Mar 11

How to Get Away with Murder season 5

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How to Get Away with Murder season 5

Are you ready for the How to Get Away with Murder series’ return? We are waiting for the start in the fall of 2018 on ABC!

The plot of the series “How to Get Away with Murder” prepares the viewers for the 5th season. When do the creators plan to announce the release date?

The television drama from director Peter Nowalk is gradually losing its rating on ABC, but the channel representatives do not plan to cancel it. Despite of the fact that in 2018 this series has gathered only 3.5 million viewers near TV screens weekly (in the first season this figure was at the level of 9 million people), the creators are ready to continue their work and are waiting for further financing of the project.

At the moment, there are discussions on the development of the series, strengthening its popularity, as well as the growing number of fans, as these factors can provide the show with a few more years on the ABC channel. The right holders are still not ready to announce the release date for the 5th season “How to Get Away with Murder”, as there is still no final decision on the order of new episodes.

According to rumors, the chances of getting money for further production are very high, so we are waiting for positive news from ABC in the near future. Do not miss!

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