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Madam Secretary season 4 start date

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Madam Secretary season 4 start

Are you ready for Madam Secretary’s return? CBS renewed the series for a fourth season. How about the start date for season 4 in 2017?

Are you watching the series Madam Secretary? Then you definitely want to know the start date of the 4th season of this wonderful television project.

As it is already known, the show is renewed for the new season along with 16 more series of the CBS channel. Announcement on this matter was made on March 23, after which the fans were informed that new episodes should be expected in September 2017. The exact start date of the 4th season of Madam Secretary is still not announced.

It is confirmed that the contract of the creator Barbara Hall with the CBS channel has been renewed for another year, and corresponding changes have been made to the contracts of the main actors. Remind that the main role is played by the magnificent Téa Leoni, who has been nominated for the CBS MVP Awards in the category Best Motivational Speech. This actress really knows how to keep fans near the TV screens, because at the moment the political drama with her participation has more than 9 million fans in the USA.

Madam Secretary season 4 start date – [October 8, 2017]

Well, we are waiting for the start of new episodes in the fall 2017 and we hope for an intriguing plot.

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