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«Last Man Standing» season 4: start date (2014)

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When does «Last Man Standing» TV show season 4 start? What is known about air date on ABC? New season is still relevant in 2014-2015?

TV-channel: ABC
Pilot episode: October 11, 2011
Creator: Jack Burditt

Season 1 Episode 1: 12.93 million U.S. viewers
Season 3 Episode 1: 6.67 million U.S. viewers

The third season of ABC channel sitcom «Last Man Standing» is coming to its end, which has become the reason for discussions of the further development of the show.

The rights holders haven’t made an official announcement concerning the fourth season yet, but the possibility of new series ordering isn’t being rejected. The high show ratings should ensure its financing for the new season, since 6,6 million American viewers, keeping watching the given television series, aren’t ready to say goodbye to it.

«Last Man Standing» season 4 premiere date – [October 3, 2014] (officially)

Such an opinion was already announced by ABC channel representatives, so the ordering of the fourth season is only a matter of time.

Follow the announcements. We will inform you.

UPDATE 1 (May 10, 2014): ABC renews Last Man Standing for a fourth season.

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  1. Katarine

    Last Man Standing was creative, original, and just plain fun to watch. Please, give us season 4!

  2. Peter

    This show is the best show in the world, I really hope on this season 6

  3. Natalie Gore

    I love this show. Please don’t cancel it… And make more and more and more )))

  4. Ken J

    Yes, I really hope there will be a season 4. They only really started to dig into Mandy’s character to show she is much more than the shallow ditzy self-centered girl we thought she was from season 1. In fact, thanks to season 3 she has easily become my favorite daughter of the show. Episodes 7 and 11 of season 3 shows that she truly has a heart of gold. I would hate for it to end before we explore that fully…

  5. Joe

    Don’t cancel this show! It’s an awesome comedy and really funny and creative.

  6. Ken

    Best show on TV, Great comedy and great cast. Thumbs up for continued episodes. Please keep it on the air, Tim Allen is excellent.

  7. Sherry

    My husband an I look forward to Friday night tv to watch Last Man Standing. We love this show! Why hasn’t it been on lately? We’re sick of all the stupid shows, they finally get a good show, and now it’s not on!??

  8. Judy

    The humor actually makes me laugh out loud. Let’s hope for season 4

  9. John & Nancy

    Our family loves this show. It was nice having a comedy that the entire family looks forward to watching. Please keep this show on the air.

  10. Suzanne Perlee


  11. Wayne

    Pleased that the show has been renewed. Looking forward to season 4

  12. Sophie Huballe

    Love, love , love this show. Who ever said great family tv is dead was wrong. I’m like that lady in the target commercial “waiting, waiting, waiting” for the new series to begin. Watching old episodes will do for now.

  13. scott santa

    I’m Tim wants funny, start with humor. If he wants political sarcasm get a radio show. Yes I am a Republican just needing a break from carp news.

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