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«Lost Girl» season 5: premiere air date

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When does «Lost Girl» season 5 premiere? The show has been greenlit for 13 episodes and is set to air Fall 2014. Thank you Showcase!

TV-channel: Showcase
Pilot episode: September 12, 2010
Creator: Michelle Lovretta

Season 2 Episode 1: 0.42 million viewers

Season 3 Episode 13: 0.27 million viewers

The creators of the «Lost Girl» show announced their decision to renew it for the season 5. The Showtime management confirms the new episodes production will start already in spring the current year and on December 7 2014 we will enjoy the premiere of the fifth season.

For the present it is only about Canada, as the U.S. cable TV channel hasn’t made an official announcement yet, however nobody has doubts «Lost Girl» will be also broadcast by American television. 13 new episodes have been ordered, since, according to the Showtime management, the given format of the show is the most successful.

What do you want out of season 5?

UPDATE 1 (March 3, 2015): Season 5 premiere on Syfy – April 17, 2015.

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  1. Sam

    Loved the first 3 seasons, but despite enjoying season 4 it still felt rushed and full of holes. Hopefully season 5 won’t feel so forced.

    • Dranae

      I agree Sam. I had to read fanzines to figure out what was going on with The Wanderer. This last season was a little confusing to follow, and the ending was mildly disappointing. The Morrigan is mortal and Vex is gone. Hale and Kenzi, the constant comic relief, are dead. How horrid! I hope there is a magical resurrection for them both. Also, their romance has been below the surface for years. I feel they were denied a full relationship because there were too many plot element crammed into season 4. Not to mention … I am looking forward to see how things unfold.

  2. Baraka

    i hope Paul will be back I kept watching it for Vex. Vex cracked me up. At least Emm is back!

  3. elseni de souza

    Sou fã ,e adoro desde da primeira a quarta temporada e aguardando a quinta …

    aciosa .me divirto com a kenzi e a Bo linda como todo o elenco .

    que veia logo a 5º temporada

  4. mark

    I really enjoy the show {all seasons} and find the scripts and cast very entertaining. It to me, is a cross between “night gallery” and “twighlight zone”. the casting and acting in my opinion is great. the characters all really seem to “fit” and sometimes the only real requirement to enjoy the show is to not be a prude. Some of the episodes have gone way “out there”, but that is what makes the series sooooo goooooddd. I also like the WGN series “salem”. keep up the great work!!!!!!! To the kooks is say it’s only make believe, all in good fun!


  5. Les

    It was refreshing to find a series that mixed metaphysical and spiritual, magical and mystical and, theological and realism !!!!!! Thank you!!! to all who participates in such a fantastic creation. I completely enjoyed all seasons and look so forward to season 5. Qualit6y entertainment !!!


  6. MJ

    More Bo and Lauren, Not enough television series give such great stories to their couples.. this one is heart breaking and beautiful all at once

  7. Brittany

    I would love to see Bo and Dawson back together.

  8. Alex

    Kenzi better not be dead. Lauren can go, that b*tch has issues, but not Kenzie.

  9. Maria

    I love love love this show. The fourth season brought me to years. I loved hale and Kenzi!!! I want Bo and Dyson to be together. They are the perfect power couple! I hope it ends up that way. This show has me hooked all the time.

    • Jaida moorer

      I love kenki and hale you have to bring them 2 back and they better not be dead for pond Bo and Dyson are destined to be together and find trick another girl friend and Bo dad better be revealed

  10. Zhjnai

    I love the show so much suspense it’s so craving. Although I didn’t like the fact that Kenzie dies at the end of season 4 I loved her character in the show, she was funny and kept everyone together.

  11. Dranae

    I would love to see Hale and Kenzi have a beautiful romance. I feel their relationship was denied a full on screen experience because of the other plot elements. They have both demonstrated moments of desire for one another from season two until now. I hope there is a magical resurrection for them both.

  12. Chrysta

    I want Rainer to come back to life. Bo and him were so great together. Forget about Dyson and Lauren, make a story for a new love. Since I bet many of you want to explore the relationship between Rainer an Bo:)

  13. Taeghen2004

    All I want is Kenzi back. Without her whats the point?

  14. Jason

    Its amazing to me the number of viewers listed above. I live in the U.S, Alabama. It airs an entire session later than it does on Showtime in Canada. My wife and I watch it on a pirated channel just to watch it when it originally airs. Bo is so hot regardless who she is with, the doctor or the wolf.

  15. Jackie

    I want Bo and Dyson to have a real chance to be together.

    • Myra

      I definitely agree, they are just so Amazing together. More better relationship then with Lauren

  16. Pam

    I just finished season 4.I enjoyed all of them. I do want kenzi, hale and vex to come back the always made me laugh. i loved the romance between kenzi and hale. I felt like the cast worked well together and can’t wait to see what happens with the wander is he or is he not her father. i need more.

  17. Lisa c

    I agree Kenzie is the Anchor to the show. Bo may be the star but she is limited, Kenzie added layers and without her it is just a Lesbian Glamazom show, no heart just T and A for gay.

  18. MAP

    I thought season four was the last season. The series was originally built around the friendship between Bo and Kenzi, and seemed to come full circle with Kenzi’s death.

    Kenzi is the heart and soul of the show, plus the much needed comic relief. I don’t know how they will continue with the show with her.

  19. Andrea

    Bring it to America Damnit!! I love this show!!!

  20. donna smith

    lost girl when will we see it in united states season 5

  21. Cheyene

    I would love to see Bo and Dyson fall in love all over again.

  22. Shamika

    I so love this show I just started watching it 1week ago on Netflix everynight till 3am…I would love for it to come on in the united states asap… heard season 5 is the last season I hope not this show has me gone….

  23. Persephonie

    OMG! I love Lost Girl with an extreme passion. I’m so happy and exited for the next season, but sad that’s it’s the last. There is so much more to their story, but all, awesomely awesome, fae-tastical things in the fae-ing world, must come to an end. Ultimate sadness…well to the fanfictions I go. lol In all serious, I can’t wait till all the questions are answered, including who Bo will be with… hopefully Tamsin. YAY TEAM VALKUBUS!! Okay bye! XD

    • Heather

      I agree, Bo and Tamsin. She was the only one who didn’t lie to her about the dawning and the only one who believed Bo when she said that Kenzi was not the real Kenzi

  24. Sara

    Kenzi and Hail Should Not Be Dead They Both Should Come Back..


    Please don’t let Kenzie be dead. I watched the show because I liked her comic relief.

  26. Unhappy Camper

    Please bring back Kenzie and Hale, and let Bo be with Dyson!

  27. Jeff

    My wife and I have been watching since the beginning. We like the twists, yes, sometimes it took us a bit to follow but isn’t that the point? There was a lot of “WTH”‘s and “I didn’t see that coming”. And Im hoping Kenzy isn’t dead. The whole Valhalla story could be a good watch.

  28. lost girl lover

    Wow just got into the show and couldn’t turn it off. I watched all seasons in a week and just finished while balling like a baby. I would love to see Dyson and Bo back together and Kenzi and Hale come back. At least at the end of all the madness. After all everyone has gone through they deserve to be Alive and happy. I figured someone was going to die but Damn not Kenzi shes awesome……. but I do love this show and hope to see many more seasons its better then all the other mithical shows ever aired!

  29. Rachel

    how dare you kill kenzie bring her back now.

  30. april

    i loved watching season 3 but at season 4 i reeled cried and i want kenzy to come back and hail because they were a cute coupe and its better when kenzy is always there.

  31. Regina

    I love the show but I am not sure what channel it is going to be on, it used to be on sci-fi but I can’t find it anywhere for the date it is supposed to be coming back for the next season. Can anyone help me find what channel it is now going to be on. Thanks

  32. Jamie

    How can I watch season 5 in the US

  33. Davida

    Hey Sci-Fi !!! What happened? please please do not tell me some network executive cut one of the best Sci-Fi shows to come along in a long time that isn’t a stupid reality show! ARGH!

  34. georgeanne

    I think a motion picture would be awesome. the potential is endless. Please bring back Kenzi..!!!! I love the show. the friendship between Bo and Kenzi IS the show. I loved and hated the end of 4th season. Tamzen, one of my favorite characters.

  35. Jeannie

    I am waiting the return of Lost Girl. This show is fabulous and the acting is excellent. I love all the twists and turns and hope management will have more preordained up and will air in USA soon!

  36. Stephanie

    This show was FANTASTIC! I loved every episode and cannot wait for season 5.

  37. Bonita

    I love the show,but bring back Kensi and Hale!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Fred

    i have season 1-5 where can i get season 5

  39. Rich L.

    I started watching Lost Girl after the 2nd season had ended. I find myself liking this show very much. Just one thing, does anybody else agree that this show would be even better and have even more fans if it was a CABLE show (ie Showtime or HBO)?

    As it is, this show always touches on the fringe of what is allowed on regular TV. The swearing is definitely borderline and the sex, well, no nudity but the idea is put ‘out-there’ leaving very little to the imagination. I just think the show could be even more intimate and even more racy if it aired lets say, on HBO. I am not referring to nudity. No sir. I am referring to taking the show to the next level which can only be accomplished on a Cable network like HBO.

    It doesn’t change anything. I still love the show and will always watch it.

  40. lorie

    this is by far my favorite show and have been waiting for it to come back on and now I find out that it might be over!! Why is it that when u find a Show u really like and get into then it’s over just like Sam Crow. Then it was Being Human really, Damit. To many of those supid reality TV shows that I can’t stand so I don’t watch, wait and wait for the Good stuff and they pull it!

  41. Susan

    Was #1fans for the first 3 seasons but almost abandoned during the nightmare called Season Four. What tripe! I swear, it was as if the writers were all locked in separate rooms and told to write a story. Just plain awful. I’ll give this final season a chance but will never buy that 4th season, leaving a hole in my collection, but I’m hoping it will allow me to forget it ever happened!

  42. ScarletteSpider

    season 5 is last season for Lost Girl!

  43. kam browne

    I need lost girl season 5 and 6 !!!! I have watch season 1-4 over over and I love this show so much
    so please we need season 5 and 6

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