Dex in order to start a new life. Or perhaps, after bringing “Debra” back to life, Dexter finds out that the female’s intensions was to kill “Debra” like she has done with all her patients all along? At this point, after reviving Deb with good intentions will Dexter kill the Female Doctor or not? Now, that would of been a way to keep the series alive and open for a good writer to take advantage by creating more great plots as the ninth season progressed.

  65. Ray

    Totallly think they need to keep on with dexter
    Awesome show

  66. Gwen

    If there is a new Dexter it will start with Dexter following his Sons and Hannah’s every move until he feels safe in contacting them. There is always someone from the past to follow and connect. And whom ever Hannah takes up with will be Dexter’s first kill in the new one and upward from there. I do not believe this is over. Dexter had to many people watching and the Producers know this. Remember, they see how many are watching the re-runs also. Just keep looking He will be back!

  67. Kandy

    I love Dexter and want to see more!! I would love to see season 9 definitely bring Deb back!!

    • caleb

      They sould make Dexter run into lumen and her have a problem and Dexter and her reunite as a team and they find more people to put on the table and then someone kills Hannah and kidnapped Harrison and Dexter and lumen find the person or people that did it and take them out 1 by1 and then they could find somebody that cuts off people’s ears tongue toose and fingers and leaves them alive and then someone that cuts them open and takes out there heart but then he finds out they been watching him and kidnapped lumen and Dexter has to find her

  68. Janice

    i love to watch dexter …we would all love to see many more seasons
    awesome show n im addicted to this show.. we want debra back in season 9.

  69. willa

    PLEASE more Dexter and somehow get Debra back. there are ways. This best show ever.
    If you can keep some dumb shows on. You sure should be able to keep this one. Also loved
    all the other characters , they just seem to bring out the best of each other.

  70. grandma

    just spent two weeks watching seasons 1 through 8 (after never missing an episode when originally aired) and this show should be brought back for at least one more season – we can never get enough of Dexter.

  71. Sam

    There needs to be a another dexter. Dexter would never leave Harrison can’t just end with him being a lumber man who’s next on the kill list

  72. caleb

    Season 9 would be awesome they would bring back lumen from season 5

  73. Terry Patterson

    I want more Dexter! The best show on TV!

  74. carl

    Plain and simple, we want more.

  75. humberto martinez

    Me and my wife got really hook on this serie! It will be amazing to see season 9 and more, it is just soo addicting so we ate really looking foward to it

  76. joanette

    It would be so great if there could a Season 9 for Dexter. Harrison needs his father and for a man with good qualities as Dexter he worked too hard to get where he was as a Forensic blood spatter analyst and too lose his wife, his sister, his step children and is son being fatherless is so unfair! I truly enjoyed the series and although it may seem unrealistic to bring him I think it would be fitting to give his character a total new lease on life and give him back his family. Dreams may not always come true in real life but this is a television series that most people who adored Dexter like I did can have that chance to see this fantasy come through. I truly hope Dexter comes back to us!

  77. TC

    We need a season 9 with his new family

  78. jayden

    Yes!!!! Dexter should be with his kid . make a season 9.

  79. joie

    yes more dexter

  80. Colin Newton

    I want to see Dexter reunited with his son and girlfriend in season 9. Dexter was my best series ever, better than Breaking Bad

  81. steve de best

    Please Please dont let it end like that…season 8
    ITS THE BEST tv series EVER hooked from the start
    have all the dvds shown it to my mates all loved it
    So please bring on more seasons…the acting is superb…
    fantastic script cant be many written any better
    the whole series is 100%
    please bring us more DEXTER

  82. tiffany cook

    I think that they need more seasons I watched all the episodes in like two months i feel like there are wholes that where never filled we dont even know if they all wound up back together I cried like my best friend died when debra died and when he crashed the ship i wanna know what happened to Harrison what happened to rita’s kids what happened to Hannah i need to know please make a season 9.

  83. Laura

    definitely more DEXTER!!! I HATED how it ended, especially what happened to Deb!!! Not to mention Harrison being raised by Hannah, oh heck no!! Harrison needed to be raised by Dexter, so did Rita’s kids! Dexter needs to come back. Deb can be his conscience now!

  84. Shelby

    I just started watching Dexter on netflix and I watched all 96 episodes in two weeks!! The ending just felt like a huge let down!! I just feel sick that he would leave his son and the only women he could really be himself around. It’s endings like this that cause me not to want to watch these kinds of shows that go on for years. If I had watched it for 8 years I would be really pissed!! But with that said I’m still pissed at the ending!! Is that how they really want to leave the audience PISSED?

  85. Debbie

    Dexter was a very addicting series for me as well. The finale was fitting—Dexter made the decision to stay far away from Harrison and Hannah in order to keep them safe. Debra’s death was very sad, but, why would many of you want her back on the series after mourning her death already? The cast, crew, and especially the writers did an absolutely excellent job (5 stars). I would also love to see more of Dexter, but if a 9th season isn’t possible I’ll understand. Thank you all for making such a great series. I loved it so much! 😀

  86. Shirley

    I got hooked on Dexter 1st time I watched it. LOVE this show. I hated that it ended, wish Deb didnt die, that was so sad. I hope you do have a season 9, and 10, 11 and on and on. Miss Dexter, would hurry home from work to watch it. Only show I really just had to watch, no matter what. Please bring us more.

  87. Carlos Martin

    Dexter should continue with season 9….. wish Ded didnt die, … I would like to continue watching it without stopping

  88. Alice

    Yes! Another season is needed! Plus Deb can still come back! Maybe that cold ocean kicked something in and brought her back and she swam to safety like Dexter! So much for wishful dreaming!!!

  89. asa

    There needs to be a ninth season. They left Dexter looking like wolverine from x-men. There is definitely the opening for a new season just by how season 8 ended. I will be highly disappointed if they do not make a season 9.


    Yes I would like see what happens to dexter

  91. mel

    definately need a season 9

  92. Christine

    I love this show I also hate to see it end it realy is the very best but have to say I could not stand that sister of his .but life does not always have a happy ending s love you dexter.

  93. Joseph

    Should do anther season or atleast one more final episode

  94. Karen

    Dexter is one of the most intriguing and interesting TV series I have ever watched. Once I discovered the series on Netflix, I was absolutely hooked. I really hope that this is not the end, and that there will be a 9th series. The final episode for series 8 leaves it wide open to continue.

  95. Scudeseg

    I never seen dexter season 1 but after seeing the whole eight season I want more. I was looking for the ninth season. Was disappointed to read that there wasen’t gonna be ninth.

  96. Gina

    I totally agree that the ending is wide open for 9,10, 11…. I don’t want it to end @ all.

  97. Sam

    I neeeed closure. And im sorry but the end of season eight was not by any stretch of the imagination closure. Dexter cant just abandoned harrison and hannah. The entire series was about dexter trying to find peace with himself and live a happy life and then it all goes to waste. What was the point of the first 7 seasons if non of it matters and he just ends up alone without his son or any family. There needs to be a season 9.

  98. corey

    please make more dexter !

  99. Cheryl

    Please don’t let Dexter series end…This is the greatest TV show for a long long time…Love it…Please bring it back…Please! Please! Please!….. I am an addict….

  100. Audrey Keepers

    Met Michael C. Hall in NYC last week. Bring Dexter back!

  101. Paul

    Season 8 ending was great, they ended the season so they can one day make a season 9 in my opinion. Season 9 would be great.. Probobly reuniting with Hannah and Harrison. I see comments like “Bring Debra back!”. No. Do not do that, that would be a shitty thing to do. They need to focus on: what did Dexter do after going into that storm, and how it affected miami metro? Along with his journey to see Hannah and Harrison.

  102. Tracie

    I would LOVE to see a season 9….. Things should end differently for Dexter, a lumberman/truck driver??? Not

  103. Deborah

    More dexter sounds great. The ending leaves it wide open for new writers to take over. Season 8 was kinda lame. I have always loved the series and have all of the books.

  104. JULIAN


  105. Brenda E

    Dexter has some of the best writing I’ve ever seen in a television series. I am so hooked on this show! Please keep it going, and bring Debra back. Her creative use of the F word was hilarious!

  106. John

    Watched every episode while it was on & just finished watching all 8 seasons from start to finish again. I love this show. Ending did not do it justice. We need at least another season but I would watch it for many many more… Dexter never gets old…

  107. Daniel Morgan

    Dexter is too good to end. It covers all aspects of human-endings-n-beginnings, in the ‘civilized’ world. World Peace could happen, on the other side of a few more seasons, for sure.

  108. Brenda E

    The ending of Dexter was such a let down. Dexter’s whole world was his son and he would never leave him. What was the point of Debra dying?? She was an important part of Dexter’s life. Find it hard to believe he would toss her body in the ocean along with the rest of the scum that he did away with. How did he go from a destroyed boat in a hurricane to a lumber camp? Please bring this show back…don’t leave us hanging like this!

  109. Tanya Wood

    I had never heard of the Dexter until my husband asked if I had ever seen it. I bought the entire 8 season series and I was hooked! We were both very disappointed in the ending. I hated that Deb got knocked off and I especially hated seeing Dexter working as a lumberjack!!! What do you think you were doing to end a show like Dexter that way! He looked so sad and depressed!!! He loved his son and Hannah! He was feeling like he could be happy and I was never so disappointed in an ending as I was with this one. Please bring Dexter back and yes I agree, I would love to see Deb back in it as well

  110. Tcarroll

    We NEED more dexter. They left it wide open for more! Just give us a little bit!!!

  111. Natasha

    Seriously! I can’t understand how such an interesting series can end with such potential to continue. So many people are routing for Dexter to continue. What do they have to lose???

  112. Luis30

    I agree dexter needs to continue, now that everybody thinks he is dead he could use that to change his identity and get to Argentina with Hanna and Harrison, maybe a few years can pass and Harrison can learn the code, Hanna or dexter can be murdered and he can avenge them and dexter can be there for him just like Harry was there for him, I’m shire there can also be bad guys in Argentina, there is just so much you can do please don’t end there, nobody like to see that ending, it was not good why kill Debora, she could of married Quinn and bee happy.
    Please we need more dexter it is the best show I have ever seen but was not happy with the ending

  113. Christine

    What the flippen flap jacks!!! You can not end the show like that, it is totally against the code!!!) Get with it and if it is going to end then end it right!! Best series ever…..

  114. David

    we want more Dexter.Bring the show back.

  115. wayne vauquelin

    I watched Dexter for the first time in its second to last season. I got hooked. The nest time It was on My wife watched it with me. She got hooked. When the Season ended the next year we were surprised and disapointed. We wish they would bring Dexter back.

  116. Jamie

    I found the series, Dexter on Netflix July 2014. My family & I were instantly addicted. We had all 8 seasons watched in hardly no time!
    Definitely want a 9th season!

  117. FancyNancy

    I watched eight whole seasons of Dexter in about three weeks. The first episode I watched I was hooked. I couldn’t stop watching it. I just finished the last episode of season eight and my heart is broken to know that is it. The writers have left a great ending for it to continue. How can they do that to us?!?!? Please please we need more!

  118. avi

    Yes season 9 should be created, That shouldnt even be a question.
    He went through so much pain and lost his sister let alone his son and plus the crazy lady, Yes he doesnt want them getting hurt by him because of his sense of emotion towards that but face it what if his son grows hate towards him or one day has someone looking for him and finds out his was covered in blood while his mother was murdered as his grandma was in front of his dad… so many possibilities can happen or even if he was to change in some form of way to do right as he was starting to create that in his own way and time….. what about his step kids? there was so much left out that just wasnt done. even with his last kill. or losing his touch by messing up his own kill, and at the end he is a lumber jack out of all things… that is a beginning of out of nowhere for something yet to be found……………………. hope this sight actually does its job to create something for #9…

  119. Vince in Rancho Cordova

    Yes….. more Dexter. This show is in demand. You have my full support to ALL cast and crew. I appreciate this entertaining concept of a show and hope this is the longest running program on television. There are times I find myself standing during the entire show and cannot sit down. Do you understand producers? You have a sure thing here. Here’s a thought… make a MOVIE for theater… Hmmmmm?! Your devoted fan!

  120. Will Tucker

    Even though season 8 was a final season I believe there should be a grand finale season 9 or at least a final finale of a two hour episode giving a final closure to the viewers! The open ending was great in case they wanted to dip back into bringing Dexter back but if it’s sure close I think a grand finale to the finale would be awesome! I think viewers are left unsatisfied with the ending. Deb dying, Harrison not going to see his father again (speculations), and Dexter a lumberjack! It’s just not filling leaving a empty feeling inside like Dexter has felt so many times throughout. One final stand to tie up unanswered theories of the outcome! It’s good to leave viewers to their imagination but also a fulfilled ending would be even better!!! -Will

  121. Sincara

    There would be no “Dexter” if it wasn’t for Debra’s character. Both characters fed off one another. Debra should come back on the show as Dexter’s good conscience oppose to his “Dark Passenger” advising him through tough challenges. If not, the last episode could all be a nightmare or she recovers out of the coma. Bottom line, i can’t see “Dexter” returning without Debra in the picture at all.

  122. felicia

    love dexter, need more, can not get enough of the story line and the way he is changing. and what about harrison? will he grow up to be like his father? can not end the story yet, too many unanswered questions.

  123. kimmy

    Please come back and let the end be just a dream and Deb doesn’t die and dexter gets to be with HANNAH AND HARRISON PLEASE!!!!

  124. Anna

    Please bring Dexter back, Then ending was much to be desired. What happens to Dexter in his new life as a lumber jack. what becomes of Hanna and Harrison. Deb didn’t get a proper funeral, So many what ifs. Please bring us another Season.

  125. Jerry

    Showtime needs to bring Dexter back. there is a lot of senseless and stupid shows out there and the ones that people really enjoy are the ones that the networks are finishing. maybe is time to get rid of executives who get money out of the series and after they fill their pockets say f— it. we want Dexter Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Military people do watch shows like Dexter.

  126. mike

    Need season 9! Just finished watching all episodes on netflix,so depressed that it’s over.

  127. debbie

    please can there be a series 9 me and my husband just love to watch dexter .. thanx 🙂

    • diane

      Why not all us Dex lovers boycott Showtime-there’s a lot of us out there:-)

  128. diane

    I have been waiting for season 9…it’s bad business to kill off the cash cow and best show on TV. Boycotting Showtime might be a solution to being heard:-)

  129. Sharon

    Yes to Season 9 love this show but the ending was awful.

  130. Lizzy

    They killed the show when they killed off the sister.

  131. Lucas

    The ending of Season 8, is not the end of Dexter the searies was based on the Dexter book series by Jeff Lindsay there are 7 books in the collection the last book is called Dexter’s Final Cut that is the book that wil tell you how it all ends

  132. Maxine

    Please bring back Dexter. A season 9 and beyond would be very welcomed. It is not often a series is so captivating, and for so long. It’s a proven winner.

  133. Paula

    Very disappointed with the ending Deb should have not died. They should make season 9

  134. JS Larson

    I can’t believe it, but I have become a dexter fan. It is well made, well acted, and delves into a lot of interesting issues. Hope a Season 9 comes.
    By the way, redo the end. Admit you made a mistake and bring deb back from the dead. She was an amazing actress and a key part of the show. The chemistry of the brother and sister was unlike anything I had ever seen. It was amazing!

  135. Ginny

    I love that the writers left the ending open so we could get more Dexter. I love that he took Debra out of the hospital instead of leaving her as a vegetable. He said he was bad for everyone he cared about so it was only fitting that he took Deb to the ocean where he dumped the bodies. She was his victim too. They need to move him out of Miami though and let him kill somewhere else. I don’t want Harrison to be a serial killer with him so I hope they don’t go in that direction if they continue the series. I love Dexter. I came to know all those characters and it was sooooooo hard to say goodbye!

  136. Dexter

    Overall best series ever! Seems like there was an urgency to end the show! Ending was not well thought out or your writer(s) had a stroke… Really too bad to end such a great series!

  137. Jeff

    Please, please don’t end Dexter yet!!

  138. Fil

    This has got to be the best all time mini series! It doesn’t matter whether you start watching it from the 1st season or somewhere in between, it just s*cks you right in and leaves you with a feeling like, “finally a fantastic show has been born”.
    One major problem!! the final episode. After all this greatest we’re left with Deb being dumped at sea (like what the hell was that!), Hannah in another part of the world with Harrison (really lame!), and Lord behold…Dexter somewhere up in the mountains working as a Lumberjack, no doubt axing down trees to satisfy his kill urges (Really!!!!!) Come on producer’s, you excelled on every freakin episode and yet this is the best you can come up with to end the series? As the old saying goes how one bad apple can spoil the whole basket you just validated it! Instead of giving the viewers that WOW feeling like I felt after every episode you had to end it with a, as Deb would say, “What the F*ck were you thinking!!! PRODUCERS….REDEEM YOURSELVES….MAKE A SEASON 9!

  139. Fil

    Does anyone out there know who we contact that with decision making powers to convince he/she that there’s enough interest out there to make it worthwhile to product series 9. I not sure if leaving comments here actually read by any of the producer’s or management. I’m so frustrated with the ending, it doesn’t make any sense after so much thought has gone into the show.

  140. Annika

    Please don’t end with season 8… possibly not with season 9,10,11… It’s such the best
    production we`ve ever seen ( next to breaking bad..: )). Its a matter that Debra isn`t there in future… but there is so much more to tell… Harrison…Job….Inside Dexter
    Me and my husband were happy, if there be a new season soon!!!

  141. Brandi

    Dexter is one of very few shows that i have gotten into, I am hooked and there neeeeeeds to be a season 9. I can’t believe it ended the way it did. There has to be redemption. After all the crap the ending is just a big let down. It needs to end on a different note. I NEED MORE DEXTER!!!!!

  142. Daisy

    More Dexter!! Please!!! 🙂

  143. Nina

    Never ever saw a show like Dexter ever and now wondering why these actors never got any publicity. I am more interested in the guy who plays dexter. What is he like in real life. Dexter shoul never end. We just can’t get enough of dexter. I am going through withdrawal symptoms. Please help.

  144. david bowyer

    what a great series.every episode keeps you at the edge of your seat. wonderful story telling love to see more. a 9th season is a must.

  145. Denise

    Please more Dexter in withdrawal need more!!!

  146. Brooke

    There NEEDSSSS to be a season 9!!!

  147. Al

    I want more dexter. We can’t end it that way

  148. David

    Look you can’t leave Harrison like that but then can’t leave Dexter in the cold either

  149. Edith Tyler

    More Dexter please and thank you

  150. T

    Dexter dexter dexter

  151. Miz Tish

    This was a GREAT Series. ~ Strange ending, for sure.!! ~ Like “The Sopranos”… The final act leaves you scratching your head. // 1) DEXTER- A lumberjack ?? 2) SOPRANOS- “Don’t Stop Believing,” >Screen Goes To Black< ?? ~ WHAAAAAAAAAA ???

    Both GREAT Shows… Poop for endings.!!!

    Must leave a comment for several jobs well done… Excellent set designing, costume, exterior shootings, directing (on most episodes), selection of Character actors/actresses, most episodes for writing & editing (a few NOT), make-up got better as series progressed, Story line died a fast, unbefitting and ‘FLAT’ Death. ~ Not worthy of the terrific sum total of the fabulous Actors & others’ stellar deliveries.

  152. wilbur cobb

    NNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO jebus chrips it can’t be over…it can’t be over IT CAN’T BE OVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  153. FRAN b.

    I love the show Dexter, nice if it came back. If so could the Sister Deb lighten up on the fowl language. The f word is bad enough but to use it in the same sentence as God, is very shameful. She is a good actor and good for the part, but does she talk like that in real life?

  154. Mst

    Bring Dexter back!!

  155. Cheryl

    I started this new year watching every episode while walking on the treadmill. Then today–no more????? I really thought I had seen a beginning of Season 9 at my son’s home many years ago–Dexter turns up in a new place and has a full beard???? did I dream this????

  156. Martin

    come on? Look at the reviews… That season 8 ending has alot of potential. Easily a script can be made to bring in season 9. Make first episode or two with Dex in the Canadian wilderness , then draw him out to another location. Other ideas, have some corrupt town, city or even country leaders on Dexters departure table. Serious? Have you not started yet making the script for season 9? Plse get to it or contact me and have me employed as storyline advisor or something- That series shouldnt just end like that. It just doesnt do justice to the entire genius and amazing storyline. Doesnt seem right for one of the best series programs to end so rushed and abrubt. Plse put the wheels in motion for season 9 and why not even 10 -wow? Thats how entertaining this thing has been. And instead of knocking the series team, we must say- alot of thanks to all the script writers, some of the most amazing actors, producers, the whole team. Great work! Thanks for all the suspense and at times abit twisted fun. So therefore when season 9 premiering?

  157. Eryn

    I will literally cry if you do not make a season 9. I was obsessed with the show and I’m so bummed with the way it ended. You can go in so many directions with how you ended season 8! Please please please make a season 9!!!

  158. Mason sibley

    I don’t think its right to just end the 8th season how you guys did. I mean It makes it want people to watch move Dexter! Keeps people on there toes for what’s next! But since you guys have not made a 9th season. Then I don’t think its right to stop how you did. IF you guys were to make a 9th season then I guarantee you would make twice as much as you did with the last season. You guys can’t end it as soon as it starts to get good..! So please make another season for all of us Dexter fans! Thank you.
    -Mason Sibley.

  159. Rick

    At least a two hour epilogue

  160. nicole

    I want to see more Dexter,I love this show

  161. scot

    awesome show there’s gotta be a 9th season!

  162. Patty hall

    You have to have another season dexter is one of the best shows I have seen. You have to make another season. PLEZ

  163. songirl

    for the love of God, at least do 1 more episode and give Dexter and us the happy ending with his love and his son!!!! Sigh…….and Deb should have NEVER been killed off!!!!!

  164. leya

    I need Dexter Morgan Please more Dexter

  165. wildrider

    We have to have more Dexter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  166. mrs g wiggin

    PLEEEEEEEEESE…make a series 9…brilliant series but we need series on tv and Netflix…

  167. Ronald B Higgins 3

    I keep watching all the old episodes over & over & over. I’m addicted for sure

  168. john sload

    Watched this show twice all the way to the end. How the hell did he end up in the Pacific Northwest? Would like to see another season. They could have Dexter awakening from a dream so they could bring Deb back. Or have another show with the remaining cast.

  169. Alicia

    Dexter is a great and addictive show. I don’t understand why a show so popularly anticipated, is not being continued. Whom ever makes the decision on season 9, please reconsider. HBO will never be the same, without Dexter Morgan.

  170. kat

    YES,YES,YES..there should be a season nine! Better yet, even more seasons with Harrison grown up walking in his dad’s footsteps and Hanna dealing with more than she can handle when Dexter sees the news and so forth. Besides, I’m kind of getting tired of rewatching all the seasons over and over because I miss watching Dexter!

  171. Melinda Khan

    I would like another season of Dexter Where Deb never reaches the bottom of the ocean. She had shallow breathing all along and awakes to the top. And it is her dreams of dad that help reach the shore. She loses memory of some of the past but her long term memory remains. Deb will journey through her life and return. Harrison will grow and Hannah will meet someone else not quite as close as Dexter on and off. She will have her first child of her own. Dexter will have the most dramatic changes. Quinn will return to Deb attached to her as she was. She loses her cursing language but temporarily as her memory has a small return. And so forth. Batista falls for a lady who pretty with a very large butt on a drunken evening.
    It can’t leave with a open ending it has to return.

  172. Cheryl Green

    PLease please please!!!! I Love The Show and Dexter Rocks!

  173. margo

    We all need to know what happens next where is his son an Hannah u can’t just make Dexter look at us siting at a table an that’s the end? NO bring Dexter back!

  174. Gabby

    We need more Dexter!!!!!!!!! I miss it sooooo much! Pleassssse!

  175. Andy young

    hell yes you should make season 9 think there are lots of possibilities left please consider bringing Dexter back andy wales uk

  176. Jane

    Please make another series of Dexter!! It’s great and after watching all the other 8 seasons I want more !!! Bring Dex back

  177. Lora Kelly

    My daughter told me about Dexter, I watched the first episode on Netflix and after that I carried my tablet around with me and watched all 8 seasons within 2 weeks barely ever putting it down!, didn’t get much done to say the least! Definitely need to see Dexter with Harrison & Hannah! You just can’t leave him lonely like that! And for Deb…Why did she have to die?? She made the show, along with Dexter of course but man, that wasn’t right!!! We need a season 9 for sure!!!

  178. russ

    best show ever. period

  179. Cynthia

    I have enjoyed watching Dexter, this was the only time i gave it my 100 o/o sitting down watching Dexter because i never make time to watch a show and i really loved and enjoyed every time spent with watching Dexter……

    PS season 9 might be coming

  180. jasmin v

    I want more dexter I miss him already =, (

  181. Drew

    I was very disappointed with the ending episode, This was almost as bad as the Seinfeld ending, How can you even think of Dexter as a lumberjack, Why didn’t you just give him a job putting diapers on piss clams, If I can suggest an ending , I would of had Dexter make it to Argentina,then fall into the hands of a serial killer that has been tormenting their country for years, Have him do his thing and then you can take it from there, I really enjoyed this show, I hope there will be another show that can capture an audience as this one did , It made great conversation for all viewers , I actually named my dog Dexter… Maybe Harrison has a future , His mom can sure teach him , Looking forward to seeing something from you guys,

  182. Lisa

    I would love to see Dexter continue. Dexter is the reason I subscribe to Netflix. Sorry to see Deb go. I want to see Dex with his fam.

  183. Sarah Mitchell

    I got completely s*cked into this show just to learn that season 8 was the last season for Dexter?! and the ending!?….. he just fakes his death leaving Hannah and his son and goes on to be a logger? wtf! why!? Im very angry right now I needed more Dexter!

  184. Carol Jackson

    i just finished seadon 8 on Netflix ladt night.
    It sppears to leave it open for another.
    I enjoyed it.
    I hope they do a 9th season.

  185. Darrie Ballard

    Dexter was so very brilliantly written, and the twists left you always wanting more. I do so applaud the writer and producers for putting something so fresh out there. If you did decide to do more seasons you would have a lot of loyal Dexterians ! Thanks for a brilliantly written show!

  186. Gary

    We need more Dexter. Maybe in 4 or 5 years from now. His son is now a young man. He finds Dexter after killing his ‘mom’. Then the two of them rid the world of serial killers.

  187. Martyna


  188. theresa bertone

    I would love it if dexter came back with all new episodes.

  189. Michelle

    I am watching Dexter on Netflix, so I have the benefit of watching it one season after another, without breaks. I am disappointed in how the writers changed the character of Dexter. I would personally like to see it end. Once Dexter violated the code and began “murdering people” who were innocent of committing capital offenses, I felt the whole context of the original idea of the show has veered off track. I did find the psychology of the development of the characters interesting–and was curious to see “how” a drama would portray a “psychopath” since I have personally come into contact with two in my life time. One held me a knife point on the job for twenty minutes and threatened to eviscerate me and spread my heart and lungs on the walls; I managed to talk him down and he was hospitalized. Another one I tangled with attempted to kill me about five times, and I wound up in the hospital twice. Believe me, true psychopaths have no feelings, no empathy, or sympathy for other people, they do not experience emotions, or love people, or cry. They look through you with dead cold eyes. The key to surviving is to get that person to see you as a human being. While Dexter might be entertaining–it is a work of fiction–and violent. Trying to make him human, by living up to a “code” was the only reason I watched the show, now that this code no longer exists, I have lost interest in watching any further seasons. It is sad to involve the sister character in his madness. That should have remained a secret–so that their relationship could remain intact. Once that was blown, the only answer would be for her eventual death in the end. Such is the way, with fiction. FYI, it was my job that caused me to come into contact with the psychopaths. I do not chose to be friends with people like that–you cannot trust a psychopath–which is why I do not trust politicians for the most part. 🙂 The acting was good, the medical knowledge was fairly decent, but some of the police procedure was a bit of a stretch. It could have had a better ending–but I am not interested in another season, and if there was one-NO I would not watch it. I have had enough.

  190. Lisa Fitz

    Loved loved loved Dexter , best programme on netflix , Im gutted its all over, watched the 8 seasons over a few weeks , left me exhausted and breathless most of the time … I am heart broken its all over …. would love to see series 9 , He has to be reunited with Harrison , If he felt so little for him he would not have reared him for 4 plus years !!

  191. Cynthia

    The writer put on this superb show on a perfect ending, I think.
    If you all pay your attention carefully on each characters and especially go through Dexter’s character, you all will definitely know how it end actually.
    Hannah didn’t tell Harrison that his father dead, means that Hannah knows that he’ll come back and go after them. Dexter just need more time to build a new identity before he reached Hannah & Harrison, to set up a new life.

  192. donna mc

    Absolutly need more dexter greatest series ive ever watched Please bring him back I don’t know why you ever stopped

    Need more dexter

  193. danny a

    how can there NOT be a season 9?…and 10?….and 11?….and………..they’ll keep some shows going for a long time that have, like, only a 1000 people watching them……

  194. ramanuz

    I never wanted such an ending. .der gotta b much more seasons! ! Its definitely my favourite tv series ever…desperately hoping for another season to come up….want more dexter 🙁

  195. Christina

    Would love more of Dexter !!!

  196. Gareth

    I like US shows because they know when to end them and not rinse them out until they’re tired and dull.
    I haven’t seen the end yet i’m up to season 5.

  197. danny a

    Showtime’s said, ok. Michael C. Hall has said, ok. The rest of the people involved, staff, actors, etc., have said, ok. The fans have ALL said, more-than-ok-!!………….what’s up ?

  198. Carlos

    Dexter was left alive so that there would be continuation of the show, don’t continue to waste more time, bring him back for season 9,10,11 etc…..

  199. Cinda Faulkner

    My Husband and myself have watched this to the end of season 8, we can’t believe this is totally over, please we need more, how can it be taken off when we couldn’t wait to the next show.what do we need to do to get more of DEXTER?

  200. Lori Dobbs

    I hope we get another series of Dexter. It showed that he survived the hurricane but his little boy was left with a wanted woman. Dexter was so sad. We need to see if Dexter can turn his life around or if he just can’t. Please consider another Episode

  201. Ernie

    We need more Dexter please!!!!! Season 9. Yes!!!!

  202. Grace

    We so need more Dexter… Just love him… I just watched all seasons on Netflix again n again… I’m a loyal Dexter fan… Please bring him back…

  203. Kay Lohman

    I’m late on the Dexter fan scene…..but at least do a #Showtime movie!

  204. Patti S.

    More Dexter – At least a season 9!

  205. simplycomplicated

    The show, DEXTER, is a great distraction for real serial killers, too! They are so busy watching, DEXTER, they forget to kill people…Sometimes, they even convert into killing ONLY other serial killers. Please! More DEXTER !!

  206. Bailey.Tristan

    I would really like to see another season of Dexter. I have seen every episode of the series, and I really liked it. Please at lease one more.

  207. Eireanne

    I want more. My son and I absolutely LOVE it! The concept is one of a kind and the cast is too

  208. NORA Z

    Please bring him back….we need Dexter Morgan !!!

  209. Bashir

    Bring it back please we want more a lot more dexter is one of my favorite shows all times

  210. JP

    2 words for ya, “dream sequence”. Dex busts open the door, he’s told den is in the CU and in his head he imagines what would happen if Deb died, and upon Deb’s recovery, Dex reveals to us the lumber jack plan was just in his head. Brain surgeon goes to jail, Deb and Quinn marry, Dex reunited with the family and every Dexter fan is happy. Why? Because eventually brain surgeon escapes and… well, you’ll have to pay me if you want more.

  211. marina khan

    its so sad they had to end it that way…dexter deserved a happy ending..i want season 9

  212. Argentina..

    I don’t think I’ve ever cared enough to write a complaint to any show. At one point in the show I remember thinking Deb was annoying, but what’s the show without her? Think about it… And as for Dexter, this show could go on for many more seasons if ya play it write, lol. If you get my drift. I would hate to be stuck that the show stays like the end of season 8. NOOOOO.

  213. Mario Arreguin

    All I have to say is more Dexter I literally saw Dexter on Netflix all eight seasons I was on the edge of my seat the whole time we need more Dexter

  214. Ken

    Yes we need more Dexter!!! need 8 more seasons!!! Great show the best!!!

  215. Eric89

    I have a great I idea for dexter. many years later when dexters son grows up. He realises he has a dark passenger too. then dexter has to show him the ropes. Father and son working together.

  216. Nathan Dirge

    Personally, I think the best idea for Dexter to return to TV is to put him up against greater odds that are just as popular as he his… Everyone loves VS. styled movies and shows they make good ratings and funds; so I would say have him ending up butting heads with Mary from Mary Kills People, Patrick from The Mentalist, or even Hannibal Lector… or hell all of the above

  217. teresa

    hey , i haven’t seen dexter before , I started watching dexter from the first episode and found myself bindge watching Ive stayed up till 6 am to watch this its REALLY f#%*ing amazing !! I watched from season1 and I watched the last episode of season 8 today ….I have been so captivated by this series its really amazing , and it cant end .. why???? everybody loves dexter its amazing , plzzzz don’t end this series !!!!
    it has to continue ….!!!!!!

  218. Digging mc

    Bring back dexter nii from ireland

  219. George

    Stop playing Dexter marathons if you all are not going to have a Season 9. It is not nice to tease the viewers. You need a Season 9 where Dexter performs justice on the bad guys with a some new twists with an evolved code. Venue should be some place other than LA and New York. South America is a good start.

  220. Brianna

    Great unexpected ending but it would be fun to have a new season. In his hallucinations, Deb will battle it out with their father – Deb pleading with him to cease his killing and his father arguing to continue his “good deeds” in eliminating bad folks but as a vigilante and not a member of the police force. Dexter will make contact with Hannah and arrange for Hannah and Harrison to return with him to Argentina. Deb wins out, Dex breaks off his relationship with his father, and the little family lives happily ever after ……. until Harrison somehow learns the truth and becomes Dexter II.

  221. Angie

    Yes I would love to have the ninth series come out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  222. Deb

    It would be wonderful to share one more Dexter season and the return of his son in his life. Of all the shows I have watched, Dexter is number 1!!

  223. Lane

    It would be a horrible move to deny us Dexter fans a 9th season

  224. Chris

    Dexter is the best show Ive seen. Season 8 finale left the door open for him to continue his work on the west coast. Least im guessing he started loggin in the pacific northwest. He looked unhappy doing it too. Gimme some more Dexter.

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