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Foyle’s War season 9?

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When will Foyle’s War season 9 be released on DVD? The show was ended. ITV announced that no more episodes will be commissioned. No start air date anymore!

TV-channels: ITV, STV, UTV
Created by: Anthony Horowitz
Executive producer: Jim Parker
Genre: Drama
Starring: Michael Kitchen, Honeysuckle Weeks, Anthony Howell…

Is season 9 of the British detective drama «Foyle’s War» worth waiting? The answer to this question is quite disappointing, as the rights holders officially confirmed that the new episodes wouldn’t be produced.

Anthony Horowitz, the director, is satisfied with the culmination of the TV-project, as it was his dream to see it is successful.

He expressed his gratitude both to the cast and viewers, and also noted that January 18, 2015 – was the official date for show final.

The critics have approved the given verdict, as the logical culmination is often better than the break of the storyline, isn’t it?

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  1. Garrett

    A sad decision. Wish there was another series … Well done to actors and production team!

  2. Wendy L.

    I’m not surprised. The program has come to it’s end.

  3. Earl

    I love Foyle’s War but this last series did nothing for me. Thanks, Mr. Anthony Horowitz!

  4. Angie Vasquez

    This series has been a treat. I will be devastated if it does not return.

  5. Marvin76

    All good things come to an end…

  6. Carol

    Every time a good series is released it always has such a very short running. I guess that is why there are so few of them. I hate this series has ended.

  7. Joan

    “Foyle’s War” fans on both sides of the pond want more! ITV / Acorn are totally daft to end this series which has fans of all ages, from those in their 20s to those in their 80s. Of course, only Michael Kitchen can be Foyle and only Honeysuckle Weeks can be Sam. We want MORE!!!

  8. William Curley

    Please bring Foyle’s War back in 2016! It is an excellent show!!!

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