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The Incredibles 2: release date

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When does «The Incredibles 2» movie come out? What known about release date? We need a sequel!

Many years had passed since «The Incredibles» movie was released. Now its fans are waiting for the second part. The TV viewers believe the sequel will be successful, as many fans of the movie are ready to pay to watch it at the cinemas.

The release date, discussed on many Internet resources, is scheduled for 2015 but it hasn’t been confirmed yet. According to some rumors, Marvel Studios representatives will be working on the second part of the story together with PIXAR Animation Studios.

According to Brad Bird, who is supposed to direct the movie again, he wouldn’t mind working on the second part; however, he is afraid the sequel won’t be as qualitative and interesting as the original. According to him, the main attention in this process should be focused on the plot creation, since «The Incredibles 2» should be as successful as «Toy Story 2» movie.

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