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Gracepoint season 2?

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Will there be Gracepoint season 2? When is the premiere of the new episodes in 2015? Bad news… The show would not be renewed…

TV-channel: Fox
Pilot episode: October 2, 2014
Created by: Chris Chibnall
Genre: Crime drama

Season 1 Episode 1: 4.76 million U.S. viewers

Season 1 Episode 10: 4.01 million U.S. viewers

Fans of «Gracepoint» television series won’t enjoy the continuation of the show. Such disappointing news was reported by the representatives of Fox television series.

Despite the fact, that the final of the story was watched by more than 4 million Americans, the rights holders aren’t going to renew the series for season 2, and Fox management refuses to give any comments concerning the show closing. The new episodes won’t be ordered – the given fact upsets the huge number of fans all around the world.

Many experts and critics appreciated the remake of Chibnall’s UK drama series Broadchurch, so why not to film the second season, after all it is being awaited by everyone…

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  1. Kristin

    Guess Gracepoint can’t hold a candle for the UK version known as Broadchurch.

    • Arlene Bradley

      Gracepoint was every bit as great as BC – in some ways much better – the pacing was better and I loved how the focus was on Tennant’s Carver than Miller – and I loved the ending – Don’t blame GP – blame Fox for screwing everthing up – putting it in a impossible time slot and not promoting the show enought before or during the show’s run.

  2. Elena

    David Tennant’s American accent was awful. Took away from his fantastic acting and make season 2!

    • Arlene Bradley

      David’s American accent was just fine – sounded to this Chicago women like a down state Illinois or Missouri accent and it took nothing away from his acting – he was brillient as always

    • Geraldine

      His american accent was great! In fact I had no idea he was not American and I am an American so I don’t know what you are talking about. And for everyone who says the British version is better. No way! Just like the show shameless. William H Macey plays Frank as do all of the American actors much better than the British version. I tried watching both shows and just couldn’t get through the season . sorry …..I know the truth hurts.

  3. Kay P.

    FOX must dieeeeee!

  4. SueZ

    I didn’t even realize there was an option for a second season. I thought it was only meant to be 1 season.

    • Geraldine

      Well then you won’t be disappointed that there is not going to be one. Lol

  5. Maxine88

    From the beginning it was advertised as a 10 part event. What was there to cancel? It went 10 part and played out.

    • Chaliq

      Should have been 10 half hour shows would have helped it move or die faster.

  6. Billy Morales (New York)

    It was a pale copy to the original Broadchurch the series.
    Billy Morales (NY)

    • Chaliq

      Didn’t see Broadchurch, but it had to be better than Gracepoint.

  7. Lee

    With a few exceptions, the acting wasn’t as good as that in Broadchurch. No season 2? I’m not surprised!

  8. Paula (fan)

    I loved Broadchurch and looking forward for 2nd season.. But, I also watched Gracepoint, but only for David Tenant and Anna Gunn.

  9. Darin

    Please, give us season 2 of Gracepoint!

  10. Chaliq

    Thank God. That was the worst piece of cr*p I’ve ever been s*ckered into watching since becoming disabled.

    • Geraldine

      Just because you are disabled ( which I am sorry for) does not mean you only get 1 station does it? And BTW I completely disagree. The show was great

  11. Arlene Bradley

    Please give us a season 2

    • Geraldine

      I agree

  12. Not Tellin

    Gracepoint as well as Broadchurch were both wonderful!!! However I am American and can relate much more to Gracepoint. Ilove this show [and David Tennant]

  13. steph carr

    Please bring it back!!!! I loved this show. We as viewers become involved with the characters and look forward to seeing them every week. I watch shows to be entertained and taken to a place far away from my own troubles gracepoint did this for me

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