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«The Walking Dead» season 4: release date

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When does «The Walking Dead» season 4 premiere air date? Renewed or cancelled? Release date is known!

Post-apocalyptic series «The Walking Dead», based on Robert Kirkman’s comic book series, is gaining momentum. The creators officially continued it for the fourth season and promised to implement the new ideas and breathtaking plot. It should be noted, that the further development of the story is the main reason why Glen Mazzara, the showrunner of the project, refused to participate in new episodes production. He will be replaced by a new expert for Season 4.

Robert Kirkman, the executive producer, shared his opinion about the main showrunner’s resignation in one of his interviews. He noted that Glen and AMC authorities had completely different views on the continuation of «The Walking Dead» Season 4. Release date for the new episodes is scheduled for October 13, 2013, but the crew can’t start shooting so far. Kirkman has thanked Mazzara for project success but also he counts on the further cooperation with Mazzara beyond «The Walking Dead» show.

Will Season 4 be as successful as the previous ones? You can leave your review in comments.

UPDATE 1 (October 30, 2015): The Walking Dead has been renewed at AMC for a seventh season.

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  1. Saila

    season 2 was horrible!!!! And Season 3 has been a much better improvement! Hopefully new showrunner doesn’t ruin the show!

  2. Jessie

    The show is much more interesting and exciting to me when the group is on the move…exploring and combatting spontaneous situations. I hope they leave the prison and give us different perspectives of the apocalypse. It has gotten to soap opera-ish for me.

    • Jessie

      I agree, but they have all those new members they brought to the prison. So that will probably be a storyline. Hopefully, they’ll have a group that’ll go explloring!

  3. spr66

    I realy LOVE this show! awesome series and great cast! The Walking Dead forever!

    • walking dead #1 fan

      The walking dead rocks I’ve seen every episode ever made of the walking dead

  4. walkingdead

    I LOVE this show season three finale has me waiting to see season Four. the series is great and the cast is awesome I wouldn’t change anything. I cant wait to see what is in the store for the walking dead cast.

  5. Chris

    Great show can’t wait for season 4 to start, I work with 3300 people and that is all everyone talks about on break great show hope it last forever.

  6. walking dead #1 fan

    The walking dead is the best show ever I like how you have to cut their heads off to kill them

  7. Dylan Klies-Feldon

    I think that The Walking Dead is much more enjoyable while the group is on the move. Still a great show but last season there was to much of the prison. They should find like a hidden FBI base that hasn’t been overrun all of the way yet and take over. I don’t know but i really think that they should stay on the move is all that i really care about. Overall, it’s a great show! Keep up he good work.

  8. jo

    i cant wait to see what happens with carl the way he was in the last episode of season 3 made me think that he aint gonna take no ****

  9. Eileen

    Best tv series ever shown. Please, please keep it going!!!

  10. jerrysmith

    I love this show and people to.

  11. Jan

    I purchased Season 4 on amazon but the release date for the DVD is still open. There are fans of this show who cannot get AMC in the small town of Oilton, OK. Any news from anyone?

  12. Walker Nebby

    Does anyone know when Season 4 is due for DVD release?

    • Kurt

      June 2014

    • patty

      season 4 at stores now

  13. patty

    walking dead the best show ever . I have all four seasons so far and watched from the beginning.i even collect things way to go

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