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Hulk 3: release date

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When does «Hulk 3» come out in theaters? Release date coming?

Despite the fact that different people were playing the role of Hulk, both films were very successful and popular. Such great results made the rights holders create one more movie about «the green destroyer» and the fans wanted Hulk 3 movie to be produced. The release date for the abovementioned movie had been a secret for a long time and only in 2011 Hulk was announced to be renewed in «The Avengers» movie in 2012.

According to Mark Ruffalo, who played the starring role, he wouldn’t mind acting in Hulk 3 in case of its production. But Marvel Studios representatives, namely Kevin Feige, announced that the story about Hulk was finished and everything they wanted to say about this character had already been said. His appearance in «The Avengers» movie, which deals with the green monster’s future and his «life priorities», was «the last chord» of the story.

In May 2013 Kevin Feige, the Head of Marvel Studios, denied all the rumors about «Hulk 3» movie production once more, so we won’t see the continuation of the story in the next few years. The filming of the third independent movie about «the green monster’s» life will be started after «The Avengers 2» premiere, which will be released in 2015. Follow the updates.

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