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Last Tango in Halifax season 4 and 5 premiere date

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When will Last Tango in Halifax season 4 be released on TV? A fourth series has been confirmed by the BBC! Let’s wait for the start in 2015!

TV-channel: BBC One
Written by: Sally Wainwright
Executive producer: Nicola Shindler
Starring: Derek Jacobi, Anne Reid, Sarah Lancashire, Nicola Walker
Genre: Romantic drama

Right after the final episodes of season 3 of «Last Tango in Halifax» television series had been broadcast, the show was announced to be renewed for season 4 according to the news on BBC One official profile in Twitter.

It has been confirmed, that Sally Wainwright’s, the writer, will keep working on the given show, and the approximate premiere date of the new episodes is scheduled for December 19, 2016 (UPDATE 2). There is no information concerning the number of the ordered episodes yet, but, obviously, their number will again comprise six.

It should be mentioned, that the final of the last season was watched by more than 6 million people, therefore the rights holders took such a rapid decision on its renewal.

Are you waiting for season 4?

UPDATE 1: The season 4 of Last Tango in Halifax should be on air sometime in 2016. Follow the updates!

UPDATE 2 (Jan 8, 2016): Series 4 delayed… Sally Wainwright has confirmed that new episodes have yet to be filmed. “The fourth series of Last Tango in Halifax could be the final one.” – Anne Reid.

Are you looking for Last Tango in Halifax season 5 release date ?

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  1. Anna

    Good move BBC! Show is great.

  2. Jeremiah Allison

    Brilliant writing, brilliant cast! So glad there’s going to be a fourth series, absolutely love this drama. Can’t wait.

  3. Martha A.

    I’m so glad Last Tango In Halifax is coming back for another season. Best drama series for ages. Wonderful acting by all.

  4. Elaina

    I am so glad to have another wonderful show to watch from PBS and the BBC. Excellence is what I know I will be watching when I tune in. The stories, the drama, acting and humor are what make your series and programming fascinating to watch. The actors are the best in the world and I thank you for that. I can hardly wait for he next season to begin. Thank you for all the delight you bring to all of us.

  5. Concetta

    Hip Hip Hooray!! A fourth series can’t wait! love it, such a brilliant drama filled with fantastic actors, humour and beautiful British countryside! Best Wishes from Australia

  6. jackie

    Can’t remember being so obsessed with a tv show. Love LTIH! Can hardly wait for the next episode…

  7. Nan

    Yes, I don’t know that waiting until December is a lot of fun but I guess if I want it then December it is. Love this series.

  8. Peach Moran

    I love this series so much, but hate the wait in US to see latest episodes. Love it so much want it to go on for ever. Ps where are new episodes of Happy Valley?

  9. Penny

    absolutely love this series. Can’t wait for season 4!!

  10. sharon

    Yes. I love this show.

  11. Mara

    Great show. Still reeling from the (presumed) death of Kate

  12. Jean

    I really miss Kate but have hope in quirky Greg. Likewise the mix of Alan and Celia, Gillian and Caroline, and the kids and grandkids are always interesting and fun. I confess I hope we see more “spiritual support” from Kate. My sister passed away many years ago but I still think about her and what her opinions would be.

  13. grace l montgomery

    I am delighted having binge watched all three seasons of the extraordinary “Last Tango In Halifax, However I only got to see 5 episodes in the third season ,. Is there in fact only five? or did I get shorted out of episode 6 when I bought it on Amazon. Help!!

    • Lauri

      Hi, yes, I just finished watching episode 6 season 3 on our local PBS station. So you might want to contact Amazon and get your missing episode.

    • nancy

      Netflix seems to have all of the episodes of season 3 including episode 6. I just started watching from the beginning season 1 episodes 1 2 and 3 is all I’ve watched. I too am binging. This is a great show. I am watching from United States

  14. Merry Kelly

    Woopie…..Thank the Lord!!!!!Thought, sadly, it was all over after the final episode of series 3…..Now we can relax and wait….

  15. Donna Davis

    Turning a series into a cash cow is just not wise. Even Anne Reid agrees the 4th season needs to be the last.

    For those who watch it in America, be aware that considerable cutting/editing has been done prior to the airing. I know this is true because I have bought all 3 seasons-original BBC DVDs- from Amazon.UK . It takes forever and a day to get the UK DVD but it is worth the wait because no cutting/editing has been done.

    LTIH would not have had near the impact it did had not Nina Sosanya been in the series. Sarah Lancashire seems to command a lot of credit but without her fellow actress, Nina, it would have had only minimal appeal. Nina received so little credit for her vital role in LTIH.

    • lindsay cooper

      I got the UK DVD and can’t play it…how did you manage to play it on the US system?

      • Frank Blair

        by an all zone DVD player about 39.00$

  16. Katy

    A season 4 to look forward to. I’m so glad — I love this show. Great going PBS!

  17. Margaret Schlachter

    I wish I could match up the names of the actors with the characters. When was the decision made to just show all the actors’ names at the beginning, but not lining them up with the characters’ names? I just read the comment about Nina Sosanya. Who is she playing? Who is Sarah Lancashire playing?

    • Norma Cartwright

      Caroline = Sarah Lancashire
      Kate = Nina Sosanya
      Alan = Eric(?) Jacoby
      Celia = Anne Reid

  18. Kerri Sutherland

    Our whole family loves this show! So happy they decided to make a 4th season… I’d watch it . The acting is always so good and the storyline continues to be interesting. Oh why can America makes these kind of shows? Sigh….

  19. Chryatal

    PLEASE keep this talent going on forever!!!Jusy love it and I am so addicted

  20. Twinkie King

    I enjoy the scenery shown in the series mostly. I’m glad they didn’t belabor the “gay” situation. That has become tiring enough in real life. – Show more scenery & less of the characters that can become tiresome after a while.

  21. Patricia

    Just found this show last week!!! Have been addicted to say the least!! Absolutely love this show!
    Have finished watching the last 3seadons and want more!! Can’t wait tell season 4!! Come on let’s go!!!

  22. andrea

    Only saw a few episodes on TV but then bought the 3 seasons and binge watched. Great show, I
    am addicted. Love the characters and all the interaction among the generations. In season 3,
    are Raff and William different actors? William seems definitely new, but I’m not so sure about Raff?
    Why do the characters from Halifax leave out all articles when they speak–“I’ve put kettle on.” etc. I know that Ann Reid said the show should end after 4 seasons, but I don’t agree. There are so many interesting characters that I would like to see it continue. I agree with other comments–why
    do we have such sophomoric TV dramas in America that are crude and not realistic at all? What a waste when British dramas give us so many more quality shows to engage us.

  23. JJ

    Love the series and almost all BBC offers.

  24. Des in CA

    The scenery, the sheep sounds, and the never a dull moment twist and turns of dramatic personal events. A delight for binge watching satisfaction. A very sad season 3 – was almost too difficult to watch

  25. Gena Fields

    Very much looking forward to the next season !! Excellent show

  26. hellennemm

    Last Tango in Halifax AND Downton Abbey both had the potential to be longer-running than Coronation Street. Shame on Julian Fellowes for not recognizing that! And congratulations and kudos to Sally Wainwright for doing the right thing!

  27. Roy Longman

    Full marks to Sally Wainwright and the writers and script writers of all the marvellous family oriented shows that British television has brought to us over the years. All the great character actor and actress’s (I insist!) can all be recognised for what they do, portraying people we all know from our own families, people across the street and the next-door neighbours. For instance, how many people have a “Mrs.Richards” in their family? Well I certainly did! It’s one thing to laugh at other people but to be able to do so at oneself is priceless! I even asked the lady in our local bakers for a “Geoffrey Palmer” one day, the she knew exactly what I wanted, served me and I left the shop leaving her trying to explain to another customer what it was all about!

    An old Pom in Oz.

  28. jan california

    Outstanding series with complex characters, infuriating at times, but always very rea. I can’t wait for the 4th season.

  29. shirley witt

    So very happy a 4th season is coming in Dec. 2015. One of my favorite shows and
    I looked forward each week……

  30. edie murphy

    love this show and so does everyone I have turned them on to it. can’t wait for season 4

  31. shirley stinson

    I am thrilled to hear series 4 will be airing in December. this will be the best xmas ever. I hope in this series to see some hot kisses from carolyne. I miss kate so much. happy holidays to all.

  32. Leanna Adams

    Great show.

  33. Sandra Ball

    I gave up television years ago but found this series at the library. I just love it! I’m another one who found the show and binge-watched the whole three episodes. I really enjoy all the characters and the storyline. I can hardly wait for season 4. Thanks for making enjoyable television programs for those of us who like substance in viewing. Great job BBC!

  34. Peggy Godwin

    Am watching series 3 on Netflix and it is just a repeat of other former episodes. Is something
    wrong with the tapes I am getting?

  35. KC Campo

    Can’t wait for this series to start again. Addictive!

  36. Rosalie Poyntz

    Here in the States great fan. Love this show so glad we will have a 4th season. We really have to wait a while to be able to watch but it is worth it. Good move BBC

  37. Winwin

    Absolutely love this show! This is on my list of favorite Brit shows – right up there with Doc Martin. They, and some of the older Britcoms (As Time Goes By) are series I’ve watched over and over again and never tire of them. Happy to read LTIH has been renewed for a fourth series. I love the characters and the writing. Top notch! I also hope Doc Martin is around for at least another (8th) series.

  38. queenieM

    Yippee!!! What day???? Dec is almost over.love BBC shows!!

  39. Rick

    This series is top notch! Brilliant writing! A brilliant cast! I have watched the entire series 6 times!!

    Thank you Sarah, all the directors involved, Anne, Derek, Sarah, Nicola, Nina, Josh, Louis, Edward, Dean and the supporting cast members. You should all be very proud of your work here, there is not a single weak link here.

  40. Judy Dotson

    Looking forward to Season 4, great show!

  41. Becky Taylor

    Love, love, love Last Tango in Halifax! I came across it on NetFlix and binged watched all three seasons! I don’t want it to ever end! I am a big fan of Downton Abbey and now this. Love all the characters, scenery and their beautiful accents. What fun. I am waiting for season 4 on NetFlix. Can’t get here fast enough! This Texas girl can’t wait!

  42. Francesca Gaffney

    Good lord hurry soon…..tired of waiting !!

  43. Dirk Rogers

    Wonderful writing and acting.

  44. Maureen May


  45. Frank Blair

    Great show and it is even better the second time

  46. Marlys Berg

    Yay!!! Keep the seasons coming!!!

  47. Colleen M

    Waiting to hear when Season 4 will be on………….

  48. Wendy C

    I Love this show – every aspect! Have watched Seasons 1, 2, & 3 on PBS and also bought the DVD’s for all 3 seasons. I can’t wait for Season 4 to arrive this side of the pond! Thank you for making/producing such a brilliant show!

  49. Eileen Kopp

    Any updates on when it starts in the U.S?

  50. Karen

    What a fantastic series! Surprised it wasn’t promoted more in the U.S.! Can’t wait for Season 4 Premiere!

  51. Dianne

    Absolutely the BEST! Breathlessly waiting for season 4, and please don’t stop with a 4th season.

  52. Debra Neel

    I have missed this show and cannot wait until Season 4!! I love these characters, the dilemmas, the writing, acting, scenery!! Hurry up!!!

  53. Jill Millbourn

    We have just finished watching series 3 and have DVD’s of series 1-3. Can’t wait to see series 4 here in Australia! As we are in our 70’s and only married 15 years ago we can identify with many aspects of the show.

  54. Jeanine Davis

    Just when It started getting really interesting, It may end. c’mon you can do better can’t you ?

  55. Ms. Daisy

    We Love this show! Excellent casting, excellent script and excellent story. Love the characters (well, I don’t care for Celia but then that makes it interesting, doesn’t it?) Looking forward to the next season.

  56. nola garner

    Wonderful series looking forward to what the writers have in store for us



  58. Barbara May

    The writing, the acting, all so spot on. I love everything about this series and look forward to seeing it back on PBS.

  59. carmen harris

    so when will the 4th season of last tango premier,

  60. Linda Burton

    Brilliant show, writing and cast makes a winner, please bring it back soon! My husband and I love the show!

  61. Annie

    Thank you American TV for not providing anything worth while watching over the summer which forced me to investigate Netflix and upon recommendation The Last Tango was suggested. Love, love, love it; the writing is incredible story line fascinating. Since finishing Season Three and waiting for four (please hurry) I have begun Happy Valley another BBC thriller (Caroline is now Catherine and her life style so very different-incredible acting) with a fascinating story line. I am a huge fan of BBC. Thank you for your creative writing and compelling story line.

  62. BONNIE (U.S.A.)


  63. Van harskamp

    Come on BBC! We re all waiting for the next series! We love it here in Holland!
    Marijke (the netherlands)

  64. Caroline Kramer

    1. Will there be a season 4? SW must rectify her mistake……..
    2. SW must read what has been written in the Caroline and Kate fanfiction? I have read many of the stories and there are a number that would be plausible for a rewrite of season 3 ep 6 and let Kate live.
    3. LTIH will not survive without Kate. The love between these two is to precious and vital to the series.
    4. Just curious, why wasn’t Nina given any recognition. No mention at all, except for Sarah at BAFTA acceptance speech?
    5. I have been reading the Fanfiction on C&K. It is amazing the number of fans that have read them and also the number of people that have written them. A new story almost every day.

  65. Donna Hulser

    Great sh very addicted. What is date of 4th season. Please let us know we are all in suspense.

  66. William Phillips in US

    That’s GREAT news! Very few shows on TV are worth watching, this is the best! The Characters are real, that’s good acting. The show plays all the emotions. There couldn’t be a better cast. I wish this drama would continue for many episodes.

  67. Dennis Lehto

    Just finished watching season 3 on Netflix in Canada.
    We are so very impressed by quality of the acting, storyline, camera work, settings, etc….so superior to anything American-produced. For example, the pace of the drama…allowing long, slow scenes of character interaction which allows a depth of development so essential to the underlying motives of the characters.
    Another thing: no excessive guns and violence which seems such an imbedded necessity in American productions. This is so obvious in BBC police dramas also, with the steady, thoughtful pace of the stories.

  68. Anne

    Please bring a season 5 or the continuation of season 4 that was only two episodes. Best series ever for this U.S. viewer and I am not alone!

  69. libby

    i was looking forward to seasons 4 & 5 of Last Tango In Halifax…hope they still happen – love this show!

  70. Ray

    I have also been looking for this show for a long time. Please run this delightful comedy. Been looking for this one a long time. Would love to see how the story continues.

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