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Every Witch Way season 5 ?

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When will Every Witch Way season 5 premiere? Nickelodeon has cancelled the show. There won’t be the fifth season in 2016.

The youth television series Every Witch Way debuted on Nickelodeon in January 2014. The given project is an adaptation of the Latin American show Grachi. Mariela Romero and Catharina Ledeboer are responsible for its directing.

Just in a year and a half the viewers were presented the full four seasons of the series, which include 85 episodes and of one special. The project became popular not only on its motherland, but also in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and other countries.

Unfortunately, already in summer 2015 it became known that the rights holders were going to over the show after its fourth season despite the numerous requests of the fans to produce the fifth one. In order to console the auditory, Nickelodeon announced this wouldn’t be the end of the story and they were going to produce the spin-off WITS Academy. The premiere date of the given show has been scheduled on October 5, but will it be able to become a worthy substitution for Season 5 of Every Witch Way?

Would you like to see the continuation of the original version? What do you think about the spin-off?

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  1. Earline Futral

    Every witch way is the best Nickelodeon tv show! I waited so long for all the seasons to come out… and what now? PLEASE MAKE A SEASON 5 !!!

  2. Nicki

    I think cancelling Every Witch Way is a mistake!

  3. Elina16

    I think that EWW should keep coming on 4EVER! The end of season 4 is allready a beginning of season 5!

  4. luella

    I love Every witch way it is awesome I can’t believe it is over. It should have another season.

  5. Synthia Averill

    Thank you EWW actors for making this show soooooo amazing and exciting to watch! Thank you sooo much for a 4 seasons!

  6. Lonna H.

    That was tooooo short we need more of Every Witch Way! I’m crying right now … how can you do that (((

  7. EWWbestshow

    Bring it back! Only one of the best shows that keep me happy!

  8. keshiA

    They can’t cancell it because the ending was so awful. I am heartbroken this show is the best it’s my life.

  9. MikkaPone

    I will always be huge fan of EWW. Best show EVER!!! I will miss…

  10. Renaldo

    There should be a season 5 and would love to watch it because its really nice and amazing. The show was a part of my life

  11. Shani Seabolt

    PLEASE make a season 5!!! It would be great to see how Andi’s doing and also Emma and the others too.

  12. Annamae

    They should definitely have a Season 5! You left us on many cliffhangers with Emma’s dad and Maddies mom

  13. TaGo

    WITS Academy is a Season 5 of Every Witch Way!

  14. AmAndA

    Season 4 can’t be ending Jax’s sister just got her powers we wanna know what’s next!

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