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Elementary season 5 release date 2016 CBS

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Elementary season 5 release date cbs 2016

When will Elementary return to CBS? The network renewed the series for a fifth season! What about the release date in the fall 2016?

Original network: CBS
Executive producers: Robert Doherty, Craig Sweeny, Sarah Timberman…
Editors: Gerald Valdez, Sondra Watanabe

Season 3 Episode 24: 6.96 million U.S. viewers

Season 4 Episode 18: 5.16 million U.S. viewers

Jonny Lee Miller renewed his contract with CBS channel and continued to act Sherlock Holmes in the series Elementary. The right holders have renewed this project for Season 5, despite of the fact that the number of fans has decreased significantly in the fourth season.

Will the script writers be able to attract the viewers’ attention in the next year? It is now vital for the series, because if the number of fans continues to decrease, the season 5 can become final.

The release date of the new episodes is appointed to the fall 2016 and the exact dates of the start are not called (UPDATE), but the experts do the forecast for October. We are looking forward to the returning of the series Elementary on CBS.

Elementary season 5 release date – [October 2, 2016] (10 pm)

We hope that in the fifth season, we do not have to say goodbye to the project. Follow the updates!

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  1. Anastacia C.

    Elementary is one of the best shows ever, this Sunday time slot had me worried for a while. I’m so happy to know that my favorite show will continue for another season. Thank you CBS!!!

  2. BettE

    I thought for sure it would be in trouble when they moved it to a new night! So glad it’s been renewed! The best show on TV.

  3. Candis Eger

    The best contemporary Holmes and Watson team!

    • Nick0

      Are you sure? )

  4. Petra T.

    The best Sherlock Holmes ever being portrayed on the screen!!! So glad to hear I get to enjoy another season!

  5. +lil+

    Elementary and Sherlock are the only two tv programs I watch. Its really hard to chose between this show and the Sherlock series. Both have things that make them equally great.

  6. Mayya

    I’m so happy to hear this because they always take the Best shows off the air and they put cr*p on!

  7. Monni

    I watch Elementary over and over and over again during the week lots of episodes because they are so great! I am energized by the Season 5 renewal.

  8. PiKKK

    This show has the best character development on TV. I hope CBS puts the show back to Thursday – and earlier would be awesome!

  9. Roxy Vanatta

    Great show! Can’t wait Season 5… Please move it back to Thursday’s.

  10. --caryl--

    I must admit I’m surprised but pleased by this. I hate they moved to Sunday night…

  11. Tamie (CH)

    So glad to hear Elementary was renewed! Move it back to Thursday, please.

  12. Jen

    My husband and I love Elementary! Please put the show back on Thursday night!

  13. John Caldwell

    The problem with this show is it’s location. Remember the old addage, Location, Location, Location? Yea well, Thursday night at 10:00 stinks! If this show fails, don’t blame the show itself, blame the ones responsible for its location!!!!!
    They could try pairing it up with another show like 2 broke girls.
    They could try Thursday night at 9 or 8:00 instead. A lot of people can’t stay up past 10:00, they have to get up early the next day for work. I have also noticed that Wednesday night seems to have nothing at all on tv until 9:00 for Supernatural. Putting Elementary on at Wednesday night at 8:00 would be perfect!

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