Oct 31

Lab Rats season 5 ?

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When will Lab Rats season 5 premiere on Disney XD? We want to know the premiere (start) date for the new episodes in 2016!

Channel: Disney XD
Created by: Chris Peterson, Bryan Moore
Production company: It’s a Laugh Productions
Genre: Sitcom

American sitcom Lab Rats was renamed to “Lab Rats: Bionic Island”, but as it turned out later, the given name was given to the final season. The rights holders officially confirmed Season 5 not to be produced, but it doesn’t mean the fans won’t see the continuation.

According to the announcement of Disney XD, the spin-off with the participation of Billy Unger and Kelli Berglund, as well as Jake Short, Bradley Steven Perry and Paris Berelc form Mighty Med (cancelled after the second season) will be aired in 2016.

The creators of the both shows decided to gather the best characters in one project and return them on the TV. They hope the given decision is to be justified and the show will be very popular.

Now we are waiting for the official premiere date of the spin-off. Follow the news!

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  1. Dominica

    It’s super popular and a great show. I want a Season 5!!!

  2. RoY

    I am so happy. I can’t wait of what gonna happen in this new series.

  3. melodi17

    I love that idea of a spin-off because i love both shows so much! Can’t wait!

  4. Adena Horton

    So disappointed with this news. We like to see crossover mashups but for 1 episode it doesn’t mean that they should cancel both shows and put them together. Booooo Disney!

  5. Jani N.

    Why are Adam and Leo not going to be in the new show?

    • Katelyn

      i don’t know man

  6. Katelyn

    i want a season 5 and 6 lab rats it would be great if you do maybe i could act in it i have always wanted to be a actor

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