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Chasing Life season 3 ?

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Will there be Chasing Life season 3? What about the premiere date for the new episodes in 2016? We are waiting for the start!

ABC Family should make a decision concerning the third season of Chasing Life television series. It would seem that the project deserves to be financed for the new episodes, but statistics proves the contrary. During the broadcast of the second season the number of TV viewers remained below 1 million people and didn’t meet the requirements of the rights holders.

A decrease of the viewers’ interest resulted in the fall of the rating, which questions the premiere date of the new episodes.

The only encouraging fact is that the creators of the show still have plans for Season 3 and it’s not about the cancelling of the project yet. The information has been confirmed by the executive producer Patrick Sean Smith, who reported about his readiness to start working on the continuation of the storyline, but the last word is still ABC Family management’s. He also noted that the culmination of the second season means the third season production, as the plot could be developed in several directions, that’s why we hope the rights holders will make the right decision and will renew the show.

Chasing Life season 3 start – [cancelled] (UPDATE 1)

Let’s wait for the official announcement and support Chasing Life in comments. Does the show need to be renewed or should it be cancelled?

UPDATE 1 (Oct.2, 2015): Bad news… ABC Family has cancelled Chasing Life after two seasons.

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  1. Alesha Milling

    It’s only the Season finale right? Not the Series finale?

    • Cari Davalos

      The producer of the show said in a interview that it depended on the fans response to the series. We need a Season 3!

  2. Suzy

    Please keep show. I love Chasing Life and feel it deserves more episodes so lets make it happen!

  3. Elsie Luff

    This show is addictive and is one of the best shows I have ever watched. Please keep it on the air!

  4. Catalina

    You must renew Chasing Life! This show is extraordinary. You need to let more people know about it.

  5. Meg D.

    Why is Chasing Life not on Hulu anymore?

  6. -Lenora-

    please don’t let this show be cancelled! best show on tv

  7. yoshie

    I hope they make another season…
    P.S. I MISS LEO on Chasing Life (((

    • Mindy

      Omg…I miss Leo too. Still cannot even talk about it without crying.
      One of my favorite shows so far!!! Please do Season 3.

  8. Sidney

    It should definitely get renewed. Such a well written show!

  9. Jose Mulligan

    When will we know if it’s getting renewed? I can’t wait!

  10. Amira S.

    Don’t cancel this series! My husband and I both watch this show and we love it.

  11. RoZell

    cancelled ??? OMG!!! NOOOOO!!! I am so crushed to hear this… I thought this was a mid season finale. BRING BACK!

  12. Kaitlyn

    I can’t believe Chasing Life is canceled! You can’t leave it like that. I have so many questions like what will happen to Uncle George? Will April live? Will Beth have her baby and stay with Josh? Please don’t let the show end. It’s my favorite show and the only T.V show I watch!

  13. christine

    wonderful program, please come back, best one five stars

  14. Nicole

    One of the best shows I’ve ever watched! Obsessed…

  15. Jenny

    NO!!!!!! I loved that show!!My favorite show EVER!!!!!!Its gone.:(

  16. Becky

    At least give the loyal viewers a finale. Silly as it sounds, the series needs some form of closure.

  17. Roxy

    I love this show! Hopefullywe don’t get left hanging! There’ so many poorly written shows out there. This is not o e of them. I hope that we can follow this story though a bit more and get some loose ends tied! Thank, from a cancer survivor.

  18. Nicole

    I love this show! Please continue to make more episodes! Do not cancel!

  19. Dolly

    This was the best show on TV! Please do not cancel! We need a season 3! Please!!!

  20. angelina lily lynn

    I’ve watched Chasing Life on Netflix. I think it is a great show. I can’t wait to see more…

  21. Georgia

    Amazing show. Addictive. Found it on Netflix after my Greys marathon ended and was excited to start watching. PLEASE BRING IT BACK! It’s hard to find good series that actually make you change the way you see life.

  22. lol@inz

    please, please, please need season 3!!!!

  23. Melanie

    This is a great show. There are so many unanswered questions and so much more that can happen. Please don’t cancel this show.

  24. Alicia Romero

    WE NEED A SEASON 3!!!!! I can’t believe it’s been cancelled! it has been one of the best shows I’ve ever watched on television. I don’t think I’ve cried this much watching a show. it has shown me so much and has taught me a lot. I NEED A SEASON 3! YOU CAN’T JUST END IT LIKE THIS! MY HEART LITERALLY BROKE. I JUST FINISHED SEASON 2 ON NETFLIX. WHAT THE HELL? A CLIFF HANGER? NOW I DNT KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MY LIFE EXCEPT CRY!!!!!!! I JUST STARTED GROWING WITH THE CHARACTERS! IM TORN APART!

  25. Wendi

    I’m a cancer patient for the 4th time. I’ve been glued to the last 2 seasons. I’ll be devastated if this show doesn’t continue.

  26. janet

    Plz keep chasing life going I love this show my sis battled cancer for 5years she won the fight there’s so much more this program can offer make ppl aware on what ppl go thru in life

  27. Karen Corriero

    Bring back this great show

  28. Marie

    Well my day just got a lot worse and it’s not because I found out my non refundable hotel I’ve booked in Bali is doing renovations on the pool while we are there. It’s because I just got to the end of season 2 of ‘Chasing Life’ and found out there’s no season three… 🙁

    Now, if there was a season three…
    I would based it in Australia. April would get offered a special “medical trial” based in Melbourne. Loverboy Dom would continue to follow his heart for the three loves of his life (April, his musical pursuits and journalism). Beth would want to support her bestie and take full advantage of the thriving market of Melbourne’s fashion industry. She would also shack up with her hunky boyfriend who would be the mastermind who found this new clinical trail for the beautiful April Carver.

    Just think, you could move the whole crew here for season 3!

    I loved the show btw, I’m just sad it ended a little earlier than expected.
    Much love
    Perth WA

  29. Kim Lake

    Chasing life cancelled after 2 seasons leaving you hanging on so many levels regarding all the characters in the series I was so disappointed with who ever let this happen. I just found the show a week ago and was so engrossed in every episode and when it stopped like it did leaving everything unfinished I could not believe it. I cannot even understand how this could happen there was so much more that the story could continue on for quite a while.

  30. Kim Lake

    I cannot believe or understand how they could cancel this show at end of season 2 there were so many cliff hangers unanswered questions they needed even two more seasons it was such a great moving happy sad show it just reached out and grabbed me I couldn’t stopped watching and then it just stopped. It stopped so stupid I was very upset how it ended

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