Oct 4

Jessie season 5 ?

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Will there be Jessie season 5? Disney Channel officially announced the series would end after its fourth season. (No premiere date).

Much as we dislike it, it’s time to say good-bye to Jessie television series. Disney Channel officially confirmed its unwillingness to change its decision concerning the end of the project.

It should be mentioned that in February current year the rights holders reported that the 5th season of the sitcom Jessie wasn’t planned, and the release date of the final episodes was scheduled for October 16.

The same day it appeared that the spin-off of the given television series «BUNK’d», with the premiere on July 31, 2015, has been ordered. But even the acting of such celebrities as Peyton List, Karan Brar and Skai Jackson didn’t ensure its success. Of course, the first episode has been watched by more than 4 million people, but already in two weeks the number of fans decreased to 2 million.

Apparently, the television viewers didn’t get the worthy substitution of Jessie, which has been proved by numerous negative reviews of fans in the social networks.

Should the creator Pamela Eells O’Connell keep working on the original version, but not on the spin-off, as in 2016 the fifth season of Jessie caused more interest of the viewers in the comparison with the second season of BUNK’d. What do you think?

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  1. Teena Render

    Jessie was my favorite show since it came out and I loved it so much. Bunk’d is actually a pretty good show but I’m going to miss Jessie…

  2. Melisa M.

    The fact that Jessie is ending is stupid!

  3. delia

    Jessie is like the best show on TV and now it’s almost over… Can’t believe

  4. -polla-

    Why are you end jessie??? Please make Season 5

  5. Jerrica Braddy

    Jesse was my favorite show, so could you please bring it back!

  6. IamJessieToo

    I keep up with all of the episodes and watch them everyday. I do not want Jessie to end I love that show. What’s with Disney?

  7. Rosetta (NYC)

    please don’t cancel Jessie it is like my favorite show on Disney Channel. Jessie should keep going on !!!

  8. Ema Gaskins

    I am going to miss the show… We watched it every week we love it

  9. Roy N.

    I just think it’s sad. They should make Jessie get a role in a big screen movie!!!

  10. Susan F.

    Really sad to see Jessie end after four seasons the same goes to Austin & Ally.

  11. jonathan

    i hope yall are making season 5 of jessie because it is my fravet

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