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Last Tango in Halifax series 5

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last tango in halifax season 5

Will there be Last Tango in Halifax season 5? We are still waiting for the release date on BBC One in 2017. Is the series renewed?

In December 2016 fans of the British TV drama Last Tango in Halifax were able to enjoy two new episodes. Some sources have claimed that it was the final fourth season and fifth season is unlikely to be ever filmed.

On the official website of BBC One channel, these two episodes also appear as a full fourth season, but will they leave us with such ending? On the other hand, on the network there are several interviews with the actors of the series, where they say that the shown episodes in 2016 – this is just “Christmas specials”, therefore, there is still hope for a fifth season.

There is not an official announcement of the start of work on the production of the new season, and Sarah Lancashire has confirmed it in a recent interview. Actress Nicola Walker added that “it’s not a definitive end point in the story“, therefore, we can always come together and continue filming.

We hope that we will watch a full fourth season, and after it the fifth, but for now it remains only to follow the announcements on BBC One.

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  1. KATY

    I implore…………..BRING BACK ”LAST TANGO”

    • D. Puckett

      We hope so too. What is wrong with BBC and whoever? Tango in Halifax, Endeavour, Death in Paradise, Hell on Wheels, Outlander, and more. We are tired of the 20 yr old series you keep showing and Downton Abby reruns. We have see them over and over many times. You are loosing adults. My small grandchildren are tired of the repeating of those cartoons on in the mornings. Another thing, you will put up the name of a show/film like Rebecca..something we might be looking forward to and when you start to watch some man or woman is trying to see a book or product or how to manage money. STUPID!!!!! Why do you lie like that. We are really getting disgusted with you and the way you manage these things. YOU NEED MORE HONEST WORKING MANAGEMENT. You need to get up manage things properly. From 1 to 10 WE GIVE YOU A “0”!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Bonnie

    Hello I live in Canada. Was Last Tango in Halifax season 4 aired in Canada? If so I missed it. Will it be aired again? I LOVE this show! I bought seasons 1 to 3 on Amazon. Is season 4 going to be available through Amazon in the near future? I hope there will be more seasons in the future

  3. Beverly Davis

    Love the show, waiting, still waiting for season 5. I have season 1, 2, 3, and 4 from amazon.
    4th short season only left questions, very unfinished. Her others shows are not as good, I’ve tried.
    I, too, implore………BRING BACK” LAST TANGO”!

    • Lynn

      I agree! I finished season 4 and have bee thinking about every day since! It has everything one could want in a series!!!!!

      • Lynn

        Nice spelling…been and it

  4. Donna Mayfield

    Please bring this show back. It is one of the best TV Drama’s ever. We look forward to watching every season. There are so many unanswered questions. Please, I am begging you…BRING BACK “LAST TANGO IN HALIFAX.”

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