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Defiance season 3: start date on TV

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Will Defiance science fiction television series renewed for a season 3 by Syfy? The experts don’t believe it. What about start air date in 2015?

TV-channel: Syfy
Pilot episode: April 15, 2013
Genre: Science Fiction

Season 1 Episode 12: 2.17 million U.S. viewers

Season 2 Episode 13: 1.48 million U.S. viewers

The experts don’t believe in the renewal of «Defiance» television series for the third season. The matter is that the rating of the show is much smaller compared to the previous year and the amount of fans has been reduced from 2,17 million to 1,48 million viewers.

Despite this, the final of the second season has caused a discussion among the fans, who want to see the continuation and are writing the letters to the rights holders with the request to order the new episodes and to announce the start date of season 3 as soon as possible.

The show creators promise not to delay the decision whatever it may be (hopefully positive).

Defiance season 3 premiere – [June 12, 2015] (UPDATE 1)

Let’s wait for the announcement…

UPDATE 1 (Sep. 25, 2014): Good news! Syfy has renewed two of its summertime series: Defiance and Dominion. Both pick-ups are for 13 episodes, to air in 2015.

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  1. Ramiro

    The finale of s2 was great! Syfy better renew it!

  2. Kathy D.

    I can’t wait for season 3. Syfy, don’t stop!

  3. Lois Bell (LA)

    I hope it comes back for a 3rd season in 2015

  4. Kenya Rosewater

    Best series on TV. Bring it back. You left me on a bus heading out of town–well, my Indogene self that is. Hey, I look pretty convincing to me. What do I Need/Want? For you to bring us all back. Don’t make us sic Nolan on you. Not to mention, the lethal Stahma/Datak duo. Yes, you must give us season 3!

  5. Seven

    Please Please bring this show back!!!
    It is my favorite on tv right now.

  6. mitch henson

    Looks like the slyfy people are up to their old crap. Not really a surprise. They’ve done this before. Generally because they no longer want to pay for a show that is expensive to produce like Defiance and Caprica. They will use ratings for an excuse. I worked in local ad sales for 17 years with the cable company. The slyfy network only achieved decent ratings for wrestling. As a network it was good for makegoods.

    They have one of the worst marketing departments I have ever seen. Once upon a time they were under the HBO/Skinamax umbrella. I think they are owned by NBC/Universal. Not a good thing when you consider that the character Constantine is being censored for the tv show.

    At this point the best thing that could happen to promote good programming would be for NBC and the Slyfy network to go away.

  7. Cindy Lou

    Please Syfy, don’t be such a baby and bring it back! You can’t let us hang there high and dry with THAT Season 2 finale! Too many open ends…

  8. James J.

    Please Bring back Defiance! I absolutely love the show!

  9. bring back Defiance

    Nielsen rating said most people watches 4 hours a day of live tv. I want 2 know who r these people whom r watching live telly? I think people whom fill out the Nielsen booklet choose the favorite show as beening watched live when they are dvr everything 2 watch at their convenience. R u one of those people? Nielsen rating is behind on technology. We view tv diff from since we did in the 50’s It would b more accurate to use dvr count.. Jus cuz I watch a show after I collect a few episodes dose not mean I like that show any less.It seems we have 2 fight 4 new technology cuz . If we dont fighting the lie then we will keep losing our loved series

  10. David

    BRING BACK DEFIANCE. Never played the game but loved the show.

  11. bring back Defiance

    Nielsen rating system still thinks we r still watching live Telly. Live Telly was back n the day when we had 2 remember phone# and give direction and don’t get me started in those dinosaurs days. Someone plz give em the memo and bring back Defiance

  12. JACKaaaaJACK

    DEFIANCE is a Great Show and Great Game. The game tie-ins to the show are excellent. Doubt Trion games will want the show cancelled either. Please renew for season 3. We need to balance action and drama, not just mostly drama. I work so I cant watch live, I end up watching a few in a row from the dvr. I like to watch for the code so when the show is over I enter the code and get free in-game stuff, like an outfit, or car…

  13. anna

    Please keep the show will watch for news on release date for season 3

  14. Fred E Wilkes

    Ready for season 3 I’ve already purchased 1 and 2 Come on u all don’t let me down. Yep Defiance is a great show


    Please bring this show back.
    It is a little out there the western style-futurestic is awesome. We enjoy the charactures. There is a surprise around each corner, thank you to the writers.
    The off- beat comedy is releif at just the right time.
    Trechery between everyone is surprising, also.

    What can I say – we love this show, so please , please come back for 2015. Thank you !
    Tere and Donnie Bible

  16. Gina

    I cannot wait for season three to start! There are very few shows currently running on any of the networks that I watch, mostly I watch reruns of my fav’s on Netflix (Firefly, Fringe…) This was the first show since Fringe that hooked me with the first episode and kept my interest. I love the premise, the characters, the actors…excellent show. I’m really hoping for a nice long run, 7 seasons would be good!

  17. KM-Defiance

    Absolutely LOVE Defiance! All the characters and their ‘back’ stories make good viewing- plus all the different aliens living in one planet- and of course my main reason for loving this show- Irisa! love that character!

  18. bunny

    Bring back defiance please. We already got ripped off with Revolution.

    • tuttle

      I stand with you.

    • d race

      Revelution was one of the best shows on tv, good unusual story, great acting and great speacial effects..I hope they don’t drop Definance….

  19. Billy

    I liked under the dome and watching eureka now but stopping defiance would be a mistake especially since many other series are coming to a close the constant twist between protagonist and antagonist keeps you drawn in and now with a human/alien baby on the way earth republic losing the fight the Tars dr Phil drama A Mayer who’s sole purpose is to soak miss rosewaters panties and the character of Nolan and the bald snake skinned chick adding dry humor is priceless could be the next smallville and walking dead if you play your cards right adding the chick from terminator at the end was a nice suprise maybe throw Denis rodman in as new species and add Marilyn Manson to the tar family tree lol

  20. K Le Blanc

    Dump that cr*ppy show dominion better known as dullminion at least Defiance is better.

  21. carolyn james

    please bring defiance back. best show ever

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