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Grantchester season 2: start date

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When does Grantchester season 2 start in US? It will be returning for the new episodes, ITV has confirmed. What about the premiere date in 2015?

TV-channel: ITV
Directed by: Harry Bradbeer
Written by: Harry Bradbeer
Genre: detective drama

Season 1 Episode 1: 7.77 million UK viewers

Season 1 Episode 6: 6.37 million UK viewers

«Grantchester» television series started in Britain on ITV in October 2014. The newcomer managed to attract more than 6,5 million viewers at home and was highly estimated on American TV while streaming on PBS.

The show success was noted by numerous critics, which resulted in its renewal for season 2. Steve November (ITV’s director of drama) confirmed, that Daisy Coulam, the screenwriter, would be engaged into the adaptation of the second book from «The Grantchester Mysteries» series.

The start date of the «fresh» episodes is scheduled for the end of 2015 and in the USA the second season will take place on March 27, 2016 (9pm ET on PBS).

Is this television series interesting for you? Will there be Grantchester season 3?

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  1. Harry

    Second book is “Sidney Chambers And The Perils Of The Night”. Can’t wait season 2.

  2. David

    Loved this series, more than the books. Great cast!

    • Betty

      Absolutely perfect casting!

  3. Deb

    Great serie! Almost as good as Foyle’s War( high praise indeed) I hope that it will become a long lived series.

  4. Lillian

    Loved this series. I was shocked and surprised that there were only 6 parts. I want more. The cast is excellent, wouldn’t want them to change anyone. Love the bromance between Sidney and Geordie and I like the house lady and the other canter. Please bring back. I am telling everyone about it. Can’t wait for Season 2 in the U.S. I might have to fly to the U.K. to see it early! lol


    Excellent series; great cast; great story lines. Love the costuming accuracy and the set designs. Looking forward to Season 2 and MANY more thereafter.

  6. Barbara

    There HAS to be more to this. You can’t just leave Sidney broken hearted over losing Amanda!!! It’s not fair. Love the series and all of the characters. (And the dog).

  7. Diana Sorensen

    Really liked this series. It’s not only the mystery side but the human element, the story running through it, that’s addictive. It lets us see the human vulnerabilities which sometimes lead to crime. These are not synthetic characters. They are imperfect. The war damaged, self castigating, young vicar; the detective whose vulnerable family side contrasts with the brutal reality of police work; the unlikely young woman who appears to give in to the demands of her social rank are foils for the usual personalities assigned to these roles. On the other hand we are allowed to see the kindness behind the gruffness of the caretaker at the vicarage, the gentleness and unknowing goodness in the character of the gay curate and the everyday normalcy and lack of evil of the “enemy” in the young German woman. I hope this series continues for a long time. Definitely hope to continue sharing the lives of the characters in Granchester.

  8. Diana Sorensen

    Love this series. The usual mystery story with it’s stereotypical good versus evil characters is replaced by vulnerable humans whose problems, which lead some of them to irreparable crime, we can identify with. The storyline is addictive. Hope we can continue sharing it for a long time.

  9. Madelon

    I love how Sidney internalizes the dilemas of the criminals and the crimes. He finds his way toward understanding and shares it with his flock. He’s a most endearing character. I can’t wait for ensuing episodes. I didn’t realize that season one would end so soon.

  10. Sandy

    Being relatively new to the Masterpiece series,I’m surprised at how few episodes are in each series…and how long between seasons!! How can we be expected to wait so long???? Grantchester’s characters are endearing, the sets charming and the plots addictive. Hurry back!!!

  11. Elizabeth

    There is so much good to say about this series that I hardly know where to begin in fact, at this point if I could only watch either Downton or Grantchester, it would have to be the latter! Never thought I ever say that.
    Every character is perfect both in personality and portrayal. I do not have adequate adjectives in my vocabulary to describe Sidney/James…oh, be still my heart, my 73 year old heart! But such a long wait until season 2 so I have to be content to watch reruns over and over and over……..

    • Denise

      Elizabeth, I couldn’t agree more with your comments! As much as a love Downton, Grantchester is wonderful – the quality of the actors, the sets and scenery, the interaction between the characters, and Sidney/James . . . be still my 64 year old heart! You can also see him in the PBS show “Death Come to Pemberly”.
      Right there with you watching Season 2 over and over.

  12. Alice

    Please more and more of Grantchester! 8 or 9 seasons will do. Love the show, the cast and the setting. Can’t wait for season 2.

  13. Dee

    I am so grateful when a good series comes along, but I hate waiting a whole year for 6 episodes, when there is so much garbage repeated over and over again on broadcast that isn’t worth watching the first time. Thank God for PBS!! we want MORE!!!

  14. Amy L

    Favorite line from the show that I use all the time now…”What the dickens?!”
    Love the show & the characters. Also sad to see the season was so short last time and can’t wait for more!

  15. Terri c

    I enjoyed this program so much. I loved the character development and the stories. Thank you ITV and PBS.

  16. Esther

    So hard to wait for season 2!! My husband and I loved the chemistry between the characters. What a great show!

  17. sandra

    Love Grantchester! two great male characters in a good friendship – really looking forward to the second series

  18. Brenda

    I am having a hard time waiting for the second season to start. This is a great show and I sure hope like Morris and Lewis it goes for many seasons, because unlike these shows there isn’t much worth watching anymore!!

  19. Eve

    I agree wholeheartedly with all the previous raves about the show-they really leave nothing more to say. Except, “when the dickens” is the 2nd season starting? I can hardly wait.

  20. Judi

    Love the characters,scenery and story lines. James Norton is the perfect Sidney Chambers and the others are all made to play their characters. I was so disappointed when the season ended and can’t wait for season 2 – so looking forward to it.

  21. Carol

    Can’t wait for its return I absolutely loved the show. Loved Sidney and the cops relationship. They have great chemistry together.

  22. Tracy

    I absolutely love Grantchester! I love Sidney’s character so much. Geordie is awesome as well! I can’t wait for the next season to see what new crimes they figure out plus who will be Sidney’s new romance. Grantchester is a wonderful series! I hope there will be many years to come.

  23. Dorrie

    Can hardly wait for the new episodes! This series has everything and I echo the endorsements above.

  24. Anna Stott

    I am so happy and looking forward to seeing season 2. I love this show!

  25. Betty

    Absolutely love this series. I am in love with James. If he goes , I go. Lol
    Soooooo excited there will be a second season!!

  26. Vicki Maddox

    I am thrilled to know grantchester will be returning!

  27. Jamie monk

    Love love love it……

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