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Life in Pieces season 3 start date

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Life in Pieces season 3 start

When will Life in Pieces season 3 episode 1 come out? CBS renewed the series for a third season. What about the start date in 2017?

It is known that the CBS channel renewed the series Life in Pieces for the 3rd season. The start date of new episodes has already been approved.

Creator Justin Adler will continue to work in the summer, and the returning of the project on television is expected in October 2017.

Despite of the fact that the number of viewers who watch this series every week has fallen below the level of 5.5 million people, the right holders made an unequivocal decision to renew the show for a new season and give the creative team a chance to improve the rating. It is not yet known which steps will be taken to improve popularity, but the changes are exactly expected.

The main characters live in one big house, in which several generations of this family are trying to get on peacefully. Age categories are very different, because the oldest member of the family is more than 70 years old, and the youngest is about five.

Life in Pieces season 3 start date – [November 2, 2017]

They are all so different, with their views, worries, needs, but they are all Shorts and should keep together…

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