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Witches of East End season 3?

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Critical reaction to Witches of East End series has been mixed. Will the show be renewed for a season 3? When does the new episodes premiere in 2015?

TV-channel: Lifetime
Genre: Supernatural drama, Fantasy
Executive producer: Maggie Friedman

Season 1 episode 10: 1.74 million U.S. viewers

Season 2 episode 10: 1.24 million U.S. viewers

The second season of «Witches of East End» television series had to prove it was interesting for the TV viewers and deserved to be on air in 2015.

Unfortunately, the rating of the given supernatural drama proves a different story, as the show is losing its positions in the list of Lifetime leaders, and the number of fans has been reduced to 1,24 million. At the moment there is no confidence the premiere date of season 3 will be announced, but the creators don’t hurry «to burry» their TV-project.

Witches of East End season 3 – [Cancelled] (UPDATE 1)

Lifetime is going to make a special meeting, after which we will publish the official verdict! Don’t miss!

UPDATE 1 (Nov.4, 2014): Bad news… Witches of East End has been cancelled by Lifetime. Officially! The show’s stars took to Twitter to share their disappointment…

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  1. Brandy

    Please, please bring it back. Best show ever!

    • Teerich

      Please don’t do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ginny

      I agree

  2. Sue Freeman

    Please bring it back my husband and I love the show!

  3. Jana B.

    I have been glued to the screen ever since the second season. Please, give me more! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to Witches of East End!

  4. Julie Lane

    The show must go ON!

  5. Florida-lady

    Witches of East End is the only drama show that I watch. please make season 3!

  6. Sara

    The new shows coming out now are trash!! Lifetime, please, keep this one going!

  7. Yvonne $weet

    I want my show back on TV!

  8. angela

    Please renew it husband and i only have a few interest in common this is one of them.

  9. LaDonna

    This sounds really stupid I know…but I, personally, didn’t even start watching season 1 until I KNEW there would be a season 2 first. I had a feeling I would love the series (and I do!), but it absolutely aggravates me to start watching a series and then find out it gets cut soon after. I wish I had waited to see if there would be a season 3 now instead because although I am and do pay for all of the things I watch (mostly through iTunes) I wouldn’t have been left with such an unresolved ending wishing for more. UGH!

    • Disappointed

      Okay this is exactly how I feel. Especially when I pay for things on iTunes. I now feel that I should wait for three full seasons before I waste my money. There is nothing worse than starting a show and not getting to see the real ending.

      • Cece

        OMFG! I am so disappointed! I hate when a producer starts something and doesn’t finish. And plus their are so many questions. Please Please Please starts season 3! Witches of East End is the BOMB DOT COM. The fans need including myself neeeeeeedddd season 3! This is the best show ever even better than Vampire Diares and i love that show but not as much as Witches of East End. I pray that season 3 comes out.

    • Shari

      I so feel you…
      I have gotten to the point where if i like something i let it play then play catch up. I am so disappointed there will not be a season 3,i just caught up. It is a very very good show and holds my interest to the very end,shoot i hate when a commercial come on lol. This is no laughing matter though, bring it back please.!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Doris

    I haven’t enjoyed a show as much as this since Buffy the Vampire Slayer, KEEP THE SEASON GOING

  11. Brenda

    Please bring Witches of East End back.
    my Daughter and I love that show.. plus we HAVE to find out if the “star-crossed lovers find their way back to each other!

  12. Ashley

    My favorite show please continue

  13. marie Lyndra

    this is about the only show I watch wish it was a winter season show not just a summer one. I watch Under the dome and witches of east end …winter is ncis and criminal minds and that’s it for us the new shows on tv s*ck with a capital S no wonder we all buy videos and do other things.

    • Carla Vieira

      I agree 100%!!!!!

  14. Tisha

    Please continue this show it’s awesome

  15. Carmen

    I hope they renew this series. I love the show and the cast are terrific. Networks just don’t give anything much of a chance to work. With all the different ways to watch things now: the internet, hulu plus, dvr, on demand, etc., who really knows the true number of ratings anymore? Networks are now giving half seasons to see results because they don’t want to fully commit. Well it’s no surprise why people don’t want to commit to watching anything because they feel it’s just going to get pulled. It’s so frustrating.

    • Anne

      Every time we get the slightest bit interested in a show it’s cancelled. I’m so sick of it. It’s no wonder I rarely turn my channel from TCM!

  16. Carla Vieira

    I adore this show this is the best show that’s worth watching everything else s*cks I wait every sun to watch this show I hope lifetime make the right descion and keeps this show going

  17. Vanessa GarzA

    Please please let there be a season 3!!! The show has to keep going it wouldn’t be fair to leave all the fans with a ending like that. At least just make the third season the final one but please don’t leave things like that!!

  18. Aleida Gonzalez

    What!!!! No season 3 my cousin and I have been glued every Sunday….don’t get it.

  19. maureen schultz

    Love witches of east end!!!! Sure hope there will be a season 3!!!!!

  20. AimeS

    Please renew for a 3rd season!!! It’s a great show and it can not end like this!!!

  21. Ruth

    Love this show, please give it another season. Just watched season finale, it gets better and better each show.

  22. Tasha

    Better have a season 3, show is freakin awesome! Going to be upset if they don’t continue!

  23. Xlaudia

    Let’s keep this show going. It’s refreshingly entertaining

  24. Anjanette

    Best show ever! We just stumbled on it . Flipping channels one night

  25. Peaches

    Please bring this show back, I can’t wait to see what happens in season 3. I am such a big fan of the show!!

  26. Brittany

    Please Please , Come out with season 3 , this is my favorite show out of the whole week , I am a true fan of witches of east end , please don’t disapointment me lifetime.

  27. Jody

    Excellent show. Wish it was on in the fall season with more episodes. The only drawback is advertising the show. Most pepple i talk to about it have never heard of it. Do more to get it out there. But everything else is spot on. The show has everything you could ask for, like i said i believe the failure is in timing and advertising imo.

    • Anne

      Why did LIFETIME not put it on during last years “Watchathon” on Xfinity? Then d the same again this year, this would have given viewers a chance if they had missed dues to the lack of advertising that was not given. Millions of fans binge watch series during the “watchathon” and many shows have gained lost of viewers from the event.

      NBC has a show that is fantasy related (GRIMM), not only do they keep all episodes of the current season available ‘ON DEMAND” while during the season, they also have previous season available and they have it listed at the top of the first page of the “ON DEMAND” menu several times during the season. Last year you could watch all the episodes from every season during “Watchathon”, this year because of all the reasons listed above and other it is one of NBC’s top, if not the top show so they are only showing the current season (4 ) episodes during “watchathon” week. However, all of this seasons shows will be available until 9/20/2015, which is just a few weeks before the next season episodes begin.


      • Shari

        i so agree.

  28. Dylan

    I will be so pissed if they don’t come back for season 3. This is one of the best shows thats been on in such a long time and every second is worth watching. Please Please come back for season 3!!!

  29. AJ

    I can not be without my witches, this show is too awesome to be leaving us in suspense!!! Somebody sedate me till then!!! Please!!!

  30. Tee


  31. Diana

    I hate watching sitcoms. However witches of East end became a favorite show and I faithfully watched weekly. Please don’t take the show away, give it a go again. I am retired and it will be hard to find a show to make up for this one. Great cast, great show

  32. Chantelle

    Me and my husband love the show please don’t take it off.. I really want to know what happens next we never miss the show on Sunday night. We got to know what happens u can’t leave us hanging. Best show I love it!!!#lovewitchesofeastend

  33. D

    My favorite show!! Love dash killian and freya!! Long live season 3

  34. Ashlee

    Omg it has to come back for season 3!!!! The season finale was too good for there not to be a season3!!!!!!!! They can’t cancel it!!!!

  35. Barbara

    Please #RenewWichesOfEastEnd best show on tv.

  36. Danielle Gehr

    Please renew witches of east end its my favorite. I normally do not watch t.v. but I do on sundays at 9pm just to see this shoe . Please renew my witches of east end

  37. A'lyse

    I’ve truly deeply in love with this show 🙂 I’ve turned this show onto a lot of my friends. You lifetime people need to continue on with Witches of East End. I don’t have much time for TV in my life but with this show I make the time. <3

  38. barbie

    I love Witches of the East. They need to come back with Season 3… or the life channel will definitely lose me…

  39. Dee

    love the show been a fan since eps 1 SO1, second season was awesome an deff ended on some major cliffhangers, PLZ even if the fan base isn’t what u want , we are strong n loyal, Ive gotten a few ppl to watch the show an now there hooked n wanting more, it could go as long as charmed did an you guys could rockit the whole time, witch would be sweet!!!!!! but for now hopefully my input an fingers crossed will have to do. cant wait to see where the characters and the story goes from here (be sad to see it cut its to good an just gets better,!!)

  40. Renee

    This is what my Sunday evenings have been all about from the beginning. I haven’t missed an episode. Ghost Whispherer was my favorite it got cut, W.O.E.E. is my favorite now it’s gonna get cut? Not fair at all! Keep it going. Keep it going. Keep it going. Please!!!!!

  41. Bridget

    I will be beyond dissapointed if Witches of East End gets cancelled…it has to come back for Season 3!!! I barely watch TV, so sick of all the reality shows out there, it is the one show I look forward to all week. I can assure you that I will unsubscribe to the Life Channel, I purposely added that channel to watch this show. The Season 2 Finale was just too good, so suspenseful…PLEASE…PLEASE…PLEASE…RENEW for Season 3 and bring Wendy back!!! Love…love…love this show!!!

  42. brian

    Please renew for a 3rd season. All the magic type shows usually end after 1 or 2 seasons with unanswered questions don’t let this be one of them. Please renew!!!!

  43. AZ girl

    I love this show please don’t stop the magic… Have been a fan from episode 1 and tune in faithfully.

  44. Nicola Mckeen

    I can not understand why they put rubbish on for us to watch then they put such a fantastic show on like this and just because some people have stopped watching it, why do we all have to suffer?
    They did the same thing with “The secret circle” and I was sooooo angry about that so please please please keep our Beautiful Witches on air for many years to come.
    I love every single person in the show and come on, we are all chewing our nails to stumps wanting to know who this other Sister is.
    I will 100% be so sad if this does not get its 3rd season. xxxxxxx

    • bella

      I couldn’t agree more. I like the secret circle too.

    • Atlanta Chick

      I loved that show too! Found it on Netflix and was disappointed to find out no second season. Loved Charmed too

  45. GrtDaneMom

    Please Please Please bring it back. I’m in love with the show. One of three shows I watch and by far my favorite!

  46. D Collins

    Not sure who reads this at Lifetime, but, for those of us who stream the job, YES, we count!
    Bring the show back PLEASE!

  47. Danielle

    Please bring it back! I love the show. Never miss it!!!!!!

  48. William

    The only good show left on TV! Please make the next 5 seasons at least.

  49. Simona

    Please bring it back! It is such a GREAT show! Awesome Acting, Fantastic plot! Unoike so soooo many awful shows going on for years… This one really deserves it!

  50. rose sheick

    why noy bring back… i hope season three………………please

  51. C

    Truly love this show! Best fantasy/ drama / sci-if show ever! Please make a season three . I am a fan and am waiting to see season three . Great , Great , Great Show!!

  52. Stormi

    I was unaware of this show until I caught a rerun one night. Needless to say I was hooked within the first few minutes. As adults we all need shows such as this. Shows like these provide an escape from reality, the ability to slip into our childlike imaginations. Let’s face it as adults this opportunity does not come along often. We NEED every outlet we can muster. Please for the child in so many of us……. Air the next season already!!! Pretty please!

  53. Kat

    Sh*t, you have to bring this back! You can’t just leave us having like that, please 🙁

  54. Claudia

    Bring the show back – it’s refreshing entertainment……….

  55. MiKe

    Looks like lifetime could lose a lot of subscribers if the show is cancelled! It would be better to do a season 3 with a proper ending. Its not hard to get rid of your cable package these days and just use Netflix and Hulu. We only have cable because of two shows…Witches of East End & American Horror story, which btw will be hard to watch anymore when Jessica Lang leaves. If you are reading this lifetime, please know that there isn’t much out there worth keeping cable for. Maybe you could air it at a different time, but the fans implore you not to cancel without an actual finally!! How can we get into other shows if we know they can be just randomly cancelled?!? I hope the ones who decide don’t count us all out just yet. If nothing else a mini-series to wrap it up would be welcomed and received much better than a cancellation with no finale.

  56. Chris

    Please! PLEASE! Bring it back 🙂

  57. Jess James

    I’m hooked! Please green-light season 3.

  58. teri

    Please bring back season 3, but the episode series drags to long, you need to wrap up each story line in two or 3 episodes, not make it drag out all season, move from one to the next. Also we need to find out who these witches are and more about the world they left behind.

  59. Sarah

    You have to bring it back!!! I just recently got addicted to it I started at 10pm and keep watching it till 8am the next day!! I love it so much k just have to watch the last episode of season two. I’ll be so sad if you don’t continue it !!!!

  60. Freedom

    I missed the first half of the series. Alot of my friends were sitting around wondering when it was going to return. Was shocked to find out 7 episodes had aired. This show is great and something we look forward to every week. There is so much potential with the characters and storyline. Please work this out and bring on Season 3!!!!!!!!!!! More magic would be great like in the finale.
    Thank you

  61. Belinda Mccutchen

    Please continue witches if east end! Its a awesome show. I love it

  62. Dolores

    Loved season 1!
    You kind of lost me in season two however, by killing them off and bringing them back just about each week. Give us more of what was in season 1. More drama, Spells, Kilian and Friah, along with pairing up of Ingrid with Dash? Too bad you killed Vincent off. He had some freshness to add. Oh and then you left the son dying as a cliff hanger, he was giving it some spice! Come on writers quite killing and start doing some spell casting for the good of mankind!

    Just was a thought, I just got bored seeing everyone you grown to care about get killed off each week. Sort of got predictable.

  63. Matthew

    Pleaseeeeeee have a season 3! I loveee this show! Brilliance!

  64. Kathy thatcher

    Love this show please bring it back again for season 3

  65. John JP

    This show is with out a doubt the most entertaining show on TV and is so much better than most of the stupid shows available today. Great writing and fabulous acting with the best story lines. If you decide to cancel this one you don’t really listen to the people who really care and you don’t read the comments that we place on line to beg you to renew.

  66. stobie

    WHY ever time a good show starts they end it ratings should be held different there is a few that shouldn’t be on hopefully they wise up love witches of eastend

  67. Bobby

    This show is incredible, the problem is not the show, its the fact its on lifetime, not that theres anything wrong with that, but people don’t expect to find such a great show on this channel their looking for CW\WB which this show I believe stands up to those other great shows,

    can not leave it off where it was, that would be cruel, specially with Wendy in the underworld and Killian where he is… it needs more time for it to catch on, cancelling so soon will be a mistake!

    • Tracy

      Please bring it back it is a great show

  68. kaye

    Please renew Witches of East End! I love that show!

  69. p.k

    We need to know what’s gonna happen next, you can’t do this to us please

  70. Kris

    I read the books, please continue the show so I can visualize all my characters in the books 🙂
    Please do not cancel this show, my daughters and I love to watch it, it’s our Sunday hang out show.

  71. Mara wein

    I don’t understand why Lifetime has to think about whether or not too renew witches of east end for a 3rd season. The following is unbelievable. Why doesn’t someone send this to Lifetime. Then they will see how many fans there are and how many fans want to see more!!
    Lifetime, you are being extremely unfair by keeping all the fans hanging. Really not very respectful of your audience!!!

  72. Yelissa

    I want more! We want more! Season 3 please!! I love this show!

  73. fleurette

    dont you dare take it off ,,, every interesting show you take off the air and leave the boring one
    leave the show on !

  74. Susan

    Please renew Witches of East End for a third season. There are very few series that I watch faithfully but this is one!!!! PLEASE!

  75. Elizabeth

    Please bring back Witches of East End for a third season. I have watched it from the beginning. It is so good! Please bring it back.

  76. love this show

    Love this show! Please have Season 3 soon!

  77. Angela

    I love this show! Please please PLEASE bring it back. I have to know what happens!!!!!

  78. nytxgirl

    I will be so disappointed if we are just left hanging!

  79. bring it back

    best show ever love it dont take it away !!!!

  80. Nash

    Awesome show!
    Please think of worldwide fans… The ratings might be bad for US but we all look forward to the next season in the other continents!
    Really great show! Hope it goes on and on!

  81. Kate

    Need a season 3!!! Got hooked watching season 1 on Netflix! Found season 2 online!! Hooked, hooked, hooked!!!

  82. Laura robles

    i have watched it since it came out and would be really upset if they do not do season three this tv show is everything you could ask for.

  83. pam

    love the show please keep it on

  84. Alisha

    Please bring this show back!! I extremely can’t want to see the 3rd season!

  85. jay and ron

    If the show is cancelled we will be very upset and will stop watching lifetime all together and I’m pretty sure alot of people feel the same way this show is the best one that lifetime has released in a very long time please do not cancel it!

  86. Evelyn

    It’s really going to annoy the hell out of me if they don’t continue filming! I need to know what happens with Killian and Dash and with Ingrids pregnancy. I want to know if she is pregnant by Dash or the mandragora….
    Another thing I barely know anyone that watches anything on TV at the time it airs. Most people either record on DVR or watch online. I don’t even watch it when it airs on TV, I watch on the Lifetime app. They apparently forget to factor all the other viewing options in when counting views….

  87. Evelyn

    Another thing I barely know anyone that watches anything on TV at the time it airs. Most people either record on DVR or watch online. I don’t even watch it when it airs on TV, I watch on the Lifetime app. They apparently forget to factor all the other viewing options in when counting views….

  88. MS Kimberly

    Please !!!!!!!!!Bring the show back. Its one of the best shows on Lifetime.Please don’t cancel.i am so looking forward to the next Season. I so love this show and look forward to every SUNDAY NIGHT when its on.

  89. A.Wright

    OMG!!! Plz, plz, plz, don’t leave me hangin like this…I love, love, love, this show & would be so devastated if this was really it. Plz don’t let this be all there is. I desperately need to see the end of this series!! Plz find a way to keep em comin…..#biggestfanWOEE

  90. Big Fan

    Writing from Sweden, begging desperately for a season 3 of Witches of East End xxx <3 <3 <3

  91. Trish

    Oh! Please bring this show back!! I absolutely, positively love this show!!! And I am a hard one to please when it comes to magic & shows. This one is so real like & has a lot of truth to it as well.

  92. C Russell

    I absolutely love this show!!! Please bring it back for the 3rd season!!! I’m hoping there are a few more seasons after the 3rd!!!! Please do not cancel this series. Huge fan of Witches of East End!

  93. Bill

    The show MORE then deserves a 3rd season. It was well written and produced.

  94. Lorie

    PLEASE don’t take this show off the air!! EVERY time I get into what I feel and think is a GREAT show, gets cancelled!! I am tired of seeing detective shows and “political” shows. Now we have a bunch of Zombie shows and movies…..grrrrr!! This is a GREAT show hat deserves to be allowed to stay on air. I like that more movies like this are coming to TV. PLEASE give it another chance!! I’m begging!!!!

  95. Stella

    Hoping and praying it gets renewed for season 3. One of the only smart AND sexy shows on TV now!!

  96. Monica

    I never change my schedule for any TV show or plan to watch something. This is the first show that I look forward to and plan to watch. It is different than other shows. It moves quickly and the writers pack the episodes with movement in the plot. Most shows would drag out movement in the plot for weeks. This show MOVES! Love it! Hope they order season 3. Hope they count in people that watch it on “on Demand”. Sometimes I have to watch it after it airs.

  97. Morgan

    Nooooo, Please don’t cancel it! It’s one of my favorite shows!

  98. Bob

    Really good show. I’ve never seen it make a difference but, please do a season 3 at least!

  99. Kiam

    I love the show and I’m glued to the tv everysunday

  100. Juarez

    This completely s*cks I looked forward to watching this show every sunday! Maybe putting the show on Sunday late night was the problem. This is like canceling football for men.
    People s*ck!

  101. Pam

    You have got to be kidding! This is one of the BEST shows on Lifetime. I once watched Lifetime all the time. That is not the case anymore. The quality of movies has drastically declined over the last few years. I watched Army Wives, Drop Dead Diva every week and if I wasn’t at home (I work most weekends) I recorded it on my DVR. I am by no means into the occult…that is not why I watch. Witches is one of the most original shows on TV and it is DIFFERENT! This was about the only show I watch on Lifetime anymore. Not that it matters to you, but if it isn’t going to be on I probably won’t be tuning in anymore! Why is being original a bad thing? Nothing on TV like it!

  102. taylor

    Plz, plz, plz, plz, I love the show and I love all the charters and I want to know if Freya and Killeen can ever be toghere. I love this show sooo much I have been secretly watching it so my sister wont find out because she thinks I steal her shows so plz bring it back or always secretly watching it will be for nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. taylor

    See all these comments are about how we love the show and we want it back!!!!!! This is one of the few shows that can be scary and I hate scary but its one of the few that doesn’t bother me there is only one other show. So plz don’t cancel it we love this show

  104. Shara


  105. Jennie

    Bring it back! Great show!!! I hope this makes a difference!

  106. frankie

    please this is the best show on witches do not cancel this show Show some respect for the viewers we need closure ! Bring back the Witches of East End

  107. Jeffrey

    Please, please, please bring witches of the east end back. Why should it even be cancelled at first? Lifetime, you guys should really bring that show back. Besides it didn’t even end well for you guys to just cancel it. Please bring it back.

  108. jody

    I am gutted by this news, you seriously cant leave your faithful fans with no closure on dash and killen and Ingrid pregnancy that’s just cruel and morally wrong… Bring it back plzzzzz..

    • stephanie

      I know this show and producer isn’t with that ones that make the secret circle but yeah. all the good shows gets shut down, and all the cr*ppy ones get a go.

  109. Ray Ray

    Please please!!!!!! Make season 3 of witches of east end I adore the tv show so many people like me love witches of East end and would agree that season 3 should be made u have so many supporters already that love witches of East please bring it back.we need it because it can’t end like that.!!!!!!!!

  110. Jillian

    I want to see witches of east end but if they are going to cancel the show then make the three season the finale.

  111. Anamaria

    Please don’t take this show away, My whole family been hooked since season one and season two was awesome. I would love to see what else is going to happen. I LOVE the cast and this show. Do ruin it now..

  112. Anon

    They have been doing this a LOT lately, creating excellent shows and then cancelling them because people would rather “keep up with the kardashians”…. Ratings are bound to plummet for worthwhile entertainment BECAUSE the masses enjoy their shitfest of mindlessness and moral bankruptcy, however, continuing to reel people (with brains and taste) in only to cut off their “joy” is a good way to get castrated and murdered by an angry mob of fans who are simply sick of being led on and disappointed by the repeatedly failed attempts at producing worthwhile television.
    If they cancel witches of east end, my sincere hope is that all those responsible are found throttled and mutilated beyond all physical reason but miraculously alive to endure the torment. There is a reason all of the good shows are getting cancelled:99% of viewers are too daft to be entertained by anything other than keeping up with those mindless kardashian tarts and if ratings (as opposed to f*cking QUALITY) solely determine what shows live or die then we are NEVER going to get more than 2 seasons at a time of quality television before the numbskulls f*ck up the viewing experience for anyone who isn’t a total imbecile

  113. jodie

    What a shame. I have been looking for the release date. I love the show.. Even if they did a 2 hour finale or something is better than leaving everyone hanging.

  114. Jacks

    I’m SOOOO sad! I purchased both seasons on Amazon Instant video and it had become my most anticipated show! Now…I have none. 🙁

  115. Marjorie

    Season 3—–they have to run it! All the elements were there. Netflix needs to pick it up and run it!

  116. Kassandra

    This is by far my favorite show! The plot and cast is so amazing. I loved every second of every episode! Please bring the show back for a 3rd season I have to know what happens after that suspenseful finale! I can guess and make assumptions but I’d rather see the real thing! My Sundays aren’t and won’t be complete without Witches of East End so I’m begging please please bring it back. Give them a chance to get the numbers up!

  117. Elena

    You have to bring this show back. It so rocks!

  118. charina

    I like the witches of the east end please don’t take it off the air… I want to see season 3

  119. Lucy

    This show shouldn’t have been on lifetime in the first place. This is the only reason I even have lifetime! Season 3! season 3! Season 3! If not I’m boycotting the channel.

  120. Miriam

    I want season 3!!!!!!!! Bring it back!!!!

  121. Will

    How, why, oh hell no. Now I loved Charmed but as far a witches this was a much better written story on the history of witches at least close with season 3, all those possible great story lines season 3 could have gone. Maybe another network will pick it up. Please people write in, they must keep on a great show with excellent writing!

  122. Tracy

    I can not believe lifetime canceled this show so soon!!!! What a GREAT SHOW!!! Talk about a bunch of quiters! VERY DISAPOINTED!!!

  123. ANGELA

    When will the next season start, Please bring it back 🙂
    This show is so awesome, my son and my husband got hooked,when I refused to leave the TV on Sunday nights 🙂

  124. caitlin

    This is just ridiculous! We love Witches of east end! Sad face. Now we will never know what happened with the show…… BOO lifetime! We ought to boycott the channel

    • Pooh

      I AGREE

  125. tuli

    Its not fair!
    the end of the second season can not end this way – end without an end. BRING SEASON 3!

  126. Lexi

    i refuse to watch lifetime … this show was the only reason i watched it

  127. Brittany

    omg i love this show! please please keep filming!!!

  128. adele

    please bring back witches of east end my friends husband and I all love this show.. need more need to know what happenes next.. big fans here please..

  129. martyg

    Please bring back the witches of east end. This show was so good. Look at all the comments, not one bad one.

  130. RobertM

    please bring it back one to many Cliffhangers i like that it is not a sissy witch show…

  131. graeme

    typical, just coz a series loses a few viewers it’s ‘Lets cancel as it doesn’t work’ BULLS**T. Are Lifetime related to FOX who do this sort of thing to good series frequently, please bring at least a proper conclusion to this brilliant series.

  132. BrokM

    please don’t go

  133. Corina

    Please bring back the show I totally love it! Make season 3 happen.

  134. JO


  135. Jess

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t cancel this show!! I look so froward to it and was so bummed out when the last season ended! Can’t Wait for season 3 … Bring it on!!!

  136. Raja white

    This is my favorite show like charmed but more real it’s sexy and smart I always tell everyone to watch it please keep it on

  137. Kay Lai

    BRING IT BACK!! Absolutely the best show on Lifetime ever!! No offense, but this is the only show I watch on Lifetime. KEEP IT!

  138. Ste4ne

    This is the worst news _my boys and I love watching. Was our special date night They are disappointed

  139. Rosa

    Bring Back Witches of East End on Facebook they are petitions there to bring back the show with rally information. Check it out!!!!!!!!!!! Lets unite to bring back our show

  140. MistyRaine


  141. Amy Caminiti

    Bring back Witches! This series is amazing

  142. rich

    this show is so much better than half the crappy shows out there that get renewed just because. this show was fun beautifully lustful magic. if not lifetime, Netflix or somebody needs to pick it up. the show is mesmerizing as well of the lovely female cast. I just don’t get it why they stop this? studios make a mint of the dumbest of shows. so I believe if they wanted to they are capable. travesty if not continued.

  143. ∞InfiniteDongster∞

    Aww that’s sad…I really enjoyed the show, especially the characters Freddie and Ingrid

  144. HHoffman

    I was really looking forward to having something else to watch other than a Reality show. So sick of those shows. At least Witches of East End gave you a great story line to follow, great actor that made you want to come back dieting to come and see the next episode.
    Please consider bring it back!

  145. Arianna

    Lifetime, I really can’t express how disappointed I am that you cancelled the only good show on your network. All the other shows you air are total cr*p!!! Witches of East End was a really great show and so much more intelligent then the rest of your line-up. I can tell you that one viewer who will never watch your network again, especially if you keep cutting all the shows worth watching!

  146. Sandie

    Every time you TV jerks get good shows on you freking cancel them for what oh ya the “REALALITY SH*T” I really don’t care who is doing who or what their F—ing lives are doing, it is nothing but BS

  147. Amanda

    Please let’s have season 3! I’m at the end of season 2 and
    Really starting to like these characters a lot. I think they
    Are now coming into their own.

  148. Will

    A dumb and stupid, it was a very good story about witches without a hole lot of fluff. Bring it back it had so many cliff hangers how could you leave it high and dry. It was no worst than the vamp stories on the network that I’m sure would have saved Witches of Eastend. Ps and much better than the Secret Circle.

  149. Sam

    This shows amazing. I really love it your all doing an awesome job. Can’t wait to see season 3

  150. tracey

    please bring it back it was the best show in a while was looking forward to watching season 3 we need to see how it all unfolds please please bring it back

  151. stormy

    It never fails…
    A great show, good actors, good story line, and then it’s gone.
    Only to be replaced by some stupid fake reality TV.
    You can keep your reality TV.
    Lifetime used to be a great channel not so much now.

  152. JO


  153. cj

    Why is it that the best shows on tv are canceled to make way for reruns of shows we’ve seen 10 times, or celbrity BS, or even better 15 more commercials. Lifetime used to be my fav channel, but the last five years have caused me to tune in less and less. The Witches of East End was the best thing to happen to the network in years. I won’t be back if they don’t come back. So long Lifetime.

  154. Bambi Wooden

    please reconsider give it at least 1 more season we all LOVE the show

  155. nickey

    its very disappointing Why is it that the best shows on tv are canceled to make way for reruns of shows we’ve seen 10 times, or celebrity BS, or even better 15 more commercials. Lifetime used to be my fav channel, but the last five years have caused me to tune in less and less. The Witches of East End was the best thing to happen to the network in years. I won’t be back if they don’t come back. So long Lifetime

  156. Larah Roach

    I’m not watching Lifetime anymore because I’m tired of all this reality tv stuff and my teenage girls and myself loved watching witches of eastend but it sen every time tv comes out with a new show about withes or supernatural stuff they all get cancelled and me and my kids love to watch shows that are supernatural and “different” from everyday reality. And the cool thing about this show is it brought my daughters into our family room for a night of fun with their uncool mom lol and we made some popcorn and watched the show and t was Somthing I became to look forward to, as goofy as that sounds! Guess ill have to find a new show for us to watch ON A DIFFERENT network

  157. Kerri

    Please don’t take this show off the air. Why is it every time I found a good show it gets taken off the air. Think your making a big mistake for cancelling the show. I don’t watch lifetime anymore unless its a series I get into. All the same movies over and over. I guess I won’t do lifetime series anymore because they always take them off and we get hooked on them!

  158. Rob

    Please renew show.One of the best shows on t.v. in a long time.Watched from start.So dont leave us hanging.Show the Witches of East End. Love it and its Characters, and its mysteries and magic.Please keep it coming.

  159. Burrel

    Lifetime canelled a very nice show. It could have become as good if not better then the Charmed show that ran for years.
    End result, Lifetime cancelled the Witches of the East End due to poor ratings, I did a rating check on my programming at home and it looks like Lifetime just got cut from my programming.

  160. Lilly

    Please Bring witches of east end back!

  161. Pooh

    NOOOOO!!!! Please renew this show. I love it. My friends and I love this show.

  162. Nicole

    bring this show back.

  163. Allie

    Please bring it back I loved seasons 1 and 2 and am looking forward to a 3rd season 🙁

  164. Kathe

    I am SOOO mad that they cancelled this show. Again investing time watching a good show and it gets pulled out from under us with no real good excuse!! The numbers didn’t look that different to me and as loyal viewers don’t we deserve closure?? I guess not, just sad.

  165. sharon bohannon

    I love this show wont it back for 2015 new shows I wont it back must have it back I am so mad that they take away so many good shows . please give it back

  166. stacie

    i love this show it’s one of my favorite shows so please……………please……………..please bring it back i want to know what happends next to their family back in their hometown

  167. Fred

    I am very disappointed. They should reconsider.

  168. Angela

    please bring back witches of east end, it is a very good show with a great cast. Id really like to to see what will happen to all of them next & the town they live in. Theres is still so much more that could be written for them, dont kill it now when it could still have a future

  169. Elian

    THis perfect serial must go on!!!!!!!!Its my favorite show!!!!

  170. magen

    Please bring the show back! My husband and I love this show! We’re addicted! If not Lifetime, can’t another channel pick them up? Please bring the show back! You can’t end season 2 like that and just leave us hanging… Please…. 🙁

  171. jennifer


  172. Mark


  173. Drew Mullane

    Please bring back “The Witches of East End” for a third season! I watched the first season on Netflix. I was so hooked on the storyline and characters that I just had to purchase the entire second season on Amazon. This series is unlike no other, in the best ways. It is an awesome combination of magic, suspense, and mystery. I enjoyed how the characters always had multiple plot lines going on, yet always come together with in the end. Some secrets are shared, and others are known only by the individual characters, whose development was seamless. The mystical nature of this program captures audiences who adored “Charmed” for several seasons, and continue to enjoy “The Vampire Diaries”. Personally, I think it combines the best elements of these: witchcraft and history. It is my feeling that if you look at trends regarding Netflix and Amazon views etcetera, it will become clear that an audience that was not necessarily there before, has grown and is anticipating the return of “The Witches of East End”. Please consider your budget and reevaluate the return on your investment that I am confident this will bring!


    Please don’t cancel ” The Witches o.f East End”. My sister & I waited to watch it every Sunday. We like these shows. Please reconsider your decision. There are a lot of us that do LIKE the show.

  175. Rochelle

    I looked forward to this show coming on every Sunday night…. PLEASE BRING THE SHOW BACK!

  176. Tina

    This show deserve another try, only because one season reviews where low you guys can’t give up, i know many of friends and myself were so into this show, this show deserves to come back… This is ridiculous

  177. jessica

    pls bring witches of east end back it was my fav show

  178. Maureen Golia

    Why would you take a great show and cancel it? What the heck is wrong with you? Bring this series back

  179. Jewbag

    What’s the point in watching anything they just go and take it off air as soon as your hooked.I don’t see the point in having sky anymore when I can’t watch what I want to watch cancelling my subscription unless the start bring the shows back starting with WITCHES OF THE EASTEND and CLIENT LIST

  180. Crissie

    Bring it back. There isn’t a show like it. At least try one more season

  181. patrick mcghee

    This is an awesome show you cant cancel it please have a season 3.

  182. Pam N

    I’ve been patiently waiting to hear when season 3 would start, o,ly read here that it has been cancelled. I have been watching since season 1 episode 1. I love this tv show. Season two kept me on the edge of my seat. Danger, love, betrayal, murder, family. Witches of East End has it all!!!! Please reconsider and bring back this great cast of characters and plots.

  183. Donnalee Mcintosh

    I can’t believe it’s cancelled .. Pleaaaaaaseeee bring it back…

  184. DJ

    The only reason I upgraded my Uverse package was to include lifetime channel that was airing Witches of east end. Pointless to continue with the upgrade or lifetime.

  185. Miracle

    My favorite show since charmed. I love the Walking Dead, Once Upon A Time, Lost Girl, and this. Use to watch True Blood but another great show cancelled. You people have it all wrong. Instead of cancelling this show, it should be on more. People should not have to wait and pray that their favorite show is going to be on and on a regular schedule. If this show played more, it would be watched more. It never even had a chance to get popular. Lifetime will play the same stupid movies over and over but they finally get a great show and your going to just let it go???? In the long run you’re going to lose a lot of money. I only watched Lifetime because of this show. Cancelled my HBO when they cancelled True Blood, guess I don’t need Lifetime any more either.

  186. Manda

    Please bring it back!!! I look forward to this show!

  187. Regina

    Are you SERIOUS??? REALLY CANCELLED???… Just when i finally got to watch the 2nd season. This show was awesome!!! very entertaining! Love the characters! Love the plots!! There are no other shows like this out there. I LOVED Charmed and then it ended. These type of shows need at least a minimum of 3 seasons to get any REAL idea of how popular the show will become. AND obviously by the many raving reviews here and comments made, people DO LOVE this show. There is SOOOO much more to this story than can be written! DON’T leave us all hanging…wondering what happened to the characters?!?!?!? There’s too much unfinished story lines that should be played out here. I don’t understand why Lifetime would cancel this and play other shows and movies that are old reruns and down right stupid. THIS SHOW will make a wise investment!!! There definitely needs to be a 3rd season!!!and even 10 more!!! Give it a chance !

  188. Jersey

    I can not believe this show has been canceled! Please bring it back. I have been looking forward to this show.

  189. debbie conrad

    You have got to be kidding me???? Really, cancelled?????
    love this show, it only got better with the second season. Soon I will be leaving lifetime, like they leave us

  190. Cindy Rodocker

    I agree with all the above comments, love the show. Have been anticipating its return. The TV executives were wrong, just like the tv executives were wrong when they cancelled one life to live and all my children. I thought the executives of Lifetime were more conscientious of their decisions. Very disappointed that they have cancelled the show, as you can see a lot of people were anticipating its return.
    What is wrong with all the TV executives today, cancelling all the good shows. I thought Lifetiime executives were more in tune with the audiences but I guess not. Just like ABC executives cancelling One Life to Live and All my children, both shows had loyal fan base.

  191. Heather

    I am sooo mad I loved this show
    Boooo lifetime !!! Please bring it back!!

  192. melody st.louis

    love the show please do a season 3 in 2015. Your crazy if u do not bring this show back.

  193. Witches of East End

    Loved the show and it’s sad that it’s not going to be a season 3. 🙁

  194. Lesa

    Please Please Please bring back the show Witches of East End. I among other friends in my neighborhood love the show. I love the whole cast!! Please this show is really good!! im sad to say that if the show does not some back this will push me an other friends away from lifetime. You show some pretty stupid stuff, and you finally put something on worth watching and you cancel it! ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  195. mmf

    Seriously, you cancel a show that is liked by 1.24 million viewers and then next thing we know the only thing on television is reality cr*p-type shows….WTF!!

  196. Vdelacruz80

    Please consider one more season or a 2 hour movie as a closure to 2nd seasons ending .. This show is wayy better than charmed .. Great characters and actors and actreses .. Story was very interesting .. I was heartbroken to learned that after I completed the 2nd season it was over.. I hope netflix buys this show or another network ..

  197. Sharon

    I love this show, there is a lot of other shows that should be looked at to be canceled.

  198. debbe

    Bring it back! I loved this show. I need season 3. You left us hanging I want to know what happens.

  199. Aury

    At least give the series closure even if it’s just 5 episodes.

  200. Ashley Schulze

    Please bring back witches of east end my husband and I love this show so sad to here it was canceled by lifetime 🙁

  201. Leah

    This is one if my most favorite shows ever PLEASE don’t end it. I agree with other commenter LIFETIMES only good show is witches of east end everything else is the same rapey, domestic violence bs

  202. Janet

    Very disappointed if this show is indeed cancelled. I have been anxiously waiting for season 3. I really loved the Charmed series so I was happy when this show started. I hope Lifetime reconsiders and brings Witches of East End back..

  203. DDN

    I sure hope you bring Witches back.
    Today is FEB.3/2015 and I am binge watching the show.
    Just saw that it is very possibly cancelled, I hope not.
    I will continue to finish watching just in case.
    PLEASE !!!!!!

  204. Laurel

    Of course they decided to cancel it. It is a great show! Hate network suits who think they know better.

  205. Alyssa

    PLEASE bring this show back! My mom and I watched every episode together! This was BY FAR Lifetimes best program! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!!!!

  206. Nancy

    Please bring it back. It was my favorite. I couldn’t wait until the third season and now
    I find out its been cancelled? What the hey???

  207. TMindieta

    No! You left us with a cliffhanger, and now no renewal? BOO! Please bring it back!!!!!!

  208. Vickie

    Please, please, please renew this show. I am absolutely in love with all of the characters and I need more!!

  209. Lorrie

    Please bring it back. It was one of my favorites.

  210. Barbara Barrows

    Please bring back Witches of East End. It was the best show on tv since Charmed. It was a good quality show.

  211. Judy Jin

    Please bring it back!! I love this show!!! It was really good!!

  212. Cindy Voss

    Please don’t cancel this show. It figures though. Anytime I usually enjoy a show it gets cancelled. I happened upon this show by accident and became so intrigued by it. Hope you will reconsider and give us a few more seasons… if not, at least one more Season.
    One more thing…Can’t this show be picked up by another Network?

  213. Heather Hill

    Ridiculous that cr*p like Dance Moms is on Lifetime but they won’t renew an amazing show that was wonderfully written and brought to life. I may as well stop watching devious maids as its sure to be cancelled soon. What a crock. I’m not watching this channel anymore.

  214. Pam

    I’ve been waiting blinking ages for season 3 to be coming back. I was sooooo looking foward to seeing it. Whats the point of watching any great shows as they are going to cancel then anyway. Total Crock.

  215. Tonya

    I agree with all the comments. Bring back Witches of East End. Lifetime you keep shows like Dance Moms and Bring It! Witches of East End is more interesting than both of these shows which bring you same thing every week. I watched both seasons and it’s not fair to leave your viewers hanging. We as viewers deserve a third season. Bring Witches of East End Back!!!!!

  216. abigail gyimah

    waiting for season 3 pleeeeaaase. #witches of east end season three

  217. Deb

    My Granddaughter and I each this every week together. We are sad that it will not be on for a third season. I wish you would change your minds and give it another chance. It’s so hard to find programs we both enjoy.

  218. kris

    Lifetime has cancelled 2 of my favorite shows the client list and now witches of east end. And it cancels in middle of it so we’re left hanging. Horrible way to end shows that’ll make lifetime lose ratings all itself. 2 great shows ripped away…

  219. Rachael

    This is total bullsh*t!!!!! The show didn’t have a proper ending!!! Killian deserves a chance at happiness!!! If it ends with Dash switching places with him the “good triumphs over evil” law is broken and I ,for one, am not cool with that!!!!!

  220. Kathy

    My daughter & I LOVE this show and we were looking forward to season 3. Please don’t take this show off air. I don’t understand how a much loved show can be canceled without having a proper ending at least. The 2nd season ended with a cliff hanger ending and now we won’t ever find out what happened. As other people have commented, you have shows like Dance Moms on that are just garbage and yet you stop the good shows.
    Please, please, please reconsider another season, at least season 3 and have it stop with a proper ending..

  221. murphy

    how can you get someone hooked on 2 seasons and pull it…lifetime always does tat maybe i need to start watching some other channel

  222. Jenny

    Please bring it back.It is the best show about witches.And I love all the people in it.

  223. dawn

    ARE YOU FRICKIN KIDDING!!!!!! There is going to be some pretty upset people. My family and I look forward to Witches, this is NOT good. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring it back. The followers who have watched it the last 2 seasons are looking forward to Season 3. It has an AWESOME cast and storyline. PLEASE DONT DO THIS!!!!!

  224. Renae

    Please bring it back! Me and my girls loved this show! Why would you cancel it? All women like lifetime and some men too, you have to give it time! I didn’t even know about it until almost end of Season 1 and I made sure to back up and watch them all!! Come on, there is some shows I know that get less ratings on Lifetime than this!

  225. Christy

    This was one of the best shows out there. There are plenty of other shows which needs to be cancelled but aren’t or haven’t been. This isn’t one that needed to be cancelled. Great show, great cast, bring it back. Find a really good show that you love, they cancel it. Really, did you bump your head(s). Again, bring back the show.

  226. vaidehi

    bring the show back!!!!

  227. Fan of the show

    Please! Please! bring the show back.. it was A GOOD SHOW and was just getting even BETTER… this show is unlike the others in the so called same category. .please bring back to Lifetime..

  228. Maggie

    Please bring it on! Go for Season 3!

  229. Cassandra

    PLEASE BRING THE SHOW BACK! I loved all the characters and actors in this show. I’m sure they can come up with some good Plots for season 3! PLEASE!!!

  230. Stephanie

    I Love, love, love this series. I waited all last year after going through a hard time to finally watch season 2 online. Bring back Witches of east end this is not a request.

  231. Shannon

    I love this series! Always count down the days until the new season starts. Please bring it back!

  232. Lisa

    OMG – I cannot believe you guys aren’t bringing this show back – HUGE disappointment. And let me ask you this: with all the freaking DVR shows being taped how in God’s name can you put a specific number of viewers? SHAME SHAME SHAME … they did the same thing to the show “Touch”…. you guys are really pi**ing your viewers off!!!

  233. jorge

    please bring witches of east end back, I have been waiting patiently the third season to see what happens next, please you can not leave me hanging

  234. Lin Somers

    Another stupid decision. What is wrong with Lifetime?

  235. riri

    PLEASE PLEASE bring back witches of east end 🙁 !!!!!!!!! I love that show so much it was awesome 🙁 u cant let it end like that who cares how many people didn’t like it there are still millions out there that loved it and adored it and they are disappointed that u guys ended it so badly please bring it back and give it a better ending. I want to see dash get what he deserve and Freya and killing together !!!!!!!!!!! they deserve a happy ending.
    why bother u guys f*cking s*ck u bring a awesome and magical and breath taking tv show out and then cancel it when tiny amount of people don’t like it.really u guys have issues because there was nothing wrong with witches of end it was exciting magical sexy and hilarious and so entertaining. i hope u guys are f*cking happy u pulled the plug on a very f*cking good show.

    • sara


  236. Bridgett

    I love this show, bring it back!

  237. sarula

    Most of the shows that are out are over rated…Witches of East End was one of lifetimes best shows since Charmed came out on TNT and that was too long ago..I do believe the magic is still to come and more mysteries to see…I say there should be a strike and you give in and make the rest of the series since it’s still early…Bring it back!!!

  238. Nikki

    Please don’t cancel… what is it? we get some great shows and you cancel for the ridiculous cr*p of reality TV .. Come On… Like Honey Boo Boo? (just an example) and Many Many others that have no business on TV are you freaking Kidding me ? Shewwwwww what has the world come too? So disappointed… Glad I’m a Sports Nut all Networks going to the Dumb Idi*t status…

  239. Julie

    Not sure if having more comments will help to change anything, but I was looking forward to season 3!

  240. Alexis

    This show was awesome. Cannot believe Lifetime cancelled this and kept “reality” shows that NO ONE cares to watch. The women were incredible, the storyline was great and, of course, leaving people hanging, dying to see the next installment … that will never even be made. Lifetime, you are now on my DO NOT WATCH LIST!

  241. Marsha

    You have taken Witches of East End of and put on shows like Preachers Daughters, Little Women: LA, Bring It!, Dance Moms, which are a string of bad idea shows with no morals. I am sickened by these other shows and refuse to watch Lifetime due to their ever lowering integrity. Witches of East End was a family oriented, all ages approved show. Most of Lifetime’s other shows I would not allow my children to watch. Thankfully, Hallmark Channel has started a new series from The Good Witch movies.

    Witches of East End will be sorely missed …. Lifetime channel… not so much.

  242. N

    Lifetime hope u rot in hell bring back witches of east end asap u have no idea hw many fans u lost and wht u done u a bunch of idoits and i cant discribe 2 u wht u really r bring back wtches of east end if i had my way i would make sure u bring it back i demand u bring it back

  243. hannah

    Ugh…. dont do that. I have been looking forward to season 3……..

  244. Kim Sampson

    Please bring back Witches of East End!! I love these kind of shows. Every time I get involved with a witch show it gets cancelled. At least bring it back for a finale or an ending. It is very upsetting to get into the characters and show and not have an ending. Thanks KIM

  245. sara


  246. Peggy

    best show… can’t believe it’s cancelled.. very disappointed.. and I’m sure I’m not the only one…

  247. Katrina

    Thought it was a great show. Please return. It’s something different not the same old stuff on tv.

  248. Jamie

    I was thinking about this show today, wondering when it was coming back on?? Just saw that it was canceled!!!! What really??? I really loved this show and got quite a few of my friends watching it, also my Mom 😀 I agree with so many comments it’s a great show and it’s not the same old stuff as Katrina said. PLease PLease PLease bring it back!!!!!!

  249. Karen

    Say it isn’t so!!!! I love this show. Was waiting for the new season to start. Really disappointed in Lifetime. My sister first told me about this show in the first season. I then got my daughter into watching it. Our household will never be the same without this show. PLEASE RECONSIDER!!

  250. Zara357

    Finally we get a show that’s different and interesting and it gets cancelled. I know numerous people who watch and enjoy it including myself. Please keep it going. I love witchcraft type shows. It’s been since Charmed that we’ve had a good one. You can’t leave us all hanging.

  251. rebecca

    This s*cks! My family loved this show!!!! Please at least give us some closure to the show! It was an awesome show!!!!

  252. Lisa

    Please do not cancel this show!!!!! I think it is one of the most interesting and entertaining new shows….I have been looking forward to season 3 all winter. I truly feel if it is promoted better it could be one of the most successful series on television!!! Please reconsider!

  253. Cindy


  254. Ed


  255. Melinda diaz

    Come on people you can’t just get us hooked and then all of a sudden just pull the show out. Are you all insane? My husband and I look forward to every episode that comes on,we watch it as many times as you show it. So why don’t you give it another try and put it back in the air,haven’t you all have ever heard the saying,” there are no quitters in this game,” . So put it back on.

  256. Tara

    Please bring this show back. How can you nominate a show for an award and then turn around and cancel it. Stations need to start taking into consideration people work and DVRs are used more often than not for recording TV programs when people work over night or the way early morning shift and need to sleep early. If not that way then they are viewed online. Bring this show back and stop renewing reality dance moms and all the various offshoots.

  257. minative66

    Please bring back this show, I have a ton of friends that watch it also! We can’t get enough of each episode! It keeps you on the edge of your seat till the following weeks show is on. I know so many people that watch this and were very saddened to hear that it might be cancelled! Please bring this show back!!!

  258. Cindy Warren

    Please please bring this show back. It was intense! Bring it back bring it back!!

  259. leonore

    I enjoyed watching the witches of the east end. It’s such a really good show bring it back please

  260. Dezi

    I am so disappointed. I love this show and have been looking forward to season 3. You have t bring it back this show was awesome. My fiance and I were faithful watchers and were anticipating the new season. #SpoiledQualityatime

  261. Tania

    I enjoyed watching the witches of the end. I love this show please bring back 🙁

  262. Nadene

    WTF! If I knew sooner this was an issue, I would have searched for a petition and signed it! I thought it was pretty much an absolute renewal. Do you people count the times people re-watch the show on Cox on Demand? Please renew.

    • Breezy_Fusion

      These people are all right that show is amazing

  263. Vickie Purdom

    Please, please,please bring back Witches of East End. It’s one of the best shows on TV. My friends and I get together sip wine and watch the show together. We’ve all been anticipating the new season and then we hear you’ve cancelled the show. Please at least give us closure and wrap up all the story lines. It’s so unfair to the faithful viewers to just leave everything hanging. Have a heart

  264. Sandy

    you have to be kidding me… where in the H E double toothpicks do you get your head count for whose watching? No one counted me, nor my friends. You have some select group of idiots that tell you what THEY watch, and they don’t represent the rest of us. You have a wonderful innovative show and ditch it. Your methods are inaccurate in judging how many are watching, and we are all punished! 🙁

  265. Windy

    Please, SyFy, or CW pick this show up, it is so much fun, and the characters are fun and the story is not completed, they left us hanging. I want MORE, or at least a movie tying up all the loose ends that were left at the end of season 2.

  266. Riz

    please bring this show back, I love that show .

  267. tina

    gotta have this show back–few things me and my daughter agree on but this is one–we get our mom/daughter time watching and talking about this show–dont take that from us!!!!

  268. Felicia

    I love witches of east end. I would rather watch this show then supernatural. I love the cast and story. I really they would continue it. It’s so addicting to watch. I want to see the world of Asgard, see if star-cross lovers get together and much more. So please continue the show.

  269. Melanie

    Love the show and would like to see the next season, please dont forget about your viewers in the uk. The suspence is killing me to will happen next, please bring it back pleassssssse!!!

  270. chris

    my friends and I truly love this show watch it faithfully the characters are amazing the actors just as amazing the story line pulls you in so much you cant wait till the next episode airs and to be honest it is the only reason I started watching the lifetime channel in the first place so now the dilemma is if this show is canceled leaving us at the second season finale waiting biting our nails to finally see whats going to happen next i find and millions will agree with me on this why create such an intriguing series just to take it away leaving millions of viewers in the dark that is highly rude for lack of a better word of lifetime to pull it away from it’s fan base it is a classic cult show better than charmed and up there with hbo’s true blood to stop production of this series would be a big mistake on lifetimes part 68% of men tune into lifetime to watch this particular series against the odds of it being a women s network come on lifetime to pull this show will be based on the calculations provided would be a very bad mistake considering its followers fan base you will lose that fan base the main problem i found was lack of proper advertising as a network that has been around for more than 20 years i apologize but do mean this sincerely your advertising department should do better be better and i along with millions of other cult fan’s that have followed Buffy,angel,charmed tru blood , vampire diaries, teen wolf ,witches of east end season 3 really is just the begin’g to a great series/story that if taken away I will no longer have a need to tune to lifetime like i said previously this series has brought you network a fan base take this show away say goodbye to that fan base which will lead to a decline for the entire network

    • COCO


  271. moe

    Really??? Wtf

  272. Julie

    Witches of East End is a great show and I want more!

    Cancelling the show was a poor desicion by lifetime. I am sick of shows cancelling without giving us at least a final season to close the story lines.


    1.24 million people obviously watch the show. I have never figured out how you can figure out how many people actually are watching a show, as TV is usally watched in groups of people (ie: Families, friends). And if counting is done by “live” TV then the counts would be way down. I know I record everything watch it later so I don’t have to see the commercials.

  273. Shannon

    I just watched both seasons on Netflix. I am really upset as to why this program did not make it to the 3 season. My husband & I both enjoyed this show! YOU REALLY NEED TO BRING THIS PROGRAM BACK!! PLEASE

  274. COCO


  275. Dana

    This really s*cks! I’ve been waiting and waiting for the new season. You mea they couldn’t even be bothered to give us a good rap up???

  276. Angie

    WHAT A SHOCKER TO FIND OUT WITCHES OF EAST END HAS BEEN CANCELED!! WHAT ARE THEY THINKING!! and to leave us hanging like that from the last episode, come on people!

    PLEASE bring this show back we have been loyal fans since the 1st episode, we love this show. These women show so much power & charm which is so addictive! This show is so different than your average show and its original. Its nice to see something besides the same old crime and reality shows for a change. This show has it all: lots of action, romance, drama and so much suspense. You can never anticipate what’s going to happen next when watching the show.

    I mean come on how can you base the # of people watching the show anyways??? We have a whole gang of people that watch it together and its normally recorded when we watch it instead of watching it live. PLEASE! PLEASE! bring this show back, my daughters, husband and the whole family love this show. Don’t ruin such an original show by replacing it with another same old, same old crime show or reality show.

  277. Jazlyn

    Please bring back the show… I was having all my friends watch this, it only lost rating for season two because you guys took forever to have it come back out with it… It should be aired every season!!!!

  278. Jazlyn

    It’s just like the cancers charmed, some people like super natural stuff because I do I still watch reruns of charmed n supernatural every morning n witches of east end online… Why cancel, the viewer is right we use to have get togethers to watch the movies (girls night)

  279. Shelly

    I watched season 1 and was hooked. I was just getting ready to purchase season 2 when I saw that season 3 has been cancelled and your viewers left hanging. WTH? Are you crazy Lifetime? This show was one of the very few tv programs I was even remotely interested in watching. There is nothing but garbage on tv anymore and you take the one show off that everyone seems to agree was great. Shame on you Lifetime for not caring more about your viewers than this! I for one will not watch your channel anymore unless you BRING BACK WITCHES OF EAST END!

  280. C

    I totally agree with Carmen, they pull the shows off the air before giving people a shot to enjoy them, 99% of people DVR, noone likes commercials!!!! Ugh

  281. Bianca

    Plz bring back witches of eastend best movie everrr if lifetime cancels I’m canceling lifetime

  282. Anne

    Please bring it back! It seems that every time I let myself get excited about a series it is cancelled after just a few episodes. I watched all twenty episodes, loved the characters (and actors portraying them) and the series and for it to end now and leave fans up in air after the season ending is just WRONG!!

    After the first season there was rumors that the show was not doing well and had barely escaped the ax. Did you ever think that may be why you had less viewers for season 2? Many viewers probably thought that in the second season, all the episodes would not be shown and that rather than invest any more time into a series that already had its neck under the ax they just would stop watching.

    You missed an EXCELLENT opportunity to have all the episodes during Xfinitys “Watachathon” week to see how many viewers would re-watch or catch-up.

    Please, please bring the series back, even if viewers have to wait for a later air date, we’d be happy just knowing that we would have a new season. You could have the writers do two versions that will give us another cliff-hanger if the series does well. However, if after the first several episodes (4-5) ratings aren’t where you want them then switch to the version that would wrap the series with some closure, even if you don’t do the full twenty episodes.

    • Jamie

      I agree they have shows naked and dating but they want to get this one off air are you kidding me? I love WITCHES OF EASTEND PLEASE BRING IT BACK. You keep so many shows that are plain and boring and we watch shows like this because we are all waiting for this one show to premiere.

  283. Char

    Why do all the good shows get the axe and the shows that breakdown family and country remain?

  284. Christa

    This was one of my favorite shows!! I went online to see when the next season would air and find it has been CANCELED!!!!!!!!!!!! Why, it was such a great show and a HORRIBLE way to leave me hanging. Bring it back!!

  285. Em

    I’m so sad to hear that Witches will not be returning. My boyfriend and I love that show and are very disappointed that there will not be a third season:( Hopefully they change their minds and surprise us with another season.

  286. Jeannie

    Move the show over to Netflix! All seasons! Thanks!

  287. Jamie

    I love Witches of East End out of all the shows this is one show that should not be cancelled. Viewers will go up and you left season 2 opened with no closing eposide? Give rid of other Lifetime shows and keep this one i beg you.

  288. kudzai vengesai

    i understand you might not consider us international viewers but we are so many….my friends are waiting for the new season..the 1.24m viewers you are saying is biased as it does not include us all.we watch it online and at times on discs we are here you are just not seeing us…please bring back the series i cant survive not knowing what happened to Killian or Wendy whats that place she is in is hell or what so p[lease we are in need of it….

  289. Shawny

    So season 3 is left unaired? Why not released the who season all at once like Netflix? I think in this new viewing age viewer want to see all of a program at once instead of just once a week. I believe that’s why viewership went down. Besides the fact that you killed of two male characters that were complete eye candy. The interracial relationship angle was progressive then Lifetime killed the character but because this is a supernatural show and as we have seen in the 1st season characters can be brought back to life for both characters.(father) All in all air season 3 online and prove to the fans that you care that we are so passionate about the series.

  290. Olympia Latimore

    I was looking forward seeing season 3. Very Dissappointed

  291. Elise

    I cannot believe you canceled this show! My sister and I looked forward to watching this each week because there’s is nothing else on worth watching. Perhaps the CW can pick it up since its Supernatural shoe you need to put seasin 3 on the viewers are waiting!!!!!

  292. tpalmer

    Seriously, I love this show. Actually my fiance likes it too. Please don’t cancel.

  293. Fan

    Well no reason to watch lifetime at all now, an they wonder why ratings are down, cause evertime they get a good show they cancel it an piss ppl off…congrats lifetime Ya lost another viewer an a good show

  294. Crissie

    Please bring it back! It is such a good show, that is different than the other shows on TV!

  295. jamisen alaniz

    pleas bring this show back it would mean a hole lot to me u see I have cancer and i am 14years old and I don’t know how much longer I have in this world and I would really appreciate it if u would bring it back so I could figure out what happens to Wendy. and Ingred with her pregnancy what dash is up to and what jouana is doing so pleas give it some thout

  296. Deborah

    I’ve enjoyed this show. I was really looking forward to another season. Very disappointing that it will not be continued? I’ve been waiting to see what was going to happen. I can’t believe this show didn’t have enough rates. Especially with having Jenna Dewan-Tatum in this show. I personally think this show has potential. Bring back

  297. LaTanya

    this was a awesome show, Maybe they can go to another network, I’ve waited all season to see the show and now find out it cancelled. Very disappointing!!!!

  298. Lisa E

    you cannot possibly go by ratings anymore!!!! EVERYONE DVRs their shows now-a-days… you have got to bring this back!!! Especially with the cliffhanger you left us with last season. This is a bad bad bad move!!! Seriously you guys play episodes of re-runs from 6 years ago, but you can’t bring back an awesome show like Witches of East End?????? Very disappointing… Shame on you all at Lifetime…

  299. Annalisa

    That’s not fair I love that show. You need to bring it back don’t end it like that without even saying anything to the fans that really want to see what happens after the season two finally. I mean come on I really hate being left hang on a cliff wondering what is going to happen next season but I guess this time you lifetime are going to leave me hanging out on a limb to just hang there. Please bring back Witches Of East End Lifetime
    Also if no one wanted to watch the show none of the people on here that are upset that the show has been cancelled then their would be nothing comment on the subject and no one would be looking up when the new season starts now would they.

  300. amy

    Please bring back Witches of east end I love this show. I look forward to it every season. Lifetime you’ve gotton really bad . I hardly ever watch you anymore and when I do you cancel a good show. A lot of people I talk to and tell are disappointed. I do like your movies though.

  301. vanessa

    I would really like to see at least a conclusion season. Way to leave us hanging. Please bring it back. Maybe try a earlier time slot would help ratings.

  302. Victoria

    Please bring it back

  303. Nicole

    I absolutely love this show!!!! Please continue filming!!

  304. ivory

    Please don’t cancel such an amazing show

  305. Kellie Tanksley

    I hate lifetime it must be men making the decisions no offense but to cancel two of my favorite shows (the client list) and now Witches of East End. I hate how season two ended who killed Frederic? Who is with Wendy in the underworld and is Fyrea going to figure out Killian is Dash? Can’t just leave us hanging at least release season 3 please bring it back 1.2 million viewers I think not!!!

  306. Diane

    I really enjoyed Witches of East End.
    I truly hope the decide to bring it back.

  307. Rachel

    NO Renew it its so good!!!!! IM ADDICTED

  308. Tiffany

    PLEASE BRING Witches of East End Back!!!!! I love this show and I need more!!!

    Maybe Netflix will pick it up if lifetime is too dumb.

  309. Michelle

    Seriously lifetime bring the show back its one of your best shows ever. Don’t leave it the way you did. Dammit bring it back. That series was a gem. That show was the reason why I started watching lifetime channel. Major mistake on your part canceling. Bring it back please.

    • dwayne darling

      i said same thing i hate lifetime dramas. if i want to cry i would anyone there life story. but when this show came on me and alot of other pppl. i got to watch it loved it. and we all hate lifetime. i finally got my mom out of watching lifetime until this show came on we could not wait until sunday nite eposodes kept u wanting more and more. they mite as well cancel the channel. the supernatural shows are in right now . the tear jerking movie and shows out. so what is life time doing smokin crack.

  310. Bobbie

    What the hell? Don’t leave fans hanging like this. What is the matter with u Lifetime? Don’t let ur loyal viewers down.

  311. Bobbie

    People have a point. U so many boring reality shows nobody wants to watch & get rid of the good ones. Also LMN still stands for Lifetime Movie Network right? How come so not about movies anymore?
    By way even got my son hooked on Witches of East End & he refuses to go near anything Lifetime. But he is hooked. Bring this back.

    • dwayne darling

      i am with ur son. i hate lifetime. i got my mom and others stop watching it until witches of east end started coming on. that was the only good show on there. we do not need all these realistic movies that want to make u cry. we want to watch some thing excitement. and if they keep it cancelled. i hope everyone stop watching lifetime channels period. picket the channel when there viewers drop to less that a hundred thousand then they mite not be so greedy to want more than over 1.25 million.. if they do this i curse the channel that it will have there channel cancelled and they will see how we feel . theu did same thing to secret circles because its rating wasnt up there with vampire dairies. i am beginning they need to replace everyone whose a director or got control of what is cancelled. may be if his job get cancelled he know how we feel

  312. richie101

    i have no idea why no one has picked the show up. so many ridiculous rediculously dumb reality shows, and this gets canceled. help

    • dwayne darling

      i agree 100 percent look how many typed of law and order has. but the good shows like charmed, secret circle and etc. get cancelled just because there viewer dropped alittle. i think over a million should b enough. they are being very greedy which shows they dont care about us just the view rate. and if a million is not enough someones a little money hungry. when did the station forget about the ppl. its been a while now. that show was the only reason i did watch lifetime and u cant leave a story with a cliffhanger. and say oh yea by the u will never know what happened to them. if they cant do better than that they should just cancel lifetime and its writers. all they show is drama and alot of tear jerking cr*p. this show was the only good thing about that channel and taking it off they mite as will cancel the channel

  313. dwayne darling

    witches of east end is a really great show and it ended weirdly which means it at least should have third season to wrap it all together and have them all get back together is asgard. there is not enough witch shows on tv. they cancelled most of them dont let ur network cancel it either. since u got the best witch show on at the moment so what u lost some viewers maybe they had to work. but having over a million views. should b enough. if u cancel it u are going to loose alot of ppl who watch life time all the time. i already been told by most ppl who watch it say that so think about ur ratings for the other shows that witches of east end brings ppl to lifetiime. if not u will loose alot of viewers for ur other shows. thanks

  314. Richard

    yeah, the best show on tv to date, canceled. you know you are some very smart people at Lifetime Network. Start a great show then get rid of it in favor of a bunch of cr*p like dance moms and the other reality shows you put on now. keep up the good work, your network may last a few more years. maybe you don’t listen, but advertisers do. And they read comments also.

  315. Tammy

    Please please please, bring this show back!!! It’s amazing & so are the actors and story line. It can’t end like it did!!!! This show is too good to cancel, so please re-release more seasons and don’t just stop at three. Keep it going. Please!!!! My whole family loves this show!!!
    Please listen to all the FANS!!! That LOVE this show and bring it back!!!!!
    Yes!!!! Can’t The CW pick this up. I mean it is just too great of a show to cancel!!! Please absolutely!!!! Love this show. I even bought Season 2 and am sooooo disappointed to find out it’s been cancelled and we won’t get to find out what will happens with these story lines that have been left wide open. U have to bring this show back.

  316. Dant

    Please bring this TV show back it was and is a great show !!!! Couldn’t wait to watch the next week !!!! How disappointing to end it the way you did as well !!!! Boooooooooo

  317. anne


  318. Viviana

    I loved this show. So disappointed. Please bring it back!

  319. lilly

    like seriously i luvd the show and how can u guys leave us in suspense???????? please atleast let it air again and we find out where all this ends….. i really want it back n im sure other people 2

  320. Holly

    Bring it back you have had some lame shows that have been renewed over and over then you get one i love and obviously i’m not the only one then you take it this is a bunch of bs I don’t know why you and a&e do this to us are yall owned by the same people cuz you sure act like you are. I’m going to check that out I bet yall are cuz you two networks pull this kind of cr*p more then any others… look at that yall are I knew it stop with your bs reality cr*p and give us back our witches of east end listen to your people wee want our show back
    Just like Glades lousy ending left us hanging and yall don’t care it’s the same here love witches you take it away hey I know I have a great idea replace it with a reality show no one has done that before you could start a trend smdh

  321. Angela

    U have to bring it back

  322. Tonja

    Please don’t cancel season 3…..
    We love this show

  323. Ashlee

    I’m only 21 but me and my grandmother, who is 73, loves this drama series! we have watched the first two seasons around 2 times then already on our 3 time running! We are the type who loves these kinds of shows(Ghost Whisperer, Charmed, Etc.) and our newest favorite is this show! so please keep running it. Me and my Grandmother both are so looking forward to many seasons to come!

  324. Stephanie

    I really loved this show!!! Please bring it back

  325. Debbie

    I hope there is enough feedback for this series to be continued!!! I love this show. Please bring it back.

  326. Mary

    At least give us one more season to wrap things up.

  327. Jennifer

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this show!! I just watched season 1 & 2 on Netflix in 2 days! Now that I have found you please don’t take it away!!

  328. Tammy

    why do you do this to people you hook us with a great show then take it away…SHAME ON YOU….bring it BACK

  329. Kristi VanBrunt

    Please don’t cancel! Season 2 left us hanging!!! I have to know what happens!

  330. Jennifer

    I just finished watching season 2 on Netflix! Please keep the show going!

  331. luvTV

    Please bring it back!!! This one of my favorite shows and it’s a great one! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE.

  332. Sad

    Please make a season 3 I must know how it ends it is an amazing show

  333. Candice

    I started watching on Netflix and now I’m addicted. I really hope this comes back on, it’s one of my favorites.

  334. christina

    Please give us a season 3 of, “Witches of East End”. OR sell it ti Netflix.

  335. Amanda

    I haven’t even got to start season 2 yet and I know I’m upset this is a great show and I hope season 3 gets a second chance.

  336. Fee

    I’m on season 2 final episode & I’m about to get mad to know there won’t be ANY more episodes ever once I’m done!!! Please continue this show. They always cancel the series I really get into!

  337. Holly

    I’m really disappointed iI’mts canceled . Everytime I get into a new series and catch up on net flux or on demand then I find out it’s been canceled. Same thing with secret circle .

  338. Philip Roberts

    Season 3 please…Don’t let an Awesome show go to waste !

  339. Megan

    Oh come on!!! This show has everything you could want in a season…. Ah that really s*cks, im still crossing my fingers that it will come back.

  340. Terri

    Really Lifetime… This is the best show ever. Please bring it back. My daughter heart is so broken.

  341. Nissa

    This is bull cr*p!!! I love this show and now you cancel it give it one more shot this show is awesome !

  342. Michelle

    Just watched both seasons and hooked only to find out they are cancelling. ..come on..some people dont watch season 1 because they. Dont want to get hooked and it gets cancelled…bring it back!! Bring it back!!PLEASE

  343. MaryElizabeth

    I will not watch LMN until season 3 of Witches of East end come back on.

  344. Veronica

    Please bring us season 3 …!!!

  345. Kelsey

    PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!! U can’t just end a show like that! At least give us closure. Please.

  346. Sarah


  347. Tina

    I would love to see season 3. Everyone in my family watches it. I can’t believe it lost ratings. You have to complete the story.

  348. Lydia feltman

    I love this show bring it back please it is my favorite I would love to see season 3

  349. Alisa

    Please bring my show back Witches of East End .. It was the most interesting show on tv.. it beats the hip hop drama shows by landslide..

  350. Mick

    Noooooooooo!! It can’t end the way not with the ending cliffhangers of season two! Please bring season three and complete the story. So many shows get canceled that leave us hanging. Don’t let it be this one…Please don’t make me use the time door…

  351. Tae

    Just finish both season on Netflix please bring season 3 to life and it will be watch

  352. amanda

    this s*cks this is why i dont like lifetime i Love this show i have to know whats next

  353. Dee Lee

    Please do not cancel Witches Of East End, there are very few things on TV that I enjoy watching, but this is one of the shows that I thoroughly enjoy. I look forward to it every week that it is on. I do not like the thought that we have to wait a whole year to watch it every time the season ends. It is so unfair to cancel it and leave all of us who enjoy it hanging and not knowing what happens next. I don’t have money to go anywhere, I work all the time and only have this show and a couple of others that I looked forward to each week. Please bring it back, I love that show!!
    Thank You For Your Time And Consideration in this matter.
    Why do the networks do this, they put a good show on TV, and then they cancel it after people get into it and love it. Why don’t the networks cancel shows like Keeping up with The Kardashians , I mean there is a show that is soooooo stupid and shows so much selfishness, shut it down. but bring back the Witches Of East End, I Love that show, I don’t have very much on TV, that I watch, But Witches Of East End Was my favorite show of all time. Please bring it back, I won’t have anything to watch anymore on TV, if you cancel it, It is bad enough that you make us wait for a year to see the next season, but to leave us hanging on what happens after the end of season two, is so cruel. What is wrong with the network people, you would rather have stupid selfish people on you networks than a good show that is exciting, even my husband watches this show with me!!! BRING IT BACK!!!!!

  354. Raven

    I must know what happens with Dash and Killigan! You can’t just leave us hanging like this! Fraya has to know it not him! Right???? And come on a new baby on the show!!!! The girls have never lived this LONG! Let them keep living their lives. I NEED to know. Make a book or bring it back. Please!

  355. Sarah

    I need to know what happens next… omg please give us a season 3

  356. Pam

    You really have to bring this show back. With all the boring “reality” shows on the other networks this is one of the shows I recorded and watched over and over. I do not watch TV to see other people chose a husband they just met or live on an island with a bunch of strangers. WHO cares. Witches of East End was great, it had drama mystery love and magic.

  357. carol

    Make season 3 l like the show need to know what happened to then can’t leave it like that

  358. rodger meeks

    great cast and great show and great writer

  359. Janice Giffone

    Omg no season 3???? Wow. Great show why would you cancel it??? So many viewers love this show. Bring it back please !!!

  360. Twiny

    This was a GREAT SHOW!!!! The ONLY reason it did not have the viewers lifetime wanted was the cr*ppy day and time they put them on. I am now a boycotting lifetime.

  361. Renee'

    I’m still waiting on Season 3, the show still had over a million viewers. Please give the show one more chance.

  362. Tiffany

    I’m pissed. Bring it back now…..why leave you hanging for nothing else to happen.

  363. Alyssa

    This show has to be brought back on air!!!! I need to see where their lives go. This is my favorite show. You can’t stop the show now!

  364. penny

    I love witches of east end!!!! Please bring it back. I didn’t get the chance to watch it at its original time but I don’t think that is rare any more. Most people either record or watch at a later date = doesn’t make the show less desirable. What is wrong with you people? It makes me so mad I don’t want to watch lifetime – if that is indeed where this program originagted

  365. AK

    Love love love the series!!! Please keep it going!

  366. Shakariea

    Please that can’t be the end the show the show must go on please all the work u did on the the show I can tell u want the show to go on and so do the cast and u know that or u would have not finished the end of season 2 like that all the fans want the show back u want it back and so does ur cast don’t do this please if it the channel just choose another one please this can’t be the end this show is popular and the show can return please please please please please please please return to the show it can’t be the end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  367. william

    why this show ever because wendy and Freya are on fleek and Ingrid I expecting and dash is evil also he switched souls with killian please pleas im begging bring season 3 back

  368. Heather

    So sad!!!! I would watch and love a season 3!!

  369. ann Oglesby

    I have really enjoyed watching witches of east end on netflex. I was heartbroken when I found out it was cancelled. Hope you reconsider

  370. Heather

    I really hope the show is renewed. The chemistry between the characters is amazing!!! It would be really disappointing to not know how the show ends.

  371. Maria

    Bring the witches back.

  372. Valeria

    I will no longer gave my loyalty to networks that leave me hanging. Wrap up your series with a movie or miniseries (2-4 ep)

  373. Terriann

    The Witches Of East End was awesome and then you just left us hanging! This is crazy !!! There are so many shows people enjoy but don’t know they have a voice to help express that it should continue. Whether its Vanished or The Event Or or or the point is that it seems people don’t count only money! Oh and dumb stupid game reality shows that young kids watch….those are so important to watch nothing like taxing the mental state of youth any more then it already is. Just my opinion. Bring back some of the shows you canceled or at least another channel should be able to pick them up. Or NETFLIX could do it themselves YEAH!

  374. Sheila

    Why is it every show I get into they cancel it!! Think I’m going to quit watching anything!!

  375. NikkiDePaulo

    They are absolutely clueless. Theres so many awful shows out these days…. this was one of the good ones. FFS!

  376. Robert

    Please bring back this very awesome and amazing show

  377. Leslie

    Loved the show. So disappointed it was pulled. Bring it back! Please..

  378. Kim

    I just finished watching season 2 on Netflix and then I found out it was cancelled. I am so bummed. I love this show! Its one of my absolute favorites! Please bring it back!

  379. Shana

    Bring the show back!! We need another season!

  380. Tracie

    I just finished watching it today and looked up to see when season 3 would start. Imagine my surprise when I saw it had been canceled. Ridiculous to leave a show with that type of ending. That is happening more and more often. I guess the networks do not have any respect for the viewers any more.

  381. Stacia

    I just watched both seasons in like less than a week. I then get on the web to find out when the next season starts and I get the horrible news that the show has been cancelled. I read threw all the sadness and disappointments of all the people that love love love the show as much as I do!!! What do we all have to do to get a season 3!!!!??? WE WANT MORE!!! SEASON 3 PLEASE!!!!

  382. KC

    I just finished both seasons on Netflix and I LOVE IT !!! I cant believe there is not a season 3. It is an awesome show. Great show and excellent story !!! PLEASE BRING IT BACK !!!!!

  383. raymond felch

    i just started watching this on
    netfilx please make a season 3 please
    i am finsing season 2 i reall really need more please

  384. lisa

    One of the best shows ever!!How could you cancel with such a cliff hanger. The fans deserves some finality.

  385. Melissa

    I am so disappointed, I was really looking forward to season 3

  386. Pumpkin

    WTF ON 2 SEASON WITH NO END OMG KILL Y’ALL SELF!!! I hate starting to watch a new show and it ends up cancel

  387. Rosaria

    Bring they show back and also bring Fredrick back just finished season 2 …..hate when a show gets cancelled without a ending it s*cks

  388. Jessica North Bergen NJ

    No!!!!! Omg I just got into it on netflix! Pls don’t leave us hanging like this! Dash and Killian… And Ingrid is pregnant! Tommy!!! Oh no..

  389. Laura

    Very disappointed to find out this show is being cancelled. This is something that should be known before even making the season finale show a huge cliff hanger. My daughter and I love the show. It seems all the good shows are cancelled and the trash is kept. Guess will two less people watching lifetime.

  390. Johanna

    I want to know what happens! You can’t leave everyone hanging like that!

  391. Johnathan

    My fiancée and I love the series it would be a great disappointment if season 3 doesn’t air, I mean its already on film come on guys….

  392. Linda

    At least show season 3 and wrap up the story. You owe the viewers closure. The same with Lottery, Carrie Diaries. Just show a few episodes to end the tale.

  393. Ariel

    Plzzzz bring back the show plzzzz I love this show and more people will come to it because it’s a very good ending plzzzz do something lifetime

  394. The kid

    Executive *sshats! Let us all get along by not leaving your viewers hanging. It leaves us feeling as though if we get involved with any new series we most likely will be left hanging if your advertising income doesn’t quench your thirst. It’s the tragedy of life, money over artisism. Perhaps if more of us protest and refuse your future attempts at money over art you may be forced to listen. NOT!

  395. Love woee

    You just left us hanging

  396. Withes of east end lover

    Please bring it back! It was my favorite show! I watched it on Netflix in two days. Such an amazing show! We need to at least know how it ends!!!

  397. kg

    Please bring this show back!!! Maybe Netflix will pick it up!

  398. bella

    OMG I just found this show and love it. Please bring it back. All the good shows gets cancelled

  399. Kajai

    Please air season 3 who cares about how many viewers they lost what about the viewers that still watch the show. I really love this show please air by 2016 .

  400. lupe munoz

    bring it back my girls and I love this show. love it .. ..

  401. AtheenaVamp

    Please bring back witches of east end. I’m waiting for season 3 PLEASE!!!

  402. Ray

    Just found out the show is cancelled that s*cks. I liked the show never missed one. You have got to be kidding why keep these reality shows? Love the Witches!!!!

  403. jerryanne

    I truelly love the show. Read the books a few years back and when I found they created the tv series. I was ecstatic. Didn’t have cable so I watched it on netflix when it came out. Love it. Plz come back for season 3 or the actresses and the tv station will lose alot of great followers. You wanna talk about ratings. Just imagine how many you will lose if you don’t give them what they want.

  404. GAIL

    I am very disappointed that they have cancelled the show it was so good it put me in the mind of charm which I love so please think about putting back on for season 3.

  405. Johane

    I would like to know why they canceled my show witches of east end that was a good show for people to watched as a series television show please . I was waiting to watched the season 3.

  406. cindy

    Is a great show watched season 1 and 2 this summer great. Shame if not renewed for season 3.

  407. Joanna

    I hope this is just a big ploy to get everybody where it up for season three make it the biggest surprise of all for all its fans

  408. Tara

    I have been waiting for Witches of East End Season 3 to start! I just looked it up and saw it was canceled. Shame! I only watch the lifetime for some movies and Witches of East End! I loved this show, and am hooked. There aren’t to many good TV shows nowadays. It’s all reality TV or some type of game show. With that being said i rarely watch TV now except for the frw TV series i like. You HAVE to bring this show back!!!!! Since it was aired on a Sunday i think it would get more viewings in the fall, cause a lot of people are not home as school’s getting out. I always caught up on my on demand.

  409. kyle shroyer

    please bring it back on the air witches of east end is the best show batter then charmed

  410. kyle shroyer

    i want to see what happen to wendy after she went to the under wold and who wot dead to witches in fredy blood

  411. anonymous

    Best shows always cancelled. Witches of East End was creative, entertaining, and well casted. Much darker than “Charmed”. So annoying when people/critics compare the two, although I was a Charmed fan too – own the whole series. Mid season 2 dvd, WEE, now, and wish a 3rd existed. Come on Lifetime…..or CW!!! W East End would fit right in with The CW. Would some network, any network, please renew this show?

  412. Vanh

    Bring it back! Please!

  413. Veronica Morgante

    Please, please bring the show back! I only started watching it after it was out on Netflix and now I’m hooked! I love this s show! I watch Supernatuarl and this show is right up there with Supernatural and it’s going into season 11!

  414. keshia

    Please bring the show back, I keep looking online and on Netflix to see if there is a new episode or new season, it’s very disappointing that the show has been cancelled. I really really really loved this show, I really loved everything about this show, bring back Witches of East End PLEASE

  415. Jazzmen

    I want my show back on the air now! It is an awesome show n it needs to have another season!!

  416. April

    If witches of east end don’t come on for 2015 I’m going to be freaking pissed.. Wth.. Do they mean it wasn’t all that great for them to return for the third season like hell it wasn’t it was bad *ss

  417. Elizabeth Hacker

    plz dont cancel it. i just got into the show. i need to know what happeneds to everyone. i want to know if some people live or if the love birds will get back together. plz bring it back. lots of people love this show. and i is one of them

  418. moe

    Dont worry. Netflix will pick up the series. They know a good thing when it falls in their lap.

  419. Valeria

    Please bring back Witch of East End!!!!

  420. Sarah

    I just finished season 2 on netflix and now im sad. i dont know what i will do now that i can not know what would happen to the love birds and with ingrid being pregnant!!! Bring it back!! I stopped watching a show for this one because it just kills you to know what happens next and that is what every show should have!!

  421. pat

    Great show! It should NOT be canceled! What is wrong with Lifetime??

  422. Tanya

    I am so disappointed that this show isn’t continuing. I will happily pay for cable if
    get put back back on air, I love it that much.

  423. ashley

    I just watched season one and two on Netflix and I just finished it. it took me a week or 2 from start to end to finish it and I was hoping that there was going to be another season. but come to find out LIFETIME didn’t think that it was a good enough show to keep on the air. well id say if 1.24 million people watched season 2 that it is a good enough show to keep on the air.

    I believe that there should have been a season 3, and im sure that a lot of people are very upset because LIFETIME took Witches Of East End off the air. which is complete BS. Myself and many others would love to have another season aired and if someone from LIFETIME even reads these anymore then please put it back on the air. you wont regret it, many people still want it back on.

  424. Richard

    I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the first two seasons of Witches of East End on Netflix. I add my “typed voice” to the cry’s of all fan’s of the show. BRING IT BACK… That would be most excellent.

  425. Cierra

    Even if they don’t bring it back at least sell it to hulu or Netflix so they can keep it going. I really wanna see what happened the second season left me hanging!!!!

  426. Mallory

    I am so Disapointed that they cancelled this show! This was one of the best drama’s I have ever watched and there are so many questions left unanswered! I will not be watching lifetime anymore this is such A LET DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  427. kayla

    dash and killian switch places and thats it???? i’m furious! I must know what happens!!! 🙁

  428. Lenny

    So lame for not bringing it back. Have y’all took into consideration that most people were not aware of this show. I just found out about it by looking at Netflix and watched both seasons within a couple of days an really liked it. Who killed Fredrick, i believe it was the FBI slut who should have been taking off the case due too her sexual role with Dash.

  429. Jennifer

    Please bring back the show!! We need a new great witch show and you can’t go wrong with Julia Ormond. It was just getting so good!
    Netflix…pick it up and run with it if it is not Lifetime enough for the Lifetime channel.

  430. Lesa B.

    The storyline for this show was intriguing and action oriented. The characters were quirky and each personality blended so well together that once I started watching each show I didn’t want it to end as I was compelled to see what would happen next. I’ve always enjoyed watching Julia Ormond as she brings an art into each performance. For Lifetime to cancel this unique drama series and it’s highly talented cast is truly a loss to the network and viewers.

    I don’t have much time for shows as my work day runs ten to twelve hours daily and my personal time is spent at events and social functions.This was one of a handful of series I made time for. I hope a network who understands creativity and innovative thinking will pick this series up as it has much to offer to the tired array on most of the networks that I see streaming that seems to focus on legal, crime, or reality shows.

  431. Barb

    other shows get cancelled and picked up again…..LEAVING ME WITH NO ANSWERS …S*CKS need to tie up the loose ends……..

  432. Sheree C.

    I realy love that show. I really would love t see more. Please make more seasons or a least season 3.

  433. Kasey

    The unreal show on lifetime is so dumb. I can’t believe it replaces witches of east end. I have been obsessed since i watched it on Netflix. It’s not fair that they cancel a show because of ratings when most people don’t watch tv shows when they air anymore. No one has time for that sh*t. So I watch my shows online and on Netflix. This is so unfair !!!!! It’s a freakin outrage.

  434. Esli

    Please do not cancel this show it is very interesting plus I have no friends please do not take this away from me pls

  435. karen byrd

    You always cancel the good shows and only leave on the cr*ppy shows. Boo

  436. MartyWhite

    I miss witches of east end pls continue I really really love this show!

  437. Nicole

    Please bring back the show!!!!!

  438. Adrienne DiMolfetta

    I just finished with season 2 and searched for the upcoming for season 3 to come out. How disappointing to read there may not be one. This has been one of the best series I have enjoyed watching. It can’t be left with how it ended in season 2. It needs to continue…please!!!
    All these positive reviews on this show. Please go forward with the next season….

  439. Philip Kalisz

    season 3 cancelled… you gotta be kidding.
    bring it back!!!

  440. Laurie Baker

    Bring it back – what is your problem Lifetime – I have so enjoyed this series and now you want to cancel and leave your viewing audience in disbelief – If this show is not brought back I will cease to watch Lifetime

  441. Jan

    I just found this series and loved it only to hear it has been cancelled, this s*cks.

  442. debra f

    Please do not cancel this show, it is awesome! We all want to watch season 3

  443. sandie herod

    I was just really getting into it so you best bring it back coolest show ever

  444. Stevie L.

    There must be a season 3!!! Too much suspense and not fair to the devoted fans (me included) to just leave everyone hanging. You MUST bring it back. Really fun show to watch.

  445. Kathey Reed

    This was a good show and it is missed.. Bring it back..

  446. Josie

    Please bring back this show! it’s AWESOME. The story line is great, etc. Am so sick of all the good shows being canceled for “reality cr*p” shows.

    Please BRING IT BACK>

  447. Lisa

    Please give us another season. I love the show and you did this to army wives as well. I would like some closure.

  448. Jessica Sanchez

    My family and I really enjoyed this series! It’s nice to watch something good that all my kids could watch. I really hope y’all will still consider to continue it! Thanks

  449. stephanie

    this is totally lame. all the good shows get stopped. its so f*cking stupid. why don’t you guys just stop producing and directing all these shows. idiots.

  450. Marguerita Schell

    I just started watching this show on Netflix.

    I am so addicted!!!

    I watched the final show last night and to be honest that is no way to end a series.

    Please reconsider your decision!!!!!!

  451. alison hammond

    So messed up!! Been watching this show on Netflix – nonstop. Its awesome. And I wondered when season three would be out. So upsetting to see it cancelled. Not all of us like to watch police crime dramas.

  452. Latoye

    I have been waiting on this show to come back. I was captivated from day ONE!!! Somebody needs to petition this show back on like the game came back. Maybe another network should pick it up like the CW it would be perfect on there.

    • comet969

      I agree it would be great on CW

  453. Tammy

    I agree….the CW should pick up this show. I don’t have cable anymore, but I’ve watched the 2 seasons on Netflix and I finished watching it in 3 weeks. Need to bring Season 3. I really enjoyed watching the show.

  454. comet969

    NOOO! I love this show it has to stay just give it more publicity.

  455. Melissa

    This is a great show that if given more publicity you would find more people that would it just as much as walking dead. I started watching it while my dish was disconnected and was watching netflex and LOVE it.

  456. Crys

    This series is beyond interesting, if they won’t bring it back to lifetime, at least make a season for Netflix.

    • Laurie

      I agree. How do we get Netflix to pick it up?

  457. GAYLE

    Every good show that comes to TV gets you involved and then just gets cancelled. Drop Dead Diva cancelled, 666 Park Ave, but yet the stupidest shows stay on. For instance Park and Rec, the other stupid one with Tina Fey and the Baldwin guy. If Lifetime doesn’t want it then let Netflix pick it up for the people that want to watch it…pisses me off.

  458. Laurie

    I just watched the two seasons on Netflix. I couldn’t stop watching it. It is one of, if not the best series I have seen in years. Love it. I am going to buy the books. I am so disappointed That there is no Season 3. I love the actors and actresses. They are all wonderful and are perfect for the roles. I am missing them already. So sad. Wish I hadn’t watched the show now.

  459. Kc

    How many so called votes would it take to bring the show back for a season three?! Too bad great story line so sad you let it go like that , is her son really dead , what happens to the sister in the lake of fire , do the brothers stay switched ? Nope no finish . Too damn bad!

  460. Pat

    I just spent the last several weeks watching the first 2 seasons of this program. I was very disappointed to learn there would not be a third season. This show has a great story line. Please continue the show.

  461. Sarah

    I loved this show I was a huge charmed fan so I was hooked with this show I wish it wouldn’t end I would watch it for years and it was getting so good!!!!!

  462. Dawn Myers

    Can’t stop watching it on Netflix! Don’t stop now we’re just getting into it!!

  463. Jen

    CANCELLATION the dirty word most of us hate, especially in relation to a series. I’m tired of starting a new show, to become invested, only to have it end on a cliff hanger. I’m to a point if a network is unsure it will be viable, then don’t make it. Commit to a minimum of 2 seasons and wrap each season so if it is canned we are not left hanging. I’m tired of reality tv shows, I live it don’t want to watch it.

  464. Tahesha

    In so disappointed how can u leave UR viewers hanging like this

  465. Stephen

    I hope and pray this is not the end of a great show. I will have to put lifetime on hold if it’s the end of this show!

  466. Stacey

    I love this show and always looked forward to seeing it. Lifetime will not be played anywhere in my house then. Such a disappointment!

  467. nancy

    nooooooool that show was my fave. I have been waiting for season 3 for a long time……. it couldn’t end like that. their post to be a wedding for her and him and what about the baby that she was going to have……. it can not end like this fray has to have her wedding
    they have to bring the show back

  468. Meghan

    I am truly disappointed that season 3 was canceled. This was one of my favorites.. I mean I freaking love charmed.. And this I think may be better.

  469. courtney

    This is stupid…a lot of fans use Netflix instead of buying tv…..what the hell

  470. Angie

    Oh no don’t cancel season 3 I love this show.. My daughters and I are hooked we need 2 find out what happens next.

  471. Lisa

    Please don’t cancel this show i want to know what happens next

  472. Tiffany

    Please bring it back its a lot of other shows I can think of that need to be off the air but not this 1 love it me and my family miss the show tremendously

  473. Cathy

    Why this is such a disappointment . I am truly upset . I loved Witches of East end and was looking forward to the third season to find out if the starcross lovers would finally be able to be together. So sadd

  474. Ericka

    This show is awesome u can’t just end it on a cliffhanger.

  475. samantha

    Please don’t cancel this show it could be one of the greats don’t give up.
    I would like to see what happens next please do it for the fans Please.


    I want you to know most shows are not a alternative for some us that really truly believe that the other side really exist, someone is making a really bad choice .So many comments asking and pleading with you will you have a blind eye –remember about Karma .
    May light and love open your eyes ,ears and heart.

  477. claudia

    Please bring it back.. I love this show. just as much as I love Once upon a time 🙁

  478. Meagen

    Plz bring it back, I haven’t been able to get into a show to keep watching for some several years! Plz bring it back

  479. Greta

    So Wendy rots in the underworld, dash steals killians body forever, freya is deceived by dash, Ingrid never find out who her baby’s daddy is and the witch killer who killed Frederick stays on the loose? What horrible fates.

    I need more.

  480. Ron

    Please bring back the sexy witches ! I so love this show too !!!

  481. Debi

    Why do they always end the good shows. Please don’t do this!!! Bring it back

  482. Melissa

    This is so sad, I just found this show on Netflix and watch the two seasons. Started looking for the third and found this. I’m so upset, please bring it back I love this show.

  483. Amber

    Please bring it back. I love this show. Lifetime is messing up big time. There going to regret it. Going to be a lot of mad people. including me.

  484. Melodee

    Very disappointing that the show is cancelled! My husband and I just found this series a few months ago – we don’t have cable or dish, we rent DVDs from the library. At least we can try to salvage the loss with the books, but sad that over a million viewers is not enough to continue a program 🙁

  485. Nicole Maldonado

    Why do the creative shows get cancelled????? Finally a decent show with some imagination and a compelling storyline, and then it’s cancelled!! For what??? Some reality show or some bachelor bullsh*t??? I’m sick of watching people’s real lives!! I’d rather live my own!! Tv is for fantasy and escape!! I’m so sick of tv producers “thinking” they know what real people want! How could they just end a show like that, absolutely no closure to the characters and their situations. Shameful..

  486. MAKAYLA


  487. CC

    This some sort of joke? I’m all for every Kardashian show to be canceled… You can have hoarders, intervention and… Well there’s plenty of garbage TV…
    Lifetime get a clue.
    Any other networks out there want a hit show?

  488. Autumn

    Oh no you can not do this to me!! Why not A season 3 I don’t remember ever being asked if I thought you should keep the show going so please like everyone else bring back season 3 at least end the show completely!

  489. Lisa

    Please give this show a proper ending!!! There are over a million people that deserve to see the third season. I’m so sad right now…please reconsider!

  490. Rachel

    Love this show! But if it’s cancelled this would have been the worst way to end a show ever

  491. Kim

    Plz do not cancel this isy grandkids and I favorite show

  492. Roxy

    This is bullsh*t!!!

  493. Merlin

    Was great in beginning, but the show really was missing a lot of lags in story lines.. times such as “Wendy” who was actually Athena taking Joanne in basement, middle of wedding and no on seen her there.. they make the evil people really strong, and didn’t really focus on the powers of the good people enough in the two seasons. I loved it’s concepts, but the story lines really needed a lot more thought. also, ending it with the switch of brothers spirits, and Killian’s soul mate Freya couldn’t see it, not good endings. If it were to come back, need better story writers and more kick butt themes to the witches.

  494. Amylynn

    why did you do this to me now ill never know what happens to between killen and dash and whos baby ingreted is carring. why put someones emotions so into it and then kill off the show. I’m so pissed off.

  495. Kiki

    I love this show already please bring it back

  496. Lon & Judy

    Can’t believe well over a million people isn’t enough for you to at the very least do the third season and bring it to a proper end. You would think that you would be more concerned with potentially losing over a million viewers if the viewers are what’s so important. So use were important and at the very least bring this awesome show to a proper end. You can’t just leave this all hanging. Do the right thing Life Time!!!!!

  497. Amber

    I really enjoyed watching this show and I’m very sad that there isn’t a new season! How could you leave your fans hanging like that. We need to know if Freya and Killian finally get together. We need to know what happens to Ingrid. Look at how many people have commented on how great this show is! I already think it’s interesting but if it’s viewers you need to keep going then amp up your advertising. It’s not fair to those of us who loved the show to be left hanging on the cliff like that!

  498. melissa

    i wish it come back because we love it very much and i want it to come back to tv

  499. YVETTE


  500. Penelope


  501. Sarah Overhultz

    I am waiting on Lifetime to all of a sudden bring this wonderful show back. How can you start such a great show then leave all fans wondering how everything goes in the end? That is not right! Come on Lifetime, bring it back! It is 2016 & still waiting on a return.

    Sarah O.

  502. Laura

    I really think it just s*cks! I mean I start a series just to have it canceled, and it’s because of the ratings a lot of people wait for it to come on Netflix so they don’t have to watch commercials. And not to mention that times have changed we live in a computer age, where we miss a lot of our shows. So we just to go on Hulu to see them. Just to keep up with them as well. That’s if Hulu does have the show we are looking for. With kids and a growling schedules we live different then we once did. So ratings can’t just be like it used to be ,you have to update with the times as well
    If you look at these replies, you can see you have a lot of pissed off people who don’t understand why you have canceled these favorite shows
    To name a few 24 live another day, star crossed, last ship.

  503. Bob Stanley

    Great show, people need to demand the programming we want. People need to write in and demand the show be brought back.

  504. Christina Masima

    Witches of East End should be brought back to life. The show is very addictive. There are a few shows aren’t even worth watching and they still have them on but not this. this is so worth the time to watch. Why is it all the good shows get taken away ?

  505. Lisajoe

    This was a great show. It ended with a juicy cliffhanger that had me counting the says for season 3. It would be a big mistske to not come back for season 3. While i am not tired of watching seasons 1& 2 on my tablet, it is high time that season 3 continues where it left off.

    Thanks to you all for 2 great seasons!!

  506. april

    If they can’t complete a movie, then they shouldn’t start it in the first place…it’s so unserious of them

  507. Shanee

    What is the point in starting shows if your not going to finish them? You may say that you need a certain amount of viewers to watch but what about the ones who actually like it? Do they matter? It just amazes me how many shows get taken off the air because of this. What’s the use of starting it if your not going to finish? It’s a waste of time for you and disappointing to us the fans.

  508. Isabella Trama

    please bring back this show, it is my most favorite show in the universe, I love the constant twists.
    I mean Ingrid is pregnant, and it just stops. dash and killian switched places, and wendy is DEAD, who is this Helena person?
    Now we’ll never know because the show is Canceled, that is ridiculous, I mean I spent most of my free time watching this show, It was my escape from school and work and everything that was bad in my life.
    Please Please Please bring back this show, I love it, and many people love it as well.

  509. Cara

    I just started watching on Netflix please bring it back

  510. DD

    so i have be so intrested don t cut it off if you do cut it off

    somebody is going to get hete

  511. Torishak King

    Please bring the show back. My family we absolutely love it!!!!

  512. Lisa

    I really enjoyed this series. Hope someday it will be reconsidered. I have a new one I watch that is also with a supernatural twist. “Lost Girl”. 6 seasons, I’ve watched season1. Hooked!!!

  513. Breana

    Please don’t do this I love this show so much I’ve been waiting so long for season 3

  514. A

    This show is GREAT! Plz don’t drop it , it’s definetley worth bringing back!!!!!!!

  515. Kristine Ehlers

    I will be super happy if you would bring Witches of East End back for a 3rd season. The cast, story & dialogue are outstanding. Do we really want more of the same frivolous dreck on tv? We have enough reality shows, cop shows, hospital shows, & the few supernatural shows left are just not as good as this one. Please don’t disappoint all of us fans.

  516. Tesla Ivey

    Dude so not happy I just finished both seasons and couldn’t wait to watch season 3 and its not playing what the hell. This show had plenty of viewers I doubt I’ll watch lifetime again if they don’t choose to bring it back!!!

  517. Janet Friddle

    Why when you find a fantastik show like witches of east end do these lifetime fools not renew it?????

  518. yatti

    ok look you gotta bring it back!!!!!

  519. Courtney Richmond

    I think it’s very rough of the people who made this series. Then tell everyone that has been glued to there set watching and wanting for more that millions of watchers is not enough to sho 3,4, and 5. I for one am mad, sad, and crushed I want more I want three

  520. Ginger

    Started watching it on Netflix and now I’m hooked… It’s too bad I didn’t do my research and find out there were only two seasons! I’m completely bummed!!!

  521. amanda

    there needs to be more after putting it on Netflix!!!!! it was just getting better at least do a season 3 on Netflix

  522. Breezy_Fusion

    Please!!!! Don’t cancel it

  523. Tracy

    If anybody actually reads this or has any power over anything please forward to the right people. Can you donate this show to CW or WGN and write up a contract to split proceeds or something? If they air this right before/after Salem WGN will have built in viewers. If CW airs this right before/after either The Vampire diaries or The Originals the people with the Neilson ratings will already be watching that channel. I think it failed because it was on Lifetime. I never watch freaking lifetime… I never even heard about this show til now and you guys cut it years ago. This cast was incredibly engaging. I feel like I lost family! Bring them back!! on CW or WGN if you ladies at Lifetime won’t do it. Thanks.

  524. Raven Thorne

    That is a great show! How can Lifetime cancel it?! I have been waiting for months for the 3rd season. Please bring it back.

  525. Stephanie

    PLEASE BRING Witches of East End back. It was left with soo many cliff hangers it isn’t even funny. I men what happened with Dash and Killian did Freya ever find out what Dash did and how he switched bodies with Killian? What happened with Wendy when she woke up in a fiery hell and said another sisters name called Illena. What happened with Ingrid and being pregnant? This is so not COOL!!! There needs to be an actual ending to everything. We need a closing.

  526. Cierá

    bring it back please i got 7 of my friends hooked on it please please we love this show you cant end it where it is at least put season 3 on netflix then please please

    • Tony Mercer

      Netflix will take the show please please let them have it

  527. emily

    Cancelling this show was a terrible decision… Please bring it back!!!

  528. Sam Pobje

    I’m only 14 I love this show bring it back PLEASE!!!!

  529. joy chisom

    Plus bring out season 3. Am so anxious to see what’s gonna happen

  530. melissa

    Please bring back the show season 3 please!!!!!

  531. jo

    please bring back this beloved and mystically magical show!!!!!!

  532. giangddox

    Yesterday I watch Witches of East End again and I miss it so much. It just left in me a lot of questtions. Right now it’s 2017, about 2,5 years since last episode. I’m just cannot describe my feelings. This is the first series that has made me such things. They’re amazing.

  533. Tony Mercer

    Every time I get into a show, y’all cancel it, first the gates now this. Is there any witch fantasy based show other than charmed that makes it pass season 2 smh very dissatisfied. Utterly disappointed

  534. Jamirae

    Omg seriously. I have been waiting for this because I watch in Hulu and Netflix so I don’t have to sit through commercials now it’s over!! I cannot believe you let it end without all the answers. I loved the original Charmed show and this is so much better. I cannot believe you aren’t picking it up again. You seriously cannot go by ratings because A LOT of people, like myself wait for it to be on Netflix or Hulu. PLEASE BRING IT BACK.


    You are all evil pricks for not having a season 3 , 4, 5 10, 20, 50 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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