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Girl Meets World season 4

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girl meets world season 4 release

Will there be Girl Meets World season 4? Is the series cancelled or renewed? We want to know premiere/release date on Disney Channel!

Will it be a renewal the series Girl Meets World? Fans are already looking for the release date of Season 4, but are the representatives of Disney Channel ready to announce it?

Project rating is not as high as it was during the broadcast of the debut season, but still the show has high chances (UPDATE 1) of getting financing for creating new episodes. A formal decision from the right holders is still not ready (UPDATE 2), but the discussion is being conducted.

Young girl Riley spent her childhood in a quiet provincial town, but one day her parents decided to move to a large and bustling New York. Riley is very emotional, cheerful and curious girl. Perhaps it is because of these qualities incredible stories so often happen with her. She experiences life, faces with various problems in the family, among friends and at school, as well as her parents when they were younger…

Well, we are waiting for a decision from the Disney Channel on the fourth season and we hope that it will be positive! Do not miss the next update!

UPDATE 1 (Dec.22, 2016): Insiders put the show’s chances of survival at 50/50.

UPDATE 2 (Jan.4, 2017): Girl Meets World will not return for a fourth season on Disney Channel.

UPDATE 3 (Jan.12, 2017): Series creator Michael Jacobs told that “there are talks underway” for the series to continue (season 4) on another network or streaming service.

UPDATE 4 (May 3, 2017): Bad news… A new home has not been found for the canceled Disney Channel sitcom (creator Michael Jacobs).

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  1. Jessi3-PS

    The final episode of the third season is named “Girl Meets Goodbye”, and no one has any idea what that means…

    ahahahahahaha )))))))

  2. Pitta T.

    “Girl Meets Goodbye”” is the series finale, I think.
    This means: No Season 4

  3. IshKa22

    So sad to hear the show is ending. I can’t understand what the reason would be? They should have sold the rights and let Netflix do something.

  4. JoJo

    Please Netflix pick this up!!!

  5. Carla Luis

    Shame on you Disney…

  6. Elena T.

    This show has only gotten better with time and had so much room to grow! s*cks! disney!

  7. AmMa

    Ended? Cancelled? Why? It’s a shame after all that hoping.

  8. abubakar yusif

    I can wait to watch season 5

  9. GMW the best

    please bring GMW back!!!

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