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Doctor Who season 11 release date

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doctor who season 11 release 2018

How about the release date for Doctor Who season 11? We want to know more about the premiere in 2018. Capaldi confirmed he would be leaving the show.

In 2018, we are waiting for the 11th season of the series Doctor Who. The release date and news about this project you will find in this article.

Let’s start, perhaps, with the fact that in the new season it is necessary to prepare for the meeting of the new actor/actress (updated: Jodie Whittaker) for the role of Doctor, as Peter Capaldi will officially leave the project after Christmas Special in 2017. Remind that he replaced Matt Smith in 2013 and pleased us for three seasons.

Well, we thank Peter for all the positive emotions that he has given us during this time, and we also wish him to find quickly a place in the new, no less popular TV project. Who will play the role of Doctor in the 11th season? That’s the question that now worries all the fans of the series Doctor Who. We are following the news from the BBC, so you do not miss anything! Follow the updates at the bottom of the article.

As for the release date for new episodes, Christmas Special, as always, will be released on December 25, and the title of the episode will be “The Doctors”. The very same start of the 11th season is expected in 2018.

Doctor Who season 11 release date – [2018] (will be updated)

By the way, Steven Moffat is also leaving the project, and Chris Chibnall will replace him.

UPDATE 1 (July 20, 2017): Jodie Whittaker was introduced as the Thirteenth Doctor.

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