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Grantchester season 3 premiere date

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Grantchester season 3 premiere date

When will Grantchester season 3 come out in UK and US? Do you want to know the exact premiere date for the new episodes? Follow!

Original network: ITV
Executive producers: Diederick Santer, Rebecca Eaton
Starring: James Norton, Robson Green, Morven Christie, Al Weaver, Tessa Peake-Jones…
Original release: October 6, 2014 – present

The premiere of the second season of the series Grantchester was being watched by 7.12 million viewers (UK), which was an absolute record for the project. This success has led to immediately talking about the possibility of renewal the series for the third season, because hardly such a huge and popular project will be closed after the shooting of 12 episodes.

ITV representatives do not deny the fact that the renewal of the show for Season 3 is possible because there are good reasons for it, but before making a decision still they need to discuss (UPDATE 1) a lot of things.

Experts predict that the announcement from ITV will be followed after the broadcasting of the series Grantchester in other countries, because it has a big army of fans in Australia, France and the United States.

Grantchester season 3 premiere date – [2017]

So we are following the news and we will publish a “fresh” data. Do not miss!

UPDATE 1 (April 6, 2016): ITV commissions third series of Grantchester.

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  1. Olivia

    Tremendous show. Thanks for bringing the characters to life. Most talented. Can’t wait series 3

  2. Marguerite

    At times the tv shows are much better than the books. They were a disappointment after the first few!

  3. GrantchesterFan

    Love Grantchester! Please make series 3

  4. kathleen stinchcombe

    l love grantchester first season but second season was sooooooooo dark and unsettling.
    perhaps we could have a lighter fare this season?
    More of a love story with the vicar and his lady love.

  5. Louisa

    I am glad ITV commissioned season 3 for Grantchester. I live in New Jersey, USA, and my local library has the dvds plus the entire series by James Runcie upon which this tv series is based. (They were in the mystery section.) Although Runcie doesn’t follow the exact path as the tv adaption, there is still alot of storyline to tell which hasn’t been brought forth yet on the tv screens. You will be surprised!

  6. wanda

    Please pass on to have a Season 3. Love this show.

  7. Donna

    Love Grantchester! Please let us see a season 3. This was such an engaging show. Better than Victoria. That lost my attention in the first show. How many times do we need a show on British royalty!

  8. Johanna

    Well, it is now March 2017 and I still can’t find any information on when season 3 will begin to air. Is there some reason this is all kept secret?

  9. Susan

    When does season three start? Please ans er!

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