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Falling Skies season 6

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When will Falling Skies season 6 be released? What about the premiere date of the new episodes in 2016? TNT announced that the new season wasn’t planned.

TV-channel: TNT
Starring: Noah Wyle, Moon Bloodgood, Drew Roy, Connor Jessup, Jessy Schram…

The show Falling Skies debuted on TNT in summer 2011 and its two-hour premiere was watched by 5.9 million people, which became a record for the cable television series of that period. Critics’ positive reviews and a constant support of the fans allowed producing five full seasons of the given post-apocalyptic project, and some actors were nominated for the prestigious awards due to their brilliant acting.

Unfortunately, in summer last year TNT officially announced that Season 6 of Falling Skies wasn’t planned and its return in 2016 shouldn’t have been expected.

The premiere date of the final episode titled Reborn, directed by Olatunde Osunsanmi, was scheduled for August 30, 2015. After, the project will get a status “ended“.

The fans’ requirements on the continuation of the story weren’t successful, that’s why we should only thank the creators for a great job and wish luck to the cast!

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  1. Robin

    I love this show and I am looking forward to season 6

  2. PradoS

    The show is such a joke right now. Only watching because since it’s so bad, it’s really funny. No season 6 please ever!

  3. Amanda D.

    I love falling skies and I don’t want it to end. Hope the renew Falling Skies for a 6th season.

  4. Robert F.

    Glad to see Falling Skies end, there was huge potential, its stumbled a lot, was a bit silly but time to end and move on!

  5. Anna

    Ohh so sad, but at least there will be an ending.

  6. ErGo

    Love the show, could keep watching it for many more seasons. RENEW!

  7. Marko91

    I’m glad that Falling Skies has an end set. Thanks TNT

  8. -LindA-

    I’m glad for the people who have stuck with it, and still love it. It’s always good when a show gets a proper ending.

  9. Will

    Plz let there b a season 6 my folks n I love the show

  10. candiapple

    Season 6 and beyond, please

  11. ryan a faulkner

    I went new falling skies season 6 with new ailens inveatrs and some actors like noah wyle,moon Bloodgood,DERW ROY, CORROR JESSUP,JESSY SCHRAM,I LOVE THE SHOWS AND I WANT TO SEE THE FALLING SKIES SEASON 6 AND UP TO SEASON 18


  12. LORD DIA

    to the people who have left sarcastic replies about FALLING SKIES I bet if they CUT OFF THE GAME OF 22 people kicking a PIGS BLADDER ABOUT all hell would brake loose I think they should bring back falling skies AND BAN FOOTBALL.

    • jim


  13. Holly

    I need a season six….Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Anita

    Great show guys.. 6 and beyond please

  15. Larry

    Great great show, I need more of falling skies

  16. stan

    F*ckung unreal show keep going;;

  17. Tonna

    I have purchased so far all 5 dvd seasons. So Steven Spielberg is dropping the ball. ??? That sure dosent sound like him. He is not a quitter. Also not cool to havea cliff hanger without we humans winning the Earth back and the world thanking Cochise and the Volm. I am now onseason 4 on my marathon. Get that finale rolling there so we dont have the feeling that you are just out for the ratings and not the viewers. Many of us gather in large groups ti watch with pizza and great food in front of who ever has the biggest tv screen. So ifyou just count one TV your missing the big picture. Group viewing is BIG. Steve… I was on the Discovery Channels “Monster Garage ” and Won. Build team 16. I didnt Quit! Thanks. Tonna

  18. Bill lough

    One of the great series on tv

  19. jim

    great show, will miss it.

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