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Doctor Who season 9: premiere date

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When does the new episodes of Doctor Who start? The show was renewed! Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman will both return for season 9.

TV-channel: BBC One
Genre: Science fiction drama

Season 8 Episode 12: 7.6 million UK viewers

Season 9 Episode 0 (Christmas special): 8.28 million UK viewers

«Doctor Who» television series won’t be finished yet. The creators decided to renew the TV-project for season 9 and already showed Christmas special to the TV viewers.

The exact premiere date of the new episodes has not been announced yet but according to experts, they will be broadcast at the beginning of the fall of 2015.

It has been confirmed that Steven Moffat will be working on the plot of the first episode of the ninth season, titled «The Magician’s Apprentice», as well as he will produce the closing story.

Doctor Who season 9 start – [September 19, 2015] (officially exact date)

The television series is very popular not only in UK and the USA, but also all around the world, that’s why the huge support of the viewers should provide it with one more year on the TV, shouldn’t it?

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  1. Leland

    Season 9 filming was began on Monday (January 5, 2015)

  2. Joey

    I’d like to see the return of the Master and Captain Jack Harkness. Can’t wait season 9!

  3. Elmer Jacobs

    I’m glad to hear that Peter is coming back for another season.

  4. Silvia23

    Really happy that Moffat is staying!

  5. Terry Davis

    River back please!

    • Artemis

      I totally agree with you.

  6. -=Brandon=-

    I heard a rumor that said Moffat is leaving the show when Capaldi does.

  7. shane

    I’m glad Peter is coming back – he’s an outstanding Doctor.

  8. Linda

    I like Clara, she is awesome! I’m not ready for a new Companion in season 9.

  9. 44Barbara

    So glad Capaldi is back, he is excellent.

  10. Lowell UK

    Very good news. I hope Clara sticks around.

  11. Seagull

    I wonder how clara will die. The companions never live, but that is just how things go. lets just hope we do not get another MEH companion.

    • ggoldbach

      Not true.

  12. Artemis

    They should bring River back she was great. Capaldi is ok… Hope this show lasts a few more years.

  13. reecbandz

    Bring back Matt smith or David tennant

  14. time lord

    the funny thing is that Peter Capaldi has been on doctor who before in David tennant last season. and i also cant wait to see the next sonic screwdriver.

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