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Gangland Undercover season 2 start date

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Will Gangland Undercover be renewed for a second season? What about the new episodes start in 2016? We have bad news…

TV-channel: History
Created by: Charles Falco
Genre: factual based drama

Season 1 Episode 1: 1.06 million U.S viewers

The television series «Gangland Undercover» was launched on History television channel in February 2015 and managed to attract about 1 million people.

The memoirs of Charlie Falco comprise the storyline and Stephen Kemp was responsible for show production.

Unfortunately, the TV-project has been labeled as «miniseries of six episodes», that’s why we shouldn’t count (UPDATE 1) on the start date of Season 2.

History Channel management is proud of the work of its crew team very much, as its job has been appreciated both by audience and experts.

UPDATE 1 (Sept.2, 2016):: Good news! The second season of Gangland Undercover will receive its UK premiere on December 8, 2016 (episodes 2-8 have yet to be screened).

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  1. 1Cory

    I do not want this show to end. I have fell in love with the characters and the storyline. Hope for season 2! Do not disappoint me.

  2. Paula Parsons

    Best show on History. Good strong characters, really hoping this series continues!

  3. E.R.

    Season one was excellent. Well written, well acted. Need more…

  4. Willie

    it’s only miniseries. so sad ((

  5. La

    Love this show! Renew it please!

  6. Lisa

    It is a great show! I only heard of the show cause a friend saw a ad for it. Needs more advertisement, then it will have more viewers!!!!

  7. C.A.

    Please! Renew Gangland Undercover for a second season. The season finale implied that the journey for this brave man does not end here. There is more to tell. You have my attention!

  8. Choco

    This show is reality lets go for season 2 next mc

  9. Mike

    In reality Charles Falco infiltrated two more gangs after the vagos. If the producers want to do right by him and tell his story they should tell the whole story and make more episodes.

    • me

      Vagos are not a “GANG they are a CLUB and he infiltrated two more CLUBS.

  10. mary

    this is a great show for people that luv this kind of showa. luv it the best show since sons of anarchy. luvit!!!!!!!!!!!! the acting is great. well put together. it has a different twist.

  11. Wayne

    Absolutely loved it,top show. Please please let there be a season 2

  12. paulab

    Please continue this show I was very much interested and hoping for more seasons to follow please dont let us gangland lovers disappointed

  13. Jogi13

    What a great show! Thought there were going to be more than 6! Went by too fast. Please have a second season longer tho of his time in the other gangs he joined. Riveting tv

    • me

      They are not “GANGS” they are “CLUBS”.

  14. Centurion

    Great show. Needs more exposure. Advertise it more and you’ll attract more viewers. Their were more stories to tell as he infiltrated several other gangs. Would love another season’

    • me

      They are not “GANGS” they are CLUBS.

      • me2

        You are a “TOOL”!

  15. RetiredGangster

    With the lead character having infiltrated more than one “club” the door is wide open for another season. It’s the first time in months that I’ve watched the History Channel and I’m sure others are in the same room.

  16. KL

    You made a great show. And a lot of fans. You left it open for more stories and there’s a lot to it right make a season 2. I know the fan base wants more !

  17. dawn

    Me and my husband LOVED this show. Really hope there is new season soon! Great acting and excellent suspense combined with actual facts. There is plenty of real life material to create more seasons.

  18. jjk

    Seasn 1 covered the first half of the book, there is easily enough material for a second season.

  19. David P

    Disappointed there isn’t a second season! This show was fascinating and there certainly seems like there isn’t a shortage of material for additional seasons. Come on History channel, start shooting!

  20. Christy T

    There has to be a season 2 & more to follow. This was an awesome show

  21. Krista smith

    He does have a book buy it

    • Shelley

      Ok I didn’t know he had a book. Season two was only on for about 3 episodes do you know when it’ll be back on? Miss seeing the show

  22. Roger

    THis show has to continue, the best show on History. The characters and the story line were great. I was totally absorbed in the program while watching, please renew.

  23. Hussar 4 Hussies

    This series has great cinematography, especially the motorcycle riding sequences, as if the viewer was riding along, swept into the action with the accompanying music just swirling around your ears, great soundtracks with hints of the band Mazzy Star as guitar, cymbals and keyboards enhanced the drama by rising and falling with the action.

    Far better riding scenes than SOA with a much believable storyline reveling the inner dynamics of a 1% club with all its Shakespearian inner-power struggles, as the show did not pull punches nor glorified, rather stated motives as methods. Using the Vagos Patch gave the show a reality without the viewer having to pick a side.

    The producers should be proud of their restrained storytelling avoiding the soap opera and unbelievable homicide rate of the before mentioned SOA series, which I gave up watching seasons ago.

    I would like to purchase the soundtrack should it ever become available.


  24. Tony

    I loved the show, it’s a different story line from soa. I highly recommend the history channel create a full series of season 2.

  25. Wyatt

    Season one was AMAZING. I’ll be really disappointed if they don’t do another one. I’m sure they will though because they were very successful.

  26. Khalil

    This series is amazing i need to see more

  27. Rick

    I think they should make more movies about the snitches from all the other gangland shows they have

  28. Cori Davis

    Not many shows out there can grab my attention, but I got sucked in from the very beginning. What a great show with fantastic story lines. Gangland Undercover gets 2 thumbs up!! Definitely need to see more…Please give us more!!!!

  29. Frank Bruyere

    The story line and the performances of the cast is superb. Each week I could not wait for the next episode. The drama held you hanging and trying to guess what would happen next. There has been many limited episode shows on TV but Gangland was probably the best I have seen in a very long time. Having a season 2 should be a no brainer for the History Channel and the potential sponsors/advertisers.

  30. LOVEME


  31. Laurie M (Canada)

    If no season 2 why did they put season 1 finally on the last episode
    This is referring to history channel stating it was a mini series

  32. Cam Natale Actor

    Gangland undercover NEEDS to come back so I can show you a reallyBass ass Biker gone wrong.. I played the leader of the hells’s Angells in Biker wards docudrama on John Price Prsident of Ease ned chapter of Hells Angels and even got his blessing..
    How about we do the Mongols Notorious bike gand or Banditos or Hells angels..

    Come on make it happen if you know wht’s goo for you…

    The Big Dog..Cuprano’s MC Oakville

    • killerkaMilo

      Much respect!!!!!!!

  33. Give us season 2!!!!


  34. dom

    Best show ever plzzzzzzźzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz make a second season i keep checking Google every other week to see if there is a release date!!!!

  35. Nonie

    Can we at least buy season 2 on DVD?
    Probably not since the producers have
    So much money they don’t need to renew
    This show. Shame on them for getting
    Us wrapped up in season 1 then leave us
    Hanging. I guess that’s show biz for ya.

  36. Susan Pitzonka

    I was wondering if Gangland Undercover is going to be returning to the history channel. I was very involved in the show and it keeps you on the edge of your seat. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!! Could you please give me date of when it will return. Waiting breathlessly for next season!!!

  37. killerkaMilo

    Was really well done and anyone who know their way around club life would appreciate the way this show was done!!!they did a really great job in even the smallest of details in how things really work which made the show realistic. and I loved it for that. I hope to see a season two like others have said their is more than enough storyline left for at least one more season. hope it gets done….. this show is the sh*t!!!!!! And like me said they r mc (clubs) not gangs!!!

  38. Reaper

    I am loving this show!!!! Show more

  39. Jeff

    You say they’re not gangs but clubs… what club kills people and distribute dr*gs and sell dr*gs???

    • Tom

      Kinda what I was thinkin!!!

  40. Monti

    I seen the first one of season 2 and can’t find any time when the others will play. Please don’t cancel show! Let me know when season 2 episode 2 will be on.

  41. Chopper

    What happened to season 2??? Why air only one episode after all build up to the season premiere?? These douche bags need to let us know what is going on and when it will air again if ever. To pull the show with no explanation is totally unfair to fans of the show WTF??

  42. Cho-Ma

    Very curious what has happened to season 2? I watched the season 2 episode 1 and was excited to see more. Anyone have any idea what happened here?

  43. Andrea Schoenbein

    Ya wth were is other episodes.. this is bullsh*t no news or nothing they act like it’s playing

  44. Bryce

    I have seen on a few different sites, it has already aired most of season 2. I’ve even seen the names of the season 2 episodes. The 2nd episode is named The Devil You Know and was aired on 12.15.2016. I’ve also seen this on a few other sites. I do not know how this can be true, but I am really annoyed with History/A&E for not following through.

  45. Denise

    My husband and I really enjoy gangland undercover. What happened to season 2? We saw the first episode. What happened to the rest?? This show is awesome. Please bring it back. If you want to drop a show, drop intervention. That show is awful.

    • JAYMZ


  46. phil

    this is bull sh*t wheres my damn show

  47. Barb

    Why did you advertise for the show to return & now I see it has been cancelled or something? We love this show, please reconsider.

  48. Edward

    I just want the show to come on and stay on til the end of the season. Enough of this coming on and showing a few episodes and then being lost for a period of time. A&E did it and now it looks like history will be doing it. stop it, just run the show.

  49. Lambert

    Wtf?! You play season 2 episode 123 and leave us hanging !! It’s bs and wished I didn’t see the first 3! Are you gonna either air the others or at least let us download them!

  50. E.S.A.D


  51. Jim

    Very frustrating not being able to find episodes 4 and later, only to learn they might not even be shown. Love this show. Don’t do this to me. Please air the rest of the season at the very least.

  52. Kyle

    How the hell do you air s2 1,2,3 and stop? Biggest joke ever. Going to stay away from the History ch series from now on. Who knows if y’all might screw us again and shut a show down a season after it starts. Who made that dumbass call in the big office. Why trust this channel and the knuckleheads running it. It was a great show following another great series, Six. Surprised Six wasn’t stopped in the middle as well! Did someone go Charlie Sheen and cause a bad ass show to cancel? Sorry to drag you into this Charlie!

  53. Jesse

    So many fans of the show, and the way the ratings work. Why can’t you give the fans the rest of season 2 and you know the people will be watching season 3 if that ever come out. Because the show made people buy the book and also watch the history.

  54. Shelley

    Hey when is Season two coming back on? They showed about three episodes then it hadn’t been back on? Why

  55. Joel Parcell

    HISTORY CHANNEL you are now on my Sh*t list!
    What the hell is wrong with you?
    Sons of Anarchy was the hottest cable drama on television for years on FX.
    You said the show was not getting enough exposure and you pulled it?
    That’s YOUR fault. Whoever is in charge over there is incompetent.
    You’re losing fans Hostory Channel.

  56. Tom

    Been watching them online thru Season 2 Ep. 8. Lookin forward for season 3.
    I read C.F.’s book, good read. Burning ? in my mind is why would anyone go into this world of absolute evil and put it all on the line???

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