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«Elementary» season 3: premiere date (2014)

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We have a great news! «Elementary» TV show renewed for season 3! When does new episodes come out? Premiere air date is known. Will start in autumn 2014!

TV-channel: CBS
Pilot episode: September 27, 2012
Creator: Robert Doherty

Season 1 Episode 1: 13.41 million U.S. viewers

Season 2 Episode 1: 10.18 million U.S. viewers

The rights holders of «Elementary» television series are sure the given image of Sherlock Holmes, demonstrated at the show, is completely fresh, that’s why it attracts so many viewers worldwide.

This week the CBS management confirmed the project had been extended for season 3. The official premiere date of the new episodes, the amount of which comprises 22, is scheduled for October 30, 2014.

Exactly this announcement has been so much anticipated by the fans, as nowadays on the TV there are so many shows, which close with no reason. Fortunately, we will see Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu in the season of 2014/2015, so we should only thank to the creators for season 3.

Do you agree this is the best adaptation of Sherlock?

UPDATE 1 (March 25, 2016): CBS renewed the series for a fifth season.

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  1. Tratata

    Jonny Lee Miller is my favorite Sherlock, but Cumberbatch looks smarter.

  2. GoodMan

    thank you CBS for season 3!

  3. Sulivan

    Really good news for me, so happy. <3 Lucy Liu

  4. DanteSSSS

    I am really looking forward to the new seasons of Elementary and Sherlock. I love these two…

  5. NightMoon

    So happy to see Elementary renewed! Awesome news! Can’t wait for season 3.

  6. Tako

    Great news about the renewal of Elementary!

  7. Isabelle Duval

    Johnny Lee Miller is brilliant as Sherlock! Thank you CBS for such a great show:)

  8. Maggie

    Best show ever, can not wait!!!!!!

  9. Jill Doreen

    Elementary is one of the best shows to come along in a long time and certainly one of my all-time favorites. Already on ‘pins and needles’ for the new season!!

  10. Soph

    So glad for Elementary season 3 – I hope Sherlock and Joan wld be staying together. I don’t like splitting up things. Can’t wait to watch it. They’re a good pair these two.

  11. Kathleen Tsitsilianos

    Mr. Doherty, Thank you so much for Elementary. It is so refreshing to see a mystery without every moment being dedicated to violence and mayhem. The very thoughtful observations of both “Sherlock” and “Joan” are a challenge those viewers who like to match wits with them.” Very Entertaining!!!

  12. Hope

    Great news that this show was renewed. Love this show! I like this Sherlock portrayal by Mr. Miller.

  13. Burton

    Love the acting, dialogue, plots, and interaction between the characters. Glad it’s coming back.

  14. joe

    I can’t beleive that CBS was thinking of dumping this show. It a witty and a great show. There are a dozen of other dumb shows on the air that I can’t beleive are still on. Who makes these decisions.

  15. M fournier

    New to this show. What a pleasant surprise to see intelligent exciting tv. Great cast and writing!

  16. Michele

    Why, oh, WHY, must “Elementary” come on Tuesday nights?! There are way too many new shows on Tuesday! Why not Wed.? Still, I adore Lucy Liu so, Tuesday it is! Love JLM, as Sherlock as well. But if they sleep,together, I’m done. Mycroft was bad ENOUGH!! Please. Let’s just stick to solving mysteries for once, shall we? My mind ACHES for intelligent Prime Time viewing, & this is pretty close. Please don’t ruin it … Cheers!

    • Emily

      If you have hulu you can watch the show the day after it is on. That would be Wednesday!!
      Problem solved… and there are less commercials!!

  17. Dee

    Thank you! I love this show, and never missed an episode!

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