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In the Flesh season 3?

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When does In the Flesh season 3 start on TV? BBC Three announced that the show would not be renewed. No premiere air date anymore.

TV-channel: BBC Three
Created by: Dominic Mitchell
Directed by: Jonny Campbell
Genre: supernatural drama

Season 1 Episode 1: 668,000 UK viewers

Season 2 Episode 9: 299,000 UK viewers

All the fans of «In the Flesh» television series know that it has won the BAFTA for a Mini-Series in May 2014 and has been popular not only on its motherland, but also in the USA.

The critics shared their positive reviews concerning the first season of the TV-project. However, the second season turned out to be less successful for them.

Back in summer the last year the viewers started asking about the premiere date of Season 3, but the rights holders didn’t hasten to give an answer. Only in January 2015 it was announced that the show wouldn’t be renewed for Season 3 and the reason for television series closing lied in absence of funds.

This information, officially confirmed by BBC Three representatives, disappointed the fans very much. What do you think of that show? Do we need the new season?

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  1. Verna

    In the Flesh is definitely on my priority list of shows to watch. Someone pick this show up!

  2. spencer

    That show was incredible! BIG mistake, BBC3, please rethink.

  3. Dewey Arnold

    It was a very fresh and unusual take on zombie genre. Bad move BBC!!!

  4. Walker90

    It is disappointing news, but maybe it will find a new home.

  5. Rob

    I did enjoy the show. I do hope they change their mind.

  6. Gloria Phillips (HW)

    Why would they make such a stupid decision? Bring it BACK!

  7. Steve (GB)

    BBC’s cancellations have gotten absolutely awful. So disappointed to read this.

  8. lose

    Goodbye BBC3. This was the only show I watched on your wretched channel.

  9. kat

    One of the best shows I’ve seen. Like…ever! Bring it back!

  10. Ava

    A really good show! So disappointed that they cancelled it! BBC3 need to reconsider!

  11. monique

    yes they need to bring it back I’m a huge fan! from tx and I have all these questions that need answers

  12. wwwhhhyyy

    I love the zombie girl 😛 the fat guys with please brg it back

  13. Crustal

    Don’t worry. America has a rich history of stealing bbc shows. There’s hope!

  14. Maurice

    It would be a shame not having series3, we have waited for 2 years now, can we live in hope?

  15. Bookworm25

    Their are plenty of people waiting for someone else to pick up the book and keep reading it to us, (in a figurative way of speech), and though the hope is slim we fans still sincerely ask for some one to continue what has already been started!

  16. Mandy

    I have to know what is going to happen….this show is too good to just drop like that :O

  17. walo

    hey bbc finish d show b4 it get to late and d characters get to old or end up not wanting to do d show so hurry up i got to know wht happens nxt and if u cant offerd it finish it as a cartoon
    if u r still getting comment after 3 yrs about bringing d show bck u should bring it bck

    • gloria biggs

      yes say it

  18. gloria biggs

    i have season one and two and know i am dying to know what happen to KIRSTEN and OLD DUDE and the why they digged up AMY GRAVE, what happen to the black chick like did she really killed her young brother , things needs and answer to them .v..v.v.v video crash please pull out season 3 for the answer to everything and let it end where the pieces may fallow

  19. Leslie Murillo

    I just happened to be looking for something good to watch and Bingo here it ” WAS ” I much rather be saying here it ‘ IS ” . This makes me very upset I really would appreciate it if BBC would bring it back, I’ll keep looking in the mean time. # 1 for another good show like this and #2 for this show to start filming Season 3 I’ll keep my fingers crossed!!!!

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