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Every Witch Way season 4: premiere date

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Will Every Witch Way show renewed for a season 4 by Nickelodeon? Has the sitcom been cancelled? When does the new episodes premiere in 2015?

TV-channel: Nickelodeon
Created by: Mariela Romero, Catharina Ledeboer
Genre: telenovela-formatted teen sitcom

Season 2 Episode 25: 1.58 million U.S. viewers

Youth comedy «Every Witch Way» was launched on Nickelodeon back in January the last year. The television series got the ambiguous reviews of critics, but it didn’t prevent it from becoming #1 in audience for the 18-49 demographic during the second season.

The TV-project is nominated for Imagen Awards in Best Children’s Programming category, which should increase its chances for season 4.

At the moment the premiere date of the new episodes has not been published on the official website of the channel, but some Internet resources connect it with summer 2015. Let’s hope that the rights holders will take the rights decision and in six months we will see the continuation of «Every Witch Way».

Every Witch Way season 4 start – [July 6, 2015] (UPDATE 1)

Are you waiting for season 4?

UPDATE 1: The fourth season would be the final season. We want SEASON 5 of Every Witch Way!

Would you like to see the continuation?

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  1. Andy

    I love the series. I am hoping the Nickelodeon will continue it.

    • purplelover

      I do too I’m like the biggest fan ever I watched all the seasons Emma choose Jax yay can’t wait for season 4

      • Addicted to purple

        I am a Jemma fan too and now that she chose had I think Daniels going to date Mia and I love the color purple too

        • reanna

          I wish they will give us the editing app and let is have a live meeting with them

    • cheese

      Pleeeeeeeeaaase let a season 4 of Every Witch Way I love it

    • Josh O'Gara

      it will continue i should know the cast post a video on facebook till us all that there will be a fourth season of every witch way…

    • linda

      Oh ok I love every witch way from the start I’m a jemma fan and its an awsome show

    • hayden

      Heck yea

    • aziza

      do you know the date it is going to come am a huge fan of every witch way i love you guys i hope you continue your hard work

  2. Ira

    I have seen many TV series but Every Witch Way are the best I have ever seen.

  3. Rita Carroll

    Funniest show on tv!!! The actors do a wonderful job. I hope that it will be on for several more seasons.

  4. Keyshma

    OMG it is literally the best show on TV now…. TV keeps loosing all of its good shows, and hopefully they don’t get rid of this one 😉 JEMMA FAN FOR LYFE!!!!! NO MATTER WHAT!!!

    • Brianna Barahona

      Love your comment I agree Jemma fan!

  5. jay

    hope this show never ends love it soooooooooooooo much JEMMA 4EVER <3<3<3

    • Caitlin

      Me too, jemma for the win!

  6. Brianna Barahona

    Its the best show ever on nickelodeon so far cant wait for season four also a JEMMA fan for life there perfect together and great ending for season 3. <3

  7. jenifer

    I love every witch way and I love that it ended up as Jemma and not demma and I really want to see season 4

  8. desire

    I love every witch way and I really want them to have season 4 Please Please please…!

  9. Matthew jones

    Every witch way is like the best show ever. I really really hope that there is a season 4 of the show

  10. Kiki

    is it bad that im 28 and my 4 year old has me watching this show!. I love it but feel so kiddish!

  11. cecilia

    im the hugest fan ever kind of wish she choose Daniel because im a demma fan but I understand jax is pretty hot also and its her chose so I could learn to be a Jemma fan.

  12. kristal

    if its really a season 4 wish it please cuz i REALLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Kayleigh

    I am hoping for a season 4 I am such an every witch way fan love it.

  14. LMedina

    I like all your season like season 1 when Emma came to maimi and meet Daniel and Andy and there friends.season 2 when they lose there power in season1 but get them back in season 2 and I like the part when Diego help maddie think she had her power but her mom had them to use them so Emma dad could fall in love her,but then Andy meet filup her zombie boyfriend and jax came and fall in love with Emma and emma had so feeling for him.season 3 Mia finds the chosen one and try to get them back because a witch kill her parents and she makes Daniel into Daniel a bad boy and maddie get jealous when Diego finds there a canine girl .and like the last part when Emma turn filup into a boy for her friends Andy and Mia wants to be friends with the. Emma picked jax but I hope she pick Daniel. What I hope for seanson 4 Daniel and Emma get back together.

    • patty

      u are so wrong Jax is such a babe so turn away from your computer and watch season 1-3 all over again because you must OF MISSED WHEN DANIEL TURNED HIS BACK ON EMMA FOR MIA DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

  15. Brittney

    Omg she ended up with jax yay at first I thought she was going to end up with Daniel I feel bad for him but he might end up with Mia hopefully season 4 ❤️

    • patty

      you are so right!

  16. Yashira

    I love every witch way hopefully they have another season!!!!

  17. Citlalli

    I really love the show I hope there’s season 4 plz I love the panthers and jax diego Andy Emma Daniel Philip Mia Gigi the t3 the 2ho I love the show

  18. Anonymous

    I love this series and I’m a huge Demma fan. Daniel’s way cuter and better. Now that she chose Jax, there better be a season 4 and it should go back to Daniel and Emma.

    • patty

      I do not care who you are anonymous but you are so wrong and I am always right those are the details find the main idea stupid!

    • cassandra

      i like jemma and season 4 is coming idk when its coming though


  19. Deana

    Omg! Every Witch Way is the best show in the WORLD! I am so psyched that another season is coming up.

  20. Josh O'Gara

    am looking forward to the fourth season of every witch way and am looking forward to whats the happen to Philip and Andi and i wonder want the go on with Daniel Jax and Emma and i think Daniel my favorite one of them all and Daniel and Emma both make a great couple and i hope to see them get back together again and is Mia the do any thing else for this season and when season 4 start…

  21. cassandra

    i am also a jemma fan season 4 is coming but when does season 4 come

  22. demma lover

    I love this show i so think daniel and emma should get back together i dont like jax and emma i just cant wait til it comes back on demma lover 4ever

  23. king124

    i love diego he is my best charecter

  24. aziza

    i cant wait plz let there be season 5 6 7 8 and more plz

  25. jemma fan

    jemma wow i love jax he is so hot jax and emma belong together and i think that now daniel knows the truth about the spider seal he dose not want to date mia.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. justin

    I loveeee every witch I hope they continue making season 4 yaaaaaay I love mia, jax, Emma OK bye guy’s hope you will still love every witch way.

  27. daniela

    Emma choose Jax i love it but I can t wait for the four season!!!

  28. Bluey

    I love every witch way and hope that there will be another season!!!

  29. Matthew jones

    Season 4 just aired on July 6 2015 they say that this season will be the last season of every witch way and this is coming from a boy who likes the show. I really really hope that there is a season 5.
    We will just have to find out.

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