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Chasing Life season 3 ?

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Will there be Chasing Life season 3? What about the premiere date for the new episodes in 2016? We are waiting for the start!

ABC Family should make a decision concerning the third season of Chasing Life television series. It would seem that the project deserves to be financed for the new episodes, but statistics proves the contrary. During the broadcast of the second season the number of TV viewers remained below 1 million people and didn’t meet the requirements of the rights holders.

A decrease of the viewers’ interest resulted in the fall of the rating, which questions the premiere date of the new episodes.

The only encouraging fact is that the creators of the show still have plans for Season 3 and it’s not about the cancelling of the project yet. The information has been confirmed by the executive producer Patrick Sean Smith, who reported about his readiness to start working on the continuation of the storyline, but the last word is still ABC Family management’s. He also noted that the culmination of the second season means the third season production, as the plot could be developed in several directions, that’s why we hope the rights holders will make the right decision and will renew the show.

Chasing Life season 3 start – [cancelled] (UPDATE 1)

Let’s wait for the official announcement and support Chasing Life in comments. Does the show need to be renewed or should it be cancelled?

UPDATE 1 (Oct.2, 2015): Bad news… ABC Family has cancelled Chasing Life after two seasons.

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