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Drop Dead Diva season 6: premiere date

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When does season 6 of «Drop Dead Diva» start? TV show renewed or cancelled? Will the new episodes supposed to be produced? We know premiere (release) date!

TV-channel: Lifetime
Pilot episode: July 12, 2009
Creator: Josh Berman

Season 1 Episode 1: 2.8 million U.S. viewers

Season 5 Episode 1: 2.15 million U.S. viewers

«Drop Dead Diva» TV show proved its relevance, since every its episode was watched by about 2.1 million Americans. According to contract between Brooke Elliott and the rights holders, the work on Season 6 of TV series will be started next year. In October, 2013 the creators officially announced: we ordered 13 new episodes.

Drop Dead Diva season 6 premiere – [March 23, 2014]

The creators are sure that the number of show fans will increase in the following year.

Who will watch the next season?

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  1. Mc

    best show everrrrr!

  2. Collin$

    thank you Lifetime! please hurry up!

  3. Joan Davis

    When is it going to be on again? When?

  4. Judy W

    July 2014 yikes I thought the end of January, that’s a long time to wait, several of us were trying to find out when season 6 would start okay July won’t only be celebrating the 4th, ha ha

  5. Donna L

    JULY??????? OMG! That is such a long time to wait for my favorite show! My birthday is July 4th, will I at least get it for my birthday?

  6. Bella Young

    I love this show. I will be watching. Something to look forward to as the summer winds down.

  7. Michell

    Yay! Love the show but July is soo far away! Hurry up July 🙂

  8. Ada

    I discovered this show again and the reason I say again because my husband was the one watching here and there. He is a fan of Lifetime movies and I was a snob until Devious Maids. While checking Netflix, I saw Drop Dead Diva and decided to give it a chance. I am hooked. I am on season 3 so by July I will be caught up. The problem I have is the way series have 12 or so episodes instead of the 22/24 for a season; then goes into hiatus and come back in six months. It use to be that a show started in Sept and ran till about May. Why is that done?

  9. grania

    I watch the series on DVD, as I refuse to pay for “extra” cable stations. I’m on season 4 now, and the show started out great, and just keeps getting better! What makes a great TV series is great writing and character development, along with slightly off center but appealing characters. Add to that good natured humor, and you’ve got a series people will come back to. This is fantastic TV that both young and old can enjoy!

  10. linda

    i will be watching can not wait i hope they get another year as well great show i hope the writer also gets another year of bones great shows i love them so much best shows on tv get ride of big bang theory or something haha

  11. Marie

    I am so excited that Drop Dead Diva will return. It gives me something to look forward to as television goes. March 23, 2014 will have my undivided attention when the show airs. Thank you.

    • pamela

      its not on March 23 I have just looked on lifetime and nothing

  12. Carla

    I need to no if it started I’m all cought up … Omg..really want to start watching it , my boyfriend is also excited lol

  13. Jaime

    I love this show!!!! Everything in my home has to be shut down so we can be ready to watch Drop Dead Diva. I got my sister hooked on the show and she loves it also. Why in the world would the network cancel this show it is so much better than those other stupid shows like Dance Moms, or Honey Boo Boo or something like that. Please reconsider and get this show stopper back on the air for a new season it is so worth it. There are so many loyal fan who can’t wait for the next season to start and want it to keep going it is a great show!!!

  14. Bonny weber

    Keep this show going its fantastic. Finally a good light hearted tv show. There are no shows like this , only reality shows or murder shows with police trying to solve the case. PLEASE KEEP THIS SHOW GOING ITS UNIQUE!!!!!!!

  15. kaitlyn h

    It is augast of 2014, when does season 6 of drop dead diva come out?
    I want to know if Jane(Deb.) tells Grayson.

  16. tina

    I would love to know when season 6 will be released on Netflix. I only got to watch a little of season 6 on television this year. Since they canceled the show, I do not understand why they are taking so long to put all the episodes on Netflix.

  17. Monica

    I hate to hear they cancelled but when will season 6 be on Netflix?

  18. sherry

    this is the best show ever my son had to beg me to start watching it now i watch it over and over cant wait for season 6 to start my favorite show on anywhere

  19. Jacqui G

    Will there be a new series starting July 2015? Please say yes……this is the best show television has offered in a VERY VERY long time……it is brilliant, entertaining, and very addictive. Hoping there will be a new season starting soon as I absolutely love this show and all the actors.

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