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Helix season 3?

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Will Helix television series be cancelled? We need the season 2 and premiere air date of the new episodes in 2016! Let’s wait for the start!

TV-channel: Syfy
Executive producers: Ronald D. Moore, Lynda Obst, Steven Maeda, Brad Turner

Season 1 Episode 11: 1.8 million U.S. viewers

Season 1 Episode 13: 1.38 million U.S. viewers

Season 2 Episode 11: 0.52 million U.S. viewers

Last year the fans of «Helix» television series were informed about the renewal of the show for the second season right after the final episode of the first season. Have the rights holders taken the decision to keep the suspense to the last moment again?

It should be noted, that the chances for the TV-project to get funding for the new episodes aren’t so great, as the number of fans has already reduced to 0,5 million people, while its debut season ended with 1,38 million fans.

Let’s wait for the official decision of Syfy concerning Season 3 of «Helix» television show with the hope for the start date of the new episodes.

Helix season 3 premiere – [cancelled] (UPDATE 1)

The article will be updated. Don’t miss.

UPDATE 1 (April 29, 2015): Bad news… Syfy has cancelled Helix after two seasons.

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  1. Elise P.

    I love this show! The actors are good, the writing is decent and it has potential. Hope for season 3

  2. Rosanne

    Great show! It’s one of the only ones I look forward to week-to-week. <3 Billy Campbell

    • Anastasia

      Me too. I look forward to this show all week long!!!

  3. Bobbie

    High hopes for S3.

  4. Anastasia

    Me too. I love this show. Great acting! I look forward to this show all week long!!!

  5. Sharon

    I am a fan from the UK.
    It was taken off British TV BEFORE SEASON 1 finished.
    I have been watching on Internet, PLEASE MAKE SEASON 3!.
    We love it!

  6. Fidel

    It’s one of the best series I have ever seen, it’s really brilliant.
    I LOVE IT <3 Please do the 3 SEASON.

  7. Helix Honey

    With the huge plunge in viewers to under 500,000 for the Season 2 finale there wont be a Season 3. The last 2 scenes with Julia and Caleb/Soren in 2045 and the 2029 scene basically describing what unfolded and who was behind the TXM7 virus killing off Immortals were a wrap up of the series.

    Season 2 episode 1 had 1 million viewers then lost 50% of those viewers. Probably because parts of it were unnecessarily graphic and plain disturbing – the eyeball eating, disembowled guy hanging upside down on a cross, pulling out teeth, the guy who turned into a human balloon animal. It was sort of like LOST meets HOSTEL.

    Season 1 – I rate 4 out of 5 starts Season 2 – 3 out of 5 stars

  8. R.T.

    Cancelled? Oh no! I will sorely miss Helix. Really liked it…

  9. MARS

    The biggest mistake, Syfy

  10. ElCapitan

    My wife and I have loved this show from the start and really bummed that SYFY could consider cancelling Helix…….NOT GOOD!!!! This is one of the only shows that intrigues us and would be appalled if it doesn’t come back after showing us the outcome of the Season 2 finale……US HELIX FANS WANT MORE!!!!!!!

  11. Larry brom

    Such a good show. Bring it back

  12. BR

    Season 1 was fantastic but the writing and storyline of season 2 left much to be desired I didn’t like it at all so I can see where you lost lots of fans try new writers and get back to the season 1 action it was like two different shows comparing season 1 to season 2 someone took a great show and screwed it up

    • Oligonicella

      Exactly. I stopped watching for that reason. The writers fell into the old trap of trying to constantly outdo themselves. This time with macabre and dark twists. You can only go so far with that before all you have left is the small percentage who get off on ever-increasing sick blood and gore.

      That and the fact that the characters seemed so purposefully stupid and secretive, even with their supposed loved ones. By the time I quit, I held little or no sympathy for any of them.

  13. Tlynn

    My fiancé and I just finished watching the second season. We loved this SYFY series. So disappointed to find out it was cancelled. This show could have continued for many seasons. BRING BACK HELIX

  14. lh

    it was released on Netflix its rated 5 stars get the third season in the works. Think its a great show with lots of potential.

  15. Stephanie

    Why do they cancel all the great shows and leave on all the cr*p?? I didn’t watch TV that much because there was nothing on that I found interesting until I came across this show. My boyfriend and I fell in love it from the first episode. We watched all of season one in one weekend , and season 2 in to weekends. We were so looking forward to season 3. You can’t just leave all of us hanging like that. Please make season 3 and then end it if you want but with an ending that doesn’t leave you hanging.

  16. Jen

    Season 1 was a great run of action and suspense, Season 2 had the main characters from 1 losing their marbles on an island. Right away the season jumps 30 years ahead to announce the world has been overrun by narvick and the immortals are dying too. What was season 3 going to focus on really? Syfy screws up again, guess they should up the budget for writers.

  17. Shorty


  18. Anonymous

    Helix.. Syfy… I cant watch syfy if helix is gone helix made my life also idk why people are putting hate comments if this is a page about helix season 3. Bye Helix i hope it dose show up again.

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