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Last Man Standing season 6 premiere date 2016

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Last Man Standing season 6 premiere date

When will Last Man Standing season 6 be released? Do you want to know the exact premiere date in 2016 on ABC? Let’s wait for the start!

Only a few weeks have passed since the channel ABC got a new president. Instead of Paul Lee became Channing Dungey, who has managed to surprise the viewers: one day (March 3), it was announced to renew 15 television projects at one time.

Of course, the news is good, but not for fans of the series Last Man Standing, because it is not among the “lucky”, at least not yet. So are there any chances for Season 6?

The right holders in the interviews are laconic, yet the closure of the project after the fifth season was not reported. This sitcom still has about 7 million fans (US), although its rating was a bit unstable.

Remind that the series Last Man Standing experienced showrunner shift last year, when Tim Doyle gave up his place to Matt Berry. As we can see, such changes in the creative team do not affect the quality of the production, so we will wait for the premiere date of the sixth season and hope that the show will still be renewed.

Last Man Standing season 6 start – [September 23, 2016] (UPDATE 1)

We are waiting for a decision from the ABC! Don’t miss the update!

UPDATE 3 (May 13, 2016): Good news! ABC renewed the series for a sixth season. How about Last Man Standing season 7?

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  1. Jennie

    This is my all-time favorite TV show. I laugh several times throughout the half hour it’s on. Please keep this show on! We need more family shows!!!

  2. Luise D.

    I look forward to this show every Friday night. Please keep it on the air!

  3. Toni87

    Great show that I really want to see continue!

  4. Brittany

    Last Man Standing is the best show I have ever watched. I don’t know why some people don’t like it. Please make Season 6 !!!

  5. Sondra Pursel

    I absolutely LOVE this show! Please do not end the story!

  6. Emm

    I absolutely love this series! I will be so disappointed if the show is cancelled.

  7. Roxanne

    This is the best show ever put on TV and I want Season 6

  8. michael

    I am addicted too just saw this oin ABC and I hope they will move forward with season 6

  9. Alicia Aylward

    I’ll be looking forward to another season. I am absolutely in love with all of the characters and I need more!

  10. T & P

    The wife and I enjoy this show very much, and looked forward to seeing it every week. We hope they really make a season 6

  11. Al Bailey

    Please renew Last man Standing the show is great I can’t wait for Friday to come so I can watch it. I have even been to a couple of the tapings this show is great. You have to bring it back. Please

  12. :)

    Stopped watching network comedies long time ago, just discovered this gem and can’t stop laughing. Finally a show that is actually funny!

  13. Heidi

    Best comedy I’ve seen in years…so funny. Great cast, can hardly wait to see it every week! Please renew season 6. It’s the only show I watch on regular TV.

  14. Deborah Houseknecht

    I have to wait till September! This is the best family show in ages. I’m having a hard time waiting so long. A never done thing before like having a few shows in the summer to keep peoples interest would be great. 2-3 week weeks of the Baxters on a family vacation would be awesome.

  15. John

    Obviously I won’t have anything to watch on ABC IF you don’t renew season of Last Man Standing.

  16. Janet lewis

    Why wasn’t Eve on season opener September23,2016?

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