Oct 16

Firefly season 2

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Firefly season 2 release

When will Firefly season 2 come out? Is the series already renewed? We want to know the release date on FOX or another network!

There are many decent TV-series that did not have the release date for the 2nd season. The space western drama Firefly is one of them.

The show had a good start on FOX, because every episode was watched by about 5 million viewers. Despite of this, the right holders decided to cancel the series after the first season. This was a surprise not only for the fans, but for many experts.

Later it turned out that sales of DVDs with the first season were very successful, thanks to the multi-million support from the fans, but this did not help the series Firefly to get the 2nd season. The release date of new episodes was also awaited after the project had won Primetime Emmy Award in 2003 for “Outstanding Special Visual Effects for a Series”, but, unfortunately, the FOX representatives did not plan to renew the show.

The project was filled with humor, human relations and real emotions, pleased with serious graphics and an original approach to the narrative, but the channel did not appreciate it. What do you think about it? Do you need the release date for Firefly Season 2?

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  1. Jack Hampton

    Great series! Strong cast and plot. But the show was too expensive the pre-DVR era…

  2. --Dana--

    How about a spin-off??? If the spin-off is of really high quality, that seems almost like proof that more episodes or sequels should work.

    • Jerry23

      Serenity (movie, 2005): Budget $39 million, Box office $40 million
      1m+ yepppp :-/

      • Stef&Co

        Firefly is uncommon in that despite interference from Fox, the majority of its 14 episodes are very solid. I think the show ended well with Serenity.

        • Stifffff

          Totally agree with this.

          • Emma k.

            Please renew! We need season 2

  3. Andre W.

    Why was Firefly cancelled so quickly? It’s easy: Ratings!!! I loved this show! It was really heartbreaking!!! I hoped for a while that the SyFy might buy it up and start producing it. I still weep at what it would have been by season 3 or 4 …

  4. Megan H.

    I would totally watch a new series with a new cast of characters set in the same universe.

  5. Jenna Mccoy

    There was never any real advertising for the show when it was originally aired. It probably needed a second season at the time. Just to finish the story.

  6. Katie

    I really liked Firefly. MAKE Season 2 please!

  7. Sam80

    I’d love a Firefly anthology series. Pick up the story years and years later. Show all the different corners of the ’verse…

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