Mar 10

«Breaking Bad» season 6: release date

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Will «Breaking Bad» return for season 6? TV series Renewed or cancelled? What is known about premiere air date?

«Breaking Bad» series was created by Vince Gilligan. It debuted on AMC channel in January, 2008. Since that time the given project became very popular and profitable. The rightholders are satisfied with the show ratings. Due to this the series was continued for five seasons.

In summer, 2013 the TV viewers will have a possibility to enjoy episode 9 of Season 5. All in all it will include 16 episodes. Unfortunately, after Season 5 the storyline will be logically completed. AMC authorities confirm that the current season is the final one and Season 6 of «Breaking Bad» shouldn’t be expected. The release date of the final episode is scheduled for autumn, 2013, that’s why there is still some time to the end of the show.

It should be mentioned, that Bryan Cranston, who played the starring role, received an Emmy Award as «Outstanding lead Actor in a Drama Series».

Is the show still interesting or not? Would you like to watch season 6?

P.S. «Breaking Bad» season 5 episode 9 (part 2) – premiere on August 11, 2013

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  1. Taddy

    Don’t end Breaking Bad!!!! Best cast,story line, excellent writers, we will be lost. CONTINUE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE !!!

  2. Sebastian

    I rarely Watch tv series, but I watched breaking bad non stop for about 3 weeks! 😀
    Too bad if it has to end.. very nice show, plot, actors etc

  3. Justin Stewart

    The shows brilliant, original and intelligent. The best tv series of all time!

  4. travis enders

    i dont watch to many episodes but i was glued to the tv from episode 1 till the last great show never lost interest i give it a 10 two thumbs way up

  5. Jacob Hansen

    It would be devastating for the entire population, if Breaking Bad ever ends….

  6. T. Grinstead

    Breaking Bad is the best show I have ever seen on TV. I would be heartbroken if it ended. It truly is a work of art!

  7. kay

    the show is like the drug it self, ADDICTIVE.

  8. jules

    wow, what a show. ground breaking writing, acting; creative geniuses all of them. To end it is a let down, for sure. I will have withdrawals…

  9. Lee Hicks

    I’m confused. We watched season 5,.appears to have ended. We ordered season 6..same as season 5

  10. Wendell Foster

    I rarely watch telelevison. I found this very interesting. the stuff they were doing was illegal. They was a box of checks printed up in 2009 . The woman they were sent to was homless for sometime. There are stil;l people writng the checks to this day. She is harassed quite a bit because differnet people associate her with the checks. She has currently obtained a motel room. in Evansville. The gentleem she is engaged to plays a lot of pratical jokes at her expense. yersteday someone used her name tpo cancel a church bus. I found the show very interesting. Again, the checks are still oyut.People are actually getting away with writing them. the shoiw was wonderful.

  11. mike

    best tv series ever watched even better than sponge bob respect bro stay in school

  12. Kaylee

    PLEASE BRING BACK BREAKING BAD i love that show!!!! best show ever i was hooked on to it and i don’t watch shows at all untill i watched breaking bad. The actors on the show are amazing!!!I miss Breaking Bad and i want it to continue…………Im still waiting for more seasons to come…..

  13. ricky

    I watched it in 4 days to the end of season 5 it is the best thing I have ever watched on tv I was truely hooked. I will watch it again. How they can not make more is beyond me.

  14. Jason

    Don’t even think about taking this show off the air that would be a big mistake

  15. Barry Borden

    Best show ive ever watched

  16. Rupam

    Plz….. Dnt end up in such a manner ..i request Vince Gillian to plz continue with the Season 6 oplz.. .its a hearty request.. We love watching this breaking Bad


    Please, please bring some more Breaking Bad series back, it is the best show we have ever
    watched and it would be good to know what happens to Jessie and Saul, please surprise us
    with a new season.
    Hopeful Patricia

  18. slama

    here from the north africa agane to the best show prod ever hope that it wont end in the 5 season

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