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K.C. Undercover season 3 release date

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k.c. undercover season 3 release date

When will K.C. Undercover season 3 come out on Disney? The series has been renewed for a third season. What about the release date in 2017?

If you watch the series K.C. Undercover, then you have to know that it is renewed for a third season. The formal decision about financing a new “pack of episodes” was made this week, and executive VP Adam Bonnett in his interview, praised the work of the creative team.

The release date of the third season has not been revealed, but we know that we can expect premiere in 2017.

The series K.C. Undercover started on television in early 2015. This is a story about a teenager girl K.C. Cooper, who is studying in a regular school. But she finds out that her parents are professional spies and she has no choice but to follow in their footsteps…

The main role is played by the actress Zendaya, who has taken second place in the 16th season of Dancing With the Stars, and she is also invited to participate in the upcoming movie “Spider-Man: Homecoming”.

K.C. Undercover season 3 release date – [July 7, 2017]

The responsible for the development of the show is Corinne Marshall and the executive producers are Rob Lotterstein and Jared Hoffman. We are waiting for the new season!

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