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«H2O: Just Add Water» season 4: release date

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When will «H2O: Just Add Water» season 4 come out? What is known about new episodes and premiere?

The youth series about the mermaids became very popular both on its motherland (Australia) and abroad. Three seasons of the given show were shot and aired. The premier episode was broadcast by Network Ten in 2006.

Jonathan Schiff, director of the show, is planning to shoot a spin-off of the series. The new story will be called «Secret of Mako Island» (release date – 2013), which means that we will never see «H2O: Just Add Water» Season 4, as the third season has been the last one! Series spin-off is to be produced soon. All the requests of the fans weren’t satisfied. That fact upset many TV viewers.

It should be mentioned that the plot of the given series was based on a story of three girls: Emma, Rikki and Cleo, who had turned into the mermaids. Lewis, the girls’ friend, kept their secret and prevented them from touching the water.

Would you like to see new episodes of the given story?

What about Mako Mermaids season 4 release date?

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  1. Mouse

    They are doing a spin off Mako Mermaids, but i neeeeeed season 4 !! Rikki was my favorite. I’ll miss …

    • Diora

      They should find new people I adore that show!!!!

    • annnyy

      Rikki was my favorite too. ♥ ♥ ♥ 3

      • Cornelia lee

        Same with me I think Rikki is great

    • Cheyenne

      I want season 4 I don’t want to watch mako mermaids I want regular h2o

      • Dominique

        I WANT MORE H20 NO MAKO MERMAIDS!!!!!!!!!!

        • Savage queen

          I want h2o Emma was my favorite I don’t like mako mermaids i want season 4

    • Tyra

      Yay for mako mermaid,but boo for no season 4, and 5 I really loved h20 just add water,and the characters,so sad about no Emma,rikki,Cleo,will,Lewis,and Bella.plz make a new season for of h20 plz plz plz

    • Denise H2O lover


      • Ihlam

        This is f*cked up I’d ❤️ THAT SHOW I THink mako mermaids is bullsh*t h2o is my fav I hate it had to be cancelled motherf*cking directors everyone loves that show and ur going to take it away by stupid mako mermaids I neve r thought nickelodeon would be sh*t nowadays I hate Disney channel and nick for there sh*ty shows I use to love it when I was younger and now my little sister has to go on my iPad to watch the old funny shows I hate it who agrees with me???

    • girls run the world

      I know right I neeeeeeeeedddddd it to if not another one I will sue

    • rikki fan h20

      I neeeed Rikki

  2. EmmaCleoRikkiBella:)

    Hm…..They definitely should make an H2O season 4! I just finished season 3 and I will cry if they don’t make another one. Maybe Emma will be back too!!!!!!!!!! If she’s not, I will cry.

  3. erika

    I heard there was going to be a movie but alot of people dont seem to think that was true!

  4. Miranda Degange

    I’m only nine years old,and I almost stopped breathing on the last episode when Lewis walked down those stairs.I need more episodes man kind,I LOVE U LEWIS,AND ALL THE GIRLS!!!!!!!!&be Cool,MAKE MORE EPISODES!!!!

  5. Mako Mermaids

    when does Mako Mermaids (spin-off) start?

  6. katy

    I heard on fanpop that there is going to be a season 4 and 5 I hope this information is true I am obsessed with h2o my room is covered in h2o

  7. please

    cant wait fo Secret of Mako Island

  8. CREB

    i hope there is 2 more season so i can watch all night

    • rikki

      whoever you are that’s ridicous you got to go asleep I love h2o my and my friends are doing a secret project lol. btw im 10 years old

  9. Arena

    Please make 4 and 5 I am so board without it !!!!!!!!!!!

    • Cutebunny5

      Yeah me too

  10. Lily

    Pleaz make a season4!!!!!!! And i dont hav a fav

  11. Dalila

    Is there anywhere I can watch season 4?

  12. :D Mako Island

    Katy, they also say there will be a season 6 I hope soo I love that show I’ve finished all of season 3 I can’t wait for more!! I wonder if its true that they’re going to make a movie and EmmaCleoRikkiBella:), they say that Emma returns in season 4

  13. Vivianna

    I fully obsessed with H2O sooo can’t wait for the new seasons to come out, does anyone know when it’s gonna be released? I’ve seen the trial for Mako Island and it look awsome I so wanna watch that!!!

  14. Jessica

    My daughter and I really enjoy watching this show! Please keep it going! The characters are so awesome.

  15. emmybug123

    mako mermaids is out with more episodes…..YAY!!!!

  16. Lera

    «Secret of Mako Island» horrible series. Too many mystics and everything looks not realestichno. “H2O: just add water” is much better throughout. I am very disappointed in the director.

  17. Shaun

    I wish there was seasons 4&5 of h2o

    • have big news

      there is it will come out on september the 10 th 2014

  18. Michelle2002

    man I was really hoping for a next season and more now that I know im really going to miss them please I’M BEGGING YOU TO MAKE MORE . Make us proud!

  19. Michael Vermeylen

    The show mast go on just add water was a great show and and the and of season3 thay maby need to try to get emma back in it for a season for

  20. Emma Snyder

    They can’t take it away it is a really great show and I was really looking forward to seeing what happened when everyone.

  21. Emma Snyder

    They should air it that was a good show think of all the people that want to see season 4 and they can’t some people want to know what happened to everyone after high school but now we won’t and a lot of want to know about Rikki and Zane and the others.

    • mya

      i want to know what happens to cleo and lewis he shows up and it just stops thats madniest!it has to i mean has to keep going

  22. emmi

    I hate when they make a show and then just shut it off. Please bring it back I miss cleo and lewis!
    the spin off is awful I hate it

    • have big news

      the spin off is cinda cool

  23. Hannah Pennington

    Bring a season 4 please. I beg of you. I hate the spinoff Mako Mermaids. The 1st season of that came out and there are no new episodes. Good. Maybe they will bring a season 4. I really hope so. I know the girls are out of high school now but do a series or 2 in the summertime ! I am so disappointed like everyone else here.

  24. have big news

    season 4 + 5 is coming out on september the 10 th
    and i don’t mean a mako mermaids spin off i mean a real series 4 with emma returning!!!!!!!
    don’t belive me? ask my dad he made this series ( with other people)

    • Norene

      Why have they not aired any update on H2O. It is August 2014. When will they start advertising? If it is your dad then you would know. Let us all in on the secret please!

    • Hilina

      U mean the cartoon one or the actual h2o cause it is past September 10 and I haven’t heard anything.

    • katelyn

      Oh thank you so much I love you guys I just love your h2o just add water series Emma rikki Cleo ash Zane Lewis and then the other people are awesome can you tell them for me and tell them I want to meet them omg I love it

      • katelyn

        Have big news person that was for u

    • Emma


    • Alyssa

      Really so excited what year oh my god Bella was my favorite so pretty all of u were and don’t just give up if u r listening to this go for season four make it happen no matter what txt me look at all the people u r letting down especially me I would kill to be on a season of that and I would kill for more seasons

    • H20=Life

      Are u sure or r u trying to get publicity or something?! #Never joke about H20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • H20=Life

        Is it coming in 2016 September? It”s already November

    • Laila

      AWSOME!!! 😀 !!!!!!!

  25. Tayler

    Why haven’t they said that it will come out this September then? Or are they going to wait till it’s closer to September?

  26. Krissy

    Aaah they need to make a season 4 omg i live this series they are awesome!!!

  27. Kate

    I love h20 just add water!!

    I really love rikki Chadwick please bring out the season4 out on a DVD for me and my girlfriends kids to watch it with me. They really love watching h20 just add water all I got is 1-3

  28. Cheyenne

    I want season 4 of h2o and I cant wait I hope there is a season 4 and 5 because h2o is awesome. I tried watching mako mermaids but I don’t like it

    • Sammy

      I tried watching mako mermaids also but could not be interested the same I was for h20 I need more h20!

      • Laila

        I’m just not at all as….well…I HATE mako mermaids
        Also make a season four with 20 episodes!!!! Plz {note to rikki,Emma,Bella,Cleo,Zane,will,Lewis,} keep up the good work Cleo ! With your fake sis Kim!
        Lewis you are awesome at the graduation! You fabulous ! Rikki just forgive Zane! Emma,Eliot
        Come back and meet will,Sophie and Bella! Bella you are a great singer!
        All of you are just amazing!!! 🙂

  29. Kayla

    I want more seasons of h2o love the mermaids I want season. 4 or 5or. 6

  30. justine

    Please make season 4 I will miss rikki too.make the season.

  31. mya

    i want to see what happens to cleo and lewis <what happens to emma . i neeeeed a season 4. theres little clips of what people think season 4 will be like but there terrible they just use clips from 1-3 and just write what they think will happen.
    if it has to come out in september it should be the 9 because that day is a full moon i checked my calendar

  32. h2o lover

    I don’t want a spin-off I want h2o!!!

  33. carla

    the spin-off is horrible h2o is so much better

  34. Kate

    I’m really glad that the new season 4 and season 5 is coming out in Amercia I can’t wait for it to come out on DVDs.

    I really need to know what the new covers are really like

  35. amari

    That is my favorite show to watch and I want to know what happens to cleo and lewis and Rickkie and Zane and the others and if Emma is coming and sees bella and then it becomes 4 of them

  36. Jessica

    I want a season 4 of H2O just add water!!. I tried to get into the spin off but it sucks!! I HATE it. 🙁

  37. shelly

    I need H2O season 4, please…. I’m going crazy without it! They play the shows from 1-3 on teen Nick at 4 pm now!!! Bring on season 4!

  38. Rachel

    They really need to make a 4th and 5th season… They have to have Emma come back and now there are 4 of them and they need to show that Emma and ash are still together… They should also make a reunion season or even movie and show how Cleo and Luis got married and Emma and ash got married and riki and Zane got married and will and Bella… Those couples were perfect! I need season 4 and 5 or just a reunion season where it shows all of there weddings and stuff!! I need another season!!!

  39. autumn

    I can’t stop watching that h2o just add water series the detector is keeping me and other ppl in suspense make a season 4 already!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. katelyn

    I love h2o it’s the best show ever please see make a season 4 and try to make a season 5 I admire your work I love it so much that I’ve watched all seasons like ten times thank you and I would like to meet the mermaids and more people from the show someday

  41. Sammy

    I love h20 just add water and hate to see it end. I really and positively hope that there is it will be season 4. I wish there wasn’t a spin off and I preffer more h20. I am not sure if there will be season 4 but keep hoping and believing everyone!!!

    • Julianne Concel

      I love h20 it’s awesome I just found out when it is coming out it’s September 2016

  42. Adrianna Cox

    Bring a season 4 and a season5 of just add water i want season 4 season 5 season 6 season 7 to comeout January 10th
    And i want Emma back

  43. H20 just add water

    Please do season 4, I’m a big fan of it and right now I’m upset

  44. Emma

    just do season 4 plz i can help u or think whats going to happen next but please just make season 4 plz.
    U know what Im going to convice this directer to make season 4 and Im been waiting for 2 years by the way I hate spin off whos with me

    • Lexi

      I am its lame and has a merman and I think that it would be a nice twist if Louis became a merman tho

    • H20=Life

      I am too! The show is soooooooooooooo lame! It doesn’t have any good episodes! They will never be like H20

    • Laila

      I’m with ya!

  45. harley

    If there isn’t then I will be very disappointed. I wanna see if zane and ricky get back together and if Emma and Bella get along because in season 4 the trailer Emma returns so I wanna see if they get along

  46. Lexi

    Its stupid there could be 5 seasons of h20 please mako mermaids just makes me so mad please.

  47. Denise H2O lover

    I really really am upset, i finished watching H2O, me and my friends always roleplay the show. As soon as i read this, i got upset and started crying. but one thing is true, rikkki,emma,cleo,bella,will,and lewis they all look different. and i agree with lexi mako mermaids has NO RELATE to H2O at all. so i just want to tell the producer to please make like nonstop seasons.

    • H20=Life

      THATS WHAT I’M SAYING!! It ‘s ridiculous!!

  48. Sophie Kulmar

    When is Season 4 coming out? I am six years old from Sydney and it is my favourite. I want to know what happens – please don’t end it at Series 3

  49. season four of h2o is needed

    I want season four, not some run off, I want season four!!!!

  50. Moni

    A season 4 mako mermaids would be nice. There are not a lot of wholesome shows out there for kids but this one is and I hope it continues.

  51. bella

    more of h2o and mako mermaids

  52. Mom

    My daughters and I love this show. Please consider bringing it back. We are patiently awaiting season 4. We also watch Mako Island and love it. Great job!! We love Mermaids!!

  53. Charlton David Miles

    H20 just add water season 4 and more

  54. Morg

    Emma couldnt come back because im pretty sure she was busy filming the vampire diaries/The originals

  55. Teleri Eddington

    I really hate it that there was a season 4 trailer on YouTube, and it turns out that there really is no season 4 at all!!!

    • Laila

      I just wish it comes….NOW!

  56. Love H20

    Please consider bringing H2O:Just Add Water Back. I really enjoyed watching it. I also enjoyed Mako Mermaids. I am sure many other viewers as well as me has a huge disappointment and sadness because of its ending.

  57. H20=Life

    I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEE H20 if they don’t bring it back i’m gonna faint. Honestly Mako mermaids was nothing like H20!

    • Laila

      Your right

  58. alaila

    I dont think they should change the charaters that makes it confusing to other ppl so DONT PLZ DONT MAKE DIFFER CHANGES TO H20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLZ BEGGING U

  59. Laila

    My favorite is Cleo for some reason I had a dream I was her and I was dating Lewis…..why is that
    And plz. pLZ make season four!!! I even rated it ten star!!

  60. Laila

    Do it now!

  61. Kiba from cat friends


    Do you play cat friends????? O.o
    I’m Kiba the blue kitty
    Also……………you better come out with a season 4 or I’ll kill ya!!!!!!!!!

  62. tamara

    there should be a season 4 love this serie
    h20 just add water must be renewed for a fourth season!!!

  63. Santa Lucia

    Please bring another season out of H2O!!!!!! It is a great story. There are so many Questions about why cant the carachters from H2O do magic like mako mermaids. How will Emma react to the new addition.

  64. Anotherme

    Who will be in season 4
    Cleo was my favorite

  65. Duaa

    You better bring n season 4 or I will murder you by the way I am duaa damani the only 12yr old duaa damani

  66. Cutebunny5

    I really loved Rikki she had her own character I just really hate mako mermaids now booooo

  67. nive30

    I wanna see the season 4 please my daughter love it…pls make season 4 and 5

  68. Icecreamcat

    Jonathan NEEDS to make a season 4
    Ok kamon guys we should try to atleast call jonathan and convince him there should bre a season 4 and 5

  69. Rojan

    Hey,I really need that show its awsome beacause of will (luke mitchell) and he is the best actor that I’ve ever seen the girls are perfect I don’t think there is a movie like that In the world

  70. H2O lover

    I love emma so much :-* but I couldn’t see her in season 3… and I need season 4… plz make season 4

  71. pat

    I hope they bring it back because I really like it

  72. Pony lover

    I like Rikki to but I think Cleos powers are best please keep making episodes

  73. draatman

    and I need season 4… plz make season 4

  74. Eryanna

    Next season please Cleo is more like me and Lewis came back we need Netflix Bella and Will Zane can’t be trusted anymore but he still wants Rikki she is over him though Season 4 plz I need it hopefully they make more because I like it I like Rikki but I also like Cleo her powers are the best but Cleo is the best can there be a season 4 and 5 me and my brother love that show

  75. akeem

    Ples make season 4 ples Emma was my girl friend of mine who has been a girl just playing make season 4

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