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Happy Valley season 2: start date

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We are waiting for the new episodes of Happy Valley series! BBC One producers confirmed that the show had been renewed for a season 2.

TV-channel: BBC One
Written by: Sally Wainwright
Producers: Karen Lewis
Genre: Drama

Season 1 Episode 1: 7.64 UK million viewers

Season 1 Episode 6: 7.78 UK million viewers

The first six episodes of «Happy Valley» television series managed to attract more than 7,7 million viewers in the UK and only proved the necessity of Season 2 production.

The rights holders hurried up with the verdict and announced about the show renewal already in August the last year. The shootings have been started already and the start of the new episodes is scheduled for the end of 2015 February 9, 2016 (UPDATE).

The exact premiere date is unknown yet, but the creators promise to inform us about it after the shooting process is over. It is known that Euros Lyn and Sally Wainwright will be the directors of Season 2.

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  1. Linda barnes

    Love love love this show hope to see mant
    Y seasons! Great writing, great acting! Please keep this great show going for many seasons!!

  2. Afekt

    One of the best tv shows for NETFLIX US viewers! Stunning performances crack open from the start of opening credits over Jake Bug’s perfect sing for this powerful crime drama that sets up a believable multi layered story wurhin the first episode. Acting is top notch with a set up that starts to boil fast around an initial crime that soon burns into kid napping, secrets, revenge and twists. HAPPY VALLEY plays out better then most Oscar worthy films! I hope hope NETFLIX picks up season 2 for us American viewers. What could be better in a program that quickly sets up a kidnapping ransom plot all while it’s victim drives along inocently singing along to Kate Bush’s music ‘Whethering Hieghts’ and ‘Babooshka’ – a television first for American Viewers and I love every tense second of it!

  3. Pauline Glenn

    I just love this show, and Sarah Lancashire is one of my all time favourite actresses. And has been since she appeared on Coronation Street.
    I have watched Happy Valley twice now, and would like very much for there to be more seasons. I am so happy to hear there will be a season Two. Thank you, Sally Wainwright, Sarah Lancashire, and all the other great actors involved in the making of this outstanding T.V. drama !

  4. emily m

    happy valley, best thing ever, james Norton so talented, series one brill seen it several times just hope series 2 lives up to my expectations because it”s all about the people who play the parts, can’t wait.

  5. Jackie Fox

    Good stuff. Love it.
    More James Norton, for heaven sake!

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