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East Los High season 3: start air date

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Hulu has renewed East Los High for a season 3. Fans are waiting for start air date in 2015! When does new episodes premiere?

Distributor: Hulu
Pilot episode: June 3, 2013
Creators: Carlos Portugal, Kathleen Bedoya

The viewers will enjoy the web-series of Carlos Portugal and Kathleen Bedoya «East Los High» also in the next year, as the project has been officially renewed for season 3.

According to Hulu representatives, the debut of the new episodes is scheduled for 2015. More exact dates haven’t been announced yet (UPDATE 1), but the experts believe it shouldn’t be expected until July.

It has been noted that at the moment the given youth drama is one of the most popular among women from 18 to 25, that’s why the renewal is financed in full.

Will the third season be the last one?

UPDATE 1: Premiere Date of Season 3 is July 15, 2015.

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  1. Benita

    I am not a 18-25 yr old and I’m not Hispanic but this is the
    best drama since, gee I can’t remember.
    I can’t wait for season 3 to start and I hope there
    will be many more !

  2. Dana

    Please keep this show on!

  3. John

    East Los High is in my opinion the most electrifying latino dramas on tv today. I’m African American and I love it. U guys go!!!!!!! Can’t hardly wait to see the new stuff. Oh yeah, Cee Cee is one of the hottest latino women I’ve ever seen. Sexy as hell!!

  4. Rajni

    I am a 59 year old woman who is not Hispanic and I love the show, it’s fantastic with a great and talented cast! Happy to hear there will be a season 3!

  5. Kiria34

    CAN’t wait, can’t wait! I’m not that in that age braket; I am Hispanic though and I loved the show and the music sound tracks!!

  6. LBoogie

    I am not in the mentioned age bracket. I am Hispanic and absolutely love the show…..story lines, pace of events and cast are the perfect blend. Looking forward to Season 3 and many more!!!!

  7. jamie

    Not Hispanic but I do fit the age range. I love the plot and the dancing. But I’m mostly impressed with all the life skills the show is obviously trying to portray in the show. I really support this kind if redirection in today’s sitcoms targeted for youth groups.

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