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Falling Skies season 5: premiere date (2015)

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When does season 5 of Falling Skies post-apocalyptic drama premiere? The show has been renewed for a new 10 episodes. Start air date – 2015!

TV-channel: TNT
Pilot episode: June 19, 2011
Creator: Robert Rodat

Season 1 Episode 1: 5.91 million U.S. viewers

Season 4 Episode 1: 3.67 million U.S. viewers

Michael Wright’s official statement concerning the further development of the storyline «Falling Skies» television series caused the heated discussions on the numerous websites, as the TNT management is planning to finish the story in the next year.

According to the official announcement, the current season is a ground for a logical ending in the season 5. It has already been confirmed that only 10 episodes, which are to be broadcast in June 2015 and to become the final ones, would be financed.

Falling Skies season 5 start – [June 28, 2015]

Of course, the above mentioned decision could have been taken due to the fall of the ratings, observed at the start of the 4th season, but the television series is currently being watched by about 3 million people (in the USA), who still believe in its continuation!

So should the show be closed?

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  1. Ella Sullivan

    they should keep it going a lot longer than just 5 seasons

    • Joe

      Agree. Rating drop is inexplicable. Series has depth and is bound to be a Scifi classic.

    • dave

      I agree make it ten season it just keeps going and captivating it takes more than ten years to rid aliens

  2. Jo Austin

    The end after only 5 seasons? That crazy! It’s a great series. I can’t wait until each new episode.

  3. GaspaR

    I watched Falling Skies first 2 seasons but stopped, not interesting to me, too dark a show…

    • archer9000

      go back to watching gasper the friendly gost!

    • JeffG

      Seriously if anything the show isn’t dark enough

  4. Tim #1

    I try to watch this show every summer and promptly lose interest because the characters are so unlikeable.

    • dave

      u are a joke they all are great and family tom cruise couldn’t pull this off

  5. Johnnie Carter

    The show is such a joke right now. Only watching because since it’s so bad, it’s really funny. Thank God season 5 is the final season.

    • gabester

      Yo dude u need to take a break if u don’t like stop watching it.

  6. Bruce B0mb1k

    Falling Skies needs to wrap up.

  7. Garry

    It’s been obvious they ran out of ideas with the start of season 4. Bye bye Falling Skies

  8. B.A. Badax

    They have to do season 5 cause they left us hanging once again. As for ratings drop, Falling Skies didn’t have as much competition in it’s first few seasons. But season 4 found them competing with a hell of a Sunday night line up of shows like True Blood finally, and new shows like The Last Ship, The Strain, The Leftovers, and The Lottery so of course Falling Skies would lose some viewers. Especially since it began to look like the writers were scrambling for ideas in season 4. If they really want to do season 5 right they better get back to some of their earlier quality writing and stop just throwing stuff together. I want to see more of the stuff that had us on the edge of our seats like in seasons 1-3 and then give us one hell of a grand finally.

  9. archer9000

    Wrong the Season 5 premiere as already Season 5 Premiere as already showing on the Space channel this is on Friday Sept, 12. 2014.

  10. Steve

    Instead of making season 5 for Falling Skies They should make a movie Falling Skies Final Battle.id rather watch that then go through 10 episodes

  11. Sharon

    I agree this last season was dark but it was also the best. Wars are not pretty. To meany people don’t see the truth of that and every time we get a good series that shows that it gets taken off the air. I hope for a better nicer season but fear it would ruin the show falling skies. It will be missed. Maybe they’ll make a movie about it.

    • Michelle

      Movie is a good idea. I think season 4 was the best so far.

  12. Michelle

    Great show…I would love to see it continue past 5 season, there are so my story line the could tap into.

  13. sarfraz mehmood

    Nice show but I love to see more.

  14. robby squiers

    It should not be cancelled!!!!! How could they even think it? I really hate it when they come up with great shows then cancel them. This one that is really well done .

  15. jerry

    the show must go on i cant wait for season 5

  16. chris

    all im having a issue with is lexi did not have to die! the Volm were right there they could have just blown it up!!!

    • Brent

      Totally man…was bummed about Lexi. She was so hot!

  17. eigene

    I have never seen a series like this and its not just 5-10 years to re-cover earth it could be 20 years I have loved it wish my weekend would never end. SO there believers. NOT uuuuuuuuuuHaters

  18. M Palmer

    Keep this intelligent, well created series going. There is enough horribly made sci-fi..this is good work.Love it.

  19. Kevin

    I have seen a few good sci-fi TV series get dropped. I would have been VERY disappointed if this was dropped without a conclusion to the story. There have been four recent Sci-Fi series (Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles; Revolution; Terra Nova; Enterprise, although wrapped up in season 4) that have been dropped with no conclusion to the story. I give TNT a lot of credit to produce a final season to Falling Skies.

  20. Mary

    Love Falling Skies ! It better have a season 5

  21. Beth

    I was disappointed at the most of season 4. Didn’t like aging Lexi at all, and it has very much distanced itself from season’s 1-3. I loved this show from the beginning, but have lost a lot of interest in it.
    I still like the characters though, and look forward to the return in 2015.

  22. hossni

    great show. wonderfull cast. i hope they continue past season 5

  23. JammersHammer

    I have been greatly drawn into this series. I cannot imagine not having a Season 5 simply because there are so many unanswered questions. Furthermore, the pace of the story line dictates the season could not be wrapped up in ten episodes without there being a year or longer between each episode. If that is how they plan on ending this wonderful series, then that would be a huge tragedy. The same happened to other past shows I started watching. Among them are Tera Nova and Earth2. There have been other series that have ended prematurely but I have to focus on this series now. These powers that be that are only looking at numbers should realize that 3.5 million viewers or even 2.5 million viewers is a LOT of viewers. As already stated, this series cannot be wrapped up in 10 episodes without destroying the fabric of this developing story line. I foresee the possibility of no fewer than 2 movies in Falling Skies future. Had Lucas stopped with the first Star Wars movie because of its far outside of the box story line in its time, then we would not have seen where his vision was taking us through the years after the first movie. If TNT does not see the potential value in this series, then they might as well open the archives and start showing reruns of series not newer than the mid 1960’s and be happy. Those shows for people of older generations are about as far into modern times as the TNT executives will go apparently. I’m 50 years old and enjoy newer movies and series like Falling Skies. If I like this series at my age, then the execs for TNT must be in their mid 80’s or older and cannot follow such story lines like this one. Maybe they need to be put in a room and watch the older Lost in Spce episodes and be happy with that while allowing more open minded modern generation execs to take over and make TNT greater than it has ever been.

    • Teodoros

      It must be a cost benefit analysis model in play. For less than half the price they could just make a reality show for a few seasons and pull in about half the viewers. Its likely the same reasoning we see so many sequels lately rather than excellent original movies. BUT with 3 or so more seasons they can easily sell the package to networks for syndication. The money’ll never stop rolling in. How many networks is Stargate syndicated on again?

  24. Shawn

    This show needs to go on further than just 10 episodes for season 5. Keep the seasons going!! Add new aliens and new fights!!

    • Angel's eyes

      i strongly agree

  25. Raymond Riordan


  26. David

    I didn’t know about this show until a few weeks ago and I’ve already watched all 4 seasons on Amazon. They should keep it going for at least 10 seasons

    • Brent

      Haha, mega dittos man. Marathon sessions on Amazon. Love me some Falling Skies!

  27. Christine

    I hate it when a network drops a show without a proper in to the storyline. So glad to hear they will have a conclusion for this show. Hate that it is ending. Networks should not have such a gap between seasons

  28. drew Mackenstadt

    Please keep this show going

  29. delmar

    Season 4 was not that good ,all the rest were great I have not missed any of them. I hope this season will be a lot better than the last one was.

  30. Vicki

    I love this show and hope it continues much longer…

  31. bluechristy

    I really love this Si Fi series . Which is no doubt why thy will cut it short . And it is Along time to wait but worth it .

  32. Sgtnick

    love this show. Each season something new is comes up which changes a lot. It’s the same blow it up SciFi show. It has depth, Action, and a story line that is beyond what some are putting out.

  33. Avidgolfer

    Why do they always cancel the GOOD ones. KEEP IT GOING

  34. jeff gibson

    love the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cant wait for more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Season 4 ending, last words, your beautiful. Has me begging you to start ASAP PLEASE. Great cast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Kgart

    This is seriously one if the best sci-fi series out there! I love it. Please do not end the story! It has been an amazing journey with so many possibilities!

  36. red thompson

    Great show hate to see it end so soon

  37. kate

    Should definitely keep this show going!!!!! Sooooo good!!!!

  38. Patrick

    I would like it to keep going, but if they are going to end it, please, make it end and don’t just drop it in the middle of the action. We lose too many good shows that way, especially sci-fi.

  39. Talena

    It would be a horrid shame for them to end this series just because the writers last season were lazy….hire new ones. To those whiners, if you lost interest, then why are you on here looking to see when the next season will start? This series is one of the most creative original story lines that I have watched in my 54 years and that alone should want them to get some new writers to continue on as The Walking Dead has. What makes a good series???? A good story line and a good writer or groups of writers.

    • Beircheart

      I agree for the most part. The show has a lot of potential and I’d love to see it continue but if they can’t recover that heroic grit and pathos from seasons 1 & 2, I’m afraid it is time. I would disagree with season 4 being the problem. For me it was season 3. Four seemed to be on the road to recovery but the “cliff-hanger” was a disappointment to say the least.

  40. vickie schoessow

    Falling Skies is an excellent show..never miss it! It needs to continue longer!

  41. late bloomer

    I have always wanted to watch the show, could not find the time. Was finally able to watch all 4 seasons in 3 weekends. And I am hooked. I can’t see this continue for only 10 more episodes! I mean how are viewers measured? Do they take into consideration those who rely on DVR due to schedules? Or just the population that was able to tune in on scheduled show times? Arrrhhh, tired of good shows like Falling Skies being discontinued.

  42. Beircheart

    I thought the first two seasons of Falling Skies were some of the best on TV. Then, the writers seemed to struggle with the story. What I would suggest is a crash course in military history (The French Resistance, Vietnam, WW I & II, troops-on-the-ground stories, etc.). For example, with real history of POW camps and the amazing stories that could have inspired a whole POW season and then some, the 2nd Mass’ internment was short, flat, and a little silly. What made those first few seasons fantastic was the military accuracy. It was, even though SciFi, a plausible story. Hopefully, they’ll get back to that but I think they’ve painted themselves into an outlandish corner. Crazier isn’t always better. Simple, gritty, rugged: that’s what made the show enjoyable at the start.

  43. Barb Esse

    Think outside the box
    Reach out to fans for script writing ideas
    Lots of hidden talent out there to cultivate

  44. considers

    had wanted to see Falling Skies when i saw the ramp up for it. Stuff happens, never got to and it fell off my radar, as I actually don’t like watching tv… its all mindless.
    then last summer I had a change in my life and some time on my hands. I came across Falling Skies on one of those watch whatever you want sites, and spent five days watching each season.
    It is entertaining to a thinking person. I was still there after I had missed it.
    Really looking forward to the fifth season… was actually the worst thing when that final season episode played in the fourth season. I sat there. wanting more.

  45. John

    I think that they need to have a opening before they close. What I mean is what happen how did it happen and what caused it. It opens up with everything over and their on the run. They should have a story line of what all happen. Their’s is not the only show that opens like that with no history of how are why,

  46. John Y

    good show don’t end it keep it going

  47. JeanJ

    Please leave this program on until it can have a descent ending. This wonderful cast deserves to go out with a bang instead of a fizzle. They worked hard to lend credence to this show and should feel proud of that work. If the writers are the problem, then get some new ones. Please don’t be like some other networks that drop their best program after a great cliffhanger or continually bad mouth the stars of their other top rated show. I quit watching _ & _ for those very reasons.
    I think it would be a great loss for viewers to be left hanging over Fallen Skies. Sincerely from another “over the hill 65 year old.”

  48. DJ

    I have been a huge fan of this show, and haven’t missed an episode (and don’t plan to miss any upcoming ones)…but really it has gotten stale, and the plot lines have gotten more and more silly.

    I mean the whole thing about Tom flying to the moon was stupid…just stupid.
    And what they are doing with Lexi is completely non-nonsensical.

    But the biggest flaw to the show is that things always work out for the Masons.
    No Mason dies. Tom is the hero, and they all go home happy. Even Pope calls that out in the show, with lines that are meant as sarcasm; but they are really an indictment of the writers of the show. That’s some irony.

    With all that said, I really do hope that they are able to wrap things up in a satisfactory manner.

  49. Jake

    Please continue the show!!!! I just recently found this show and can’t get enough. Just finished season four and good Lord it is AMAZINGGG!!!! I would love to see at the LEAST 7 Seasons. Good work TNT and Noah Wyle!!! Damn good work !!!

  50. Teodoros

    This is such a compelling show. Very well done. DVD package sales will be profitable into perpetuity. 8 seasons should be enough. 5 seasons to mount a turnaround and 3 seasons to show the trials of reconstruction.
    How about a plus 1? The plus 1 being when we take the fight off world to those who dared! Falling Skies bonus season 9 – The Avengers Protocol.

  51. The Adams Family

    We better be given a starting date for Season 2015 before we forget what this show was all about.

  52. Patricia

    It took so long between the seasons that people forget about the series. Still love the series and can’t wait for its return.

  53. Cheyenne

    It’s one the few shows I watch, I wait for it all year, I’m going to be sad knowing there isn’t going to be a 6th season.

  54. scott

    Hell yes they should keep it going awesome show

  55. isaac


  56. Larry

    I think it should be a regular fall,winter 22-24 episode show. It would get a lot more viewers when more people a watching TV instead of during the summer in the rerun season when people have other outdoor interests. It is one of the best shows on made for TV.

  57. John Slade

    I think five years is a good run. I would love to see the show go out BEFORE it jumps the shark. Very few shows stay good for their entire run and falling skies is an exception. All seasons were great and they should wrap things up. Maybe down the line they can have a spinoff or something but it is best to go out on top.

  58. K.E.N.

    I have loved this show from the beginning but the last season was a bummer. Not very thought out. I think this show has the potential to be GREAT but they need good writers to warrant any other seasons in my opinion, which doesn’t really count in the grand scheme of things. Just saying.

  59. Wayne

    It’s easy to figure out why viewership has dropped. Because Spielberg can’t keep his politics out of the show. Started around season 2 when he started in with his liberal BS. Now in season 4 the Goldman Sachs guy who sold out his family. It’s a shame Spielberg and his Hollywood cronies can’t learn to just do what they do. No one gives a @&$# about their opinions. Soon as they started in with that cr*p viewers started leaving.

  60. Debby

    This is an awesome show and should not be cancelled. I do agree the last couple seasons dropped the ball a bit but with the great cast they have to work with, just get the creative team jump started and it would be great again. It would be nice if for once, in one of these apocalyptic type show we could see the worn out, down trodden heroes, raise from the ashes, grow, rebuild and really kick every last alien’s butt all the way to the cosmos.

  61. roger

    They should keep the show going. I just started watching it and I love it. Can’t wait till season five comes out.

  62. gabester

    I think that at the end of every season they leave us hanging an at the end of season 4 had got to be the worst one. Now I don’t know what they got planned for the end of 5 but it better be good!

  63. Judy Puffenbarger

    I love this show and I would love to see it go longer than the 5th season. To me its like the space version of “The Walking Dead” which is also a great show. I think its a refreshing approach to syfy, fantasy, adventure and drama. Has a wonderful cast and a great story line. Keep it going. More would watch if in reruns.

  64. Ellen

    DO NOT Cancel! Look at the series Charmed. Canceled and still going strong. Millions of fans, love it, yet a couple of stupid execs want to move on.

  65. Douglas Avant

    NO it shouldn’t , and the reason for the fall of viewers is BECAUSE THEY Wait a year just to show a few episodes. PPL LOSE INTREST. Big mistake to Cancel Even more of a mistake to schedule it as you do . IT would be the money maker for TNT if it were on more often.

  66. Cheryl

    Great sci fi show. Should NOT be canceled!!! Fans are right on–way too long between seasons & then just a limited nmbr of them–duh, why did viewers decrease…wake up producers & keep it going since it appears there’s a bigger following then you thought!!! Thank you TNT & Noah for giving us this show. Please don’t take it away like the sic fi series that just ended & never came back, V–that was a terrible way to leave faithful viewers w/NO conclusion.

  67. james brown

    i would have watched all of the shows if i could have the money for tv. But now I can and will watch every one of the 10!

  68. Fred Maruca

    I think the show is great. watched al 4 seasons on netflicks. looking forward to season 5. have to say I think the show should continue on. I think the viewer drop off is all due season 4 twist of making a hybrid with super powers to control gravity……..well little much almost like the writers could not come up with a better hybrid story. liked the season 4 end though.

  69. Bill

    Love the show. Season four did take a bit of a departure from the previous 3 seasons. Sad reality is that all good things must come to an end. I am glad that they will be able to wrap things up; instead of just leaving things hanging. Hopefully, they will bring it to a point with closure that will allow for a follow-up movie or two. I would like to see the humans start really taking it to the aliens. Keep the hope alive.

  70. slynnc

    I really enjoyed the series and am sad to see it go. The one thing I do appreciate is that there will be an ending. So often they pull series and leave you hanging. One or two more episode to present a conclusion surely cannot be so bad.

  71. Renée

    Why is it they always cancel the good Sci-Fi shows? Really!! This is one of the best shows on TV. It has so much more going for it that the reality shows. You can actually use your brain and speculate what might happen next. Has the network considered how many people are watching this on-demand? Not everyone watches the show when it actually airs.

  72. Candy

    I moved and lost my cable, but I watch when I can and I have all the DVD’s. I love the show and Noah Wyle and really don’t want to see it end! This story shouldn’t end even if the aliens leave! The struggle for survival won’t end just because they may leave!

  73. joseph

    Since Star Trek has there been a sci-fi thriller that keeps a large population of sci-fi fanatics, and like network idiots have no stomach for sci-fi thrillers, later they will realize that this show could’ve ran longer, but then they’ll try to resurrect in a generic half budget remake to confirm what idiots they are. Leave the show own.

  74. Three Dog

    If they went back to the feel of the way the first couple of seasons were done, sure.. keep going with the show.

    …but that over-produced, sci-fi soap opera it has become? Blech! …ya, can it thanks. Went from an awesome show, to being terrible. Very disappointing.

  75. fifi

    I’m in England! I’ve just watched all 4 seasons! Love it hope it continues ! We like it over here too. 🙂

  76. Glock_10

    I like the show, if they are going to wrap it up I hope they do a good job of it.

  77. Mark

    Keep it or let it go, the answer has nothing to do with anything other then money. Not enough money or viewers, that’s that!

  78. Ann hodson

    I love this show and I am looking forward to season 5!

  79. Elaine

    The series should continue. Syfy will be sure to pick up this show. We need the mystery and drama of “Falling Skies”. Too many shows are silly comedies that I refuse to watch! I love “Falling Skies”.

  80. kevin

    I wish this whole series would have been longer as far as me THIS SERIES ROCKS

  81. Melissa

    I am not a big scifi fan, however, I’m addicted to this show. I woke up one Saturday morning to find an all day marathon for the first two seasons and couldn’t stop watching. I then downloaded all of the previous seasons and have been hooked ever since. I would love to see the show run longer or end in a movie after the end of season 5 (depending on how the show ends this upcoming season). I think the characters are great and I can’t wait for the show to begin again!! It would be great for the exces and directors to work it out for more season.

  82. Mark

    Its a shame to cancel this first class scifi series,
    I guess I’ll quit watching TNT!

  83. K Smith

    The show should continue, but it needs to be put in a earlier time slot, some people have to go to bed early so they can get up and go to work the next morning.

  84. dave

    I love it wish it would be 10 seasons it does take a while to go to war much less 3 aliens invasions also show how we win and recover from the win. show how welive with alien friends or just rebuild its been one of my most favorite of all time great Stephen spielburg thanks dave

  85. A beemer

    to abruptly stop the show is madness. This show captivated millions of viewers and dragged them into their storyline, especially after the latest season, the story has so many possible outcomes which would be impossible to conclude with just 10 episodes. I will admit the depth and action has dropped off the last season, but it’s not something they cannot fix. they also need to remove the frequent commercial breaks which are significantly higher than normal. but this show is worthy to keep on going, and like many others, I find myself waiting all year to watch it… especially since there is no more Fringe. If they beef up all the action, and remove frequent commercial breaks, they will see a return of those beginning viewer numbers.

  86. A beemer

    and I must say a scifi shows like this with great graphics and good story is an odd ball… the SyFy channel is full of SciFi type shows but they all suck with cr*ppy actors and horrible special effects.

  87. Julie

    They should keep it going….more than 10 episodes in the 5th season, follow up with more seasons….and NOT KILL OFF EVERY MAIN CHARACTER IN THE PROCESS! THE FANS WANT THE SHOW TO CONTINUE!!!!

  88. Teddy 2 Step

    Great show .Nice to have some Sci Fi that’s well written produced and acted.

  89. Donna Scott

    I am getting so tired of finding sci-fi shows that my husband and I really enjoy and then poof, they are gone. There are still so many storyline paths that this show could take if someone would give it a chance. If there are not enough viewers to make it financially feasible try some additional advertising…..like you do for The Last Ship! Which I enjoy also. Please try to keep Falling Skies in production. Love Noah Wylie and Moon Bloodgood!

  90. Julie

    Really like the show.They could have a victory and a whole new set of problems trying to rebuild.I like the idea of a movie or future episodes.Sometimes when they have such a long hiatus between seasons its natural to lose a few viewers,but I think it has been consistently good.And yes its kinda dark,but thats what war is.Keep it going.

  91. Dallas

    they are doing this show like they did ” Fire Fly ” which was a great show also.

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