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Madam Secretary season 7 ?

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Madam Secretary season 7

Have you already said goodbye to the Madam Secretary series or are you still looking for the release date for season 7?

In recent years, a lot of political dramas have come out, because the viewer has always been interested to look at least with one eye what is happening in the world of high-ranking people. Of course, we will not see the whole truth, but there is still a certain amount of truth in such series, therefore it is interesting to watch them.

Storyline of Madam Secretary TV-series:

Elizabeth McCord worked at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in the past, but then quit the job and decided to spend more time with her family and children. Since the main character is a brilliant analyst, she does not have to sit at home for a long time, and soon the woman is again called into big politics, and she cannot refuse the proposed prospects.

The new president calls Elizabeth to the post of secretary of state, and she, in turn, surrounds herself with a team of reliable people to solve those tasks that others cannot handle. However, she did not even suspect how difficult it would be to balance between such a responsible work and family.

An interesting storyline and excellent cast allowed the series Madam Secretary to stay on the CBS channel for a long 6 years and now fans are looking for information about the 7th season of this political drama. What about the release date in 2020? Is the series renewed or cancelled? Wait a little bit…

Interesting facts about the TV-drama Madam Secretary:

* The creator is Barbara Hall, who previously worked on the following projects: Homeland, Joan of Arcadia and ER.
* The first season was ordered on May 9, 2014 by CBS.
* The first season premiered on September 21, 2014.
* The duration of one episode ranges from 42 to 46 minutes.
* The series was produced by CBS Television Studios and Revelation Entertainment.
* The musical accompaniment was created by Transcenders, who wrote music for such popular projects as: Gossip Girl, The Real O’Neals, Black-ish, Joey and others.

The main cast of Madam Secretary TV-series:

* Elizabeth “Bess” Adams McCord is the main character, who used to be a CIA analyst, and now holds a fairly high state post – the United States Secretary of State. The role was approved by Thea Leoni (TV-series: “The Naked Truth”, “Flying Blind”, and movies: Deep Impact (1998), The Family Man (2000), Jurassic Park III (2001), Spanglish (2004).

* Henry McCord is the husband of Elizabeth, who works as a professor of theology at Georgetown. He used to be an NSA spy. He was played by Tim Daly (sitcom “Wings”, Pete Wilder on “Private Practice”).

* Nadine Tolliver is the chief of staff of the Secretary of State. The role went to Bebe Neuwirth (TV sitcom “Cheers” and its spin-off “Frasier”, Morticia Addams in The Addams Family (2010).

* Russell Jackson is the head of the presidential administration. It was played by Zeljko Ivanek (Blake Sterling on the NBC series “The Event”, and Emile “The Hunter” Danko on Heroesa).

* Daisy Grant is the spokeswoman for the main character. The role is assigned to Patina Miller (Commander Paylor in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay films, Leading Player in the 2013 revival of Pippin).

What about Madam Secretary season 7 premiere or developing a spin-off?

So do viewers need to wait for the release date of Madam Secretary season 7, or is it better to look for a new political drama in 2020? Unfortunately, there is official confirmation from the CBS channel that there will not be a seventh season start or even a spin-off in 2020. The sixth season was planned for the final, which was announced back in the summer of 2019. The requests of the fans were not heard by the creators, so new episodes of the series are now not worth the wait. We hope that in the future we will have a spin-off or prequel…

Why did the creators decide to complete the series? What is the reason?

Now there are several versions of why there will be no 7th season. The main reason experts from The Hollywood Reporter see that the ratings aren’t super amazing and the CBS channel leaders are very unhappy with this. This theory is also confirmed by the fact that financing for the final season was allocated for only 10 episodes.

Well, many actors of Madam Secretary series already said goodbye to the project and thanked the fans for their support. Is it difficult to say goodbye to your favorite series? Share your impressions and emotions in the comments!

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  1. Lorry

    Best series ever!!! I like it. need season 7 and more…

    • Beverly Nespal

      I loved the fact that this series was coming of its own to be Madame President. I feel the series should have continued. Maybe it could move to another channel.

    • N

      Netflix, Please pick up this show for Season 7

      • hansmori dj gonzales

        if they do i will renew my netflix for 1yr

  2. Chris

    That’s terrible. A show where we can see honest, good, law-abiding people in the United States government, and now they take it away during a big election year. This has a peculiar feeling about it.

    • Lily Arjomand

      I totally agree that there absolutely should be a Season 7. this is the best show on TV.

  3. Alice Nolan

    Must have Season 7!!!!!

  4. Jack

    Great series with excellent stories. Need a Season 7 please.

  5. Alice Jaye

    Think it followed along with today’s politics. Perhaps we Trump supporters should rally around our President and shout He’s Our President!

    • Ann Bardell

      I just watched season 6 episode 9 and Alice Jayes reaction was mine also! We should hold a massive rally in front of the Trump Whitehouse! Chanting “Trump is our President!!!”

      Very disappointed there is no 7 th season. But the final two episodes were The Best of all!!! Well done! We will miss the McCords and all the other actors! Grew to love them!

  6. Betsy

    One of the best shows on tv. All the actors are also phenomenal. What is wrong with CBS, put it back on, and spend more money promoting the show. Love the likeness and truths of politics too!

  7. Allie

    The final episode of Madame Secretary was the best finale ever produced.
    I do however protest the cancellation of this smart, witty drama. So sad, please Netflix, Prime or a cable station pick up this great show!

  8. Temple Weste

    Please have AT LEAST a season 7! This is one of the best shows ever. Superb cast, excellent writing, so tuned in, so exemplary!

  9. Hardy Staub

    That is sad news. It stayed pretty close to what is happening and perhaps what should be happening in Washington. Please continue and bring out season 7 or have another company continue. Great cast!

  10. Mindy Miranda


  11. Dawn

    Madam Secretary is the best show on TV, needs a season 7! Very disappointed in cancellation, what were they thinking!

    • Donna K

      So looking forward to next series in 2020 – PLEASE !

  12. Mary Barrett

    Seriously, it’s over? So disappointed. So much crap on TV and this doesn’t come back? Seriously?

  13. Rebecca Zingle

    Someone said that if Shakespeare had been a writer today he would not get published, because he doesn’t cater to the largest audience. So is it with Madame Secretary. But how is the largest audience ever going to get more informed if all TV shows write to their existing level of understanding and comfort? Media is capable of enriching, empowering and evolving individuals as well as our social consciousness. Please don’t contribute to the anti-intellectual dumbing down of the population. Please let us have some programs that raise and hold us to a higher standard.

  14. Kay R.

    This is a clear and devastating loss. What an engaging, provocative, well-acted and well-written show. Seeing a woman handle the responsibilities of the presidency is such a good role model for young people…well, for anyone.

    This show provides an intriguing glimpse into possible creative approaches to handling difficult situations, as well as the immeasurable value of both strategy and diplomacy. I wish our government folks had the cleverness, skill, creativity, fortitude and cajones of the characters in Madam Secretary.

    I dearly hope for some sort of a re-boot or or spin-off. Madam President sort of has nice ring to it, don’t you think?

  15. Debby Deneen

    What a travesty that this show is being cancelled. It is outstanding in its content, the cast and the message. The powers to be in Washington could learn a lot from watching it PLEASE DON’T CANCEL IT.

  16. Wanda Garcia

    i will miss this show. i’m sad that it was not renewed.

  17. Joan Fleming

    Madame Secretary is a class series. It depicts a woman president and a strong competent woman. Episodes have been well written and often cover takes on very current issues domestically and internationally. Elizabeth doses a far superior job than the current administration. They show how things could be handled rather than bungled. We haven’t even given her a full year in office. I personally think that CBS should do more careful programming analysis and scheduling. This shoe is up against some PBS programming that likely appeals to the same audience. I record it and watch at my leisure.
    Please continue this series.

    • Donna K

      So enjoy this show – Please reconsider and bring it back !

  18. Brenda

    The reason why ratings were down was becuz CBS can’t get their crap together on the time you never knew what time it was going to start and it’s the same way with NCIS: LA you never know what time it’s going to start either unless you want to watch 60 minutes in which I have absolutely no desire to do and becuz it runs so late it puts the other shows to late if it wasn’t for the ncis shows and Macgyver Hawaii 5 0 I wouldn’t even watch CBS I really liked Madam Secretary it was one of my favorite shows I’ll miss it

  19. Marilyn Doud

    Madam Secretary was my favorite show – did a great job of addressing current issues, and showed a number of very capable women working effectively in government. I hope this cancellation was not politically motivated – if the network won’t bring it back, I hope Netflix will pick it up, as they did with “Designated Survivor” (but not cancel it after one season, as they did with DS.

  20. Sandra Berlinger

    I will miss Madam Secretary. I was told she was supposed to be like Hillary. If only Hillary had been really like her, she might have ben elected.

  21. Donna K

    So looking forward to 2020 series – Please bring it back !

  22. Suzanne A.

    I would so love to see another season with Elizabeth as President, even if you have to change the title to Madam President. Here is a strong faire woman who is a role model to many. What other do girls have except certain anchor women and a few others who comment. Really, on TV these days it is mostly the most twisted, weird who are constantly portrayed. It was refreshing to see a happy sain family working together through difficult and unusual situations, as well a a show not afraid to tackle political issues that are mainstream.
    It would be great to see Elizabeth and Henry on their travel across the country.
    I sure wish there was one or several more seasons…
    At least we got to see most of the characters at the end together, and it was nice to see Tim Daly in a cameo with his sister actress. I will sure miss all of these great actors, the well thought out plots and their fresh take on current events. Thank you for six wonderful seasons… still hopeful.

  23. Amanda Lohe

    My favorite show – so sad

  24. Cindy

    Unbelievable. We were faithful followers and feel “left hanging.” So many storylines that were not finished. Why do the really good TV shows get cancelled while the smarmy stuff stays on? Extremely disappointing.

  25. Deb Wood

    Loved the show! Really miss the characters and the storyline. Bring it back!!

  26. Kim

    *CRIES* I need this series to go on. It’s SO GOOD

  27. NORMA

    not only do i miss madame secretary….now madame president…but i found the cast of characters in both her political and home families very appealing. the series set a great example…and it’s unfortunate that the powers in charge of who americans get to watch take such a superb presidential character and family woman off the scene. it’s important for young women to see the kinds of sacrifices and dilemmas facing women as they move up the ladder in politics, economics, etc. to take the first major female character off the screen is unfortunate for men too so they can see the kinds of roles they will have to play to support the women in their lives moving up societies ladder and it’s impact on the families. it’s a travesty that this program was removed.

    • Ricardo J Salazar Sr

      Very well said!!!!

  28. Lolly

    I am so disappointed to read that Madam Secretary will not be back. This was a quality show!! Please reconsider!!

  29. Diane Edwards

    This cancellation is telling of the whole Trump Administration and their corruption. This show was so honest and so close to what is actually happening that I am sure they made this cancellation happen. it showed a brilliant batch of people actually using finesse and global understanding and of course was diametrically opposed to the craziness and corruption that exist in the White House and congress today.

  30. R.A.B

    Well, doesn’t that beat all. You follow the series from day 1, looking forward to the 10:00 pm TV slot to get your Madame Secretary (President) Sunday night rush. And then they drop it. So disappointing! Sorry, NCIS New Orleans just doesn’t cut it as a replacement. Just went to ABC to watch The Rookie. Bye. CBS

  31. Christina

    I loved this show!!! Come on Netflix pick it up u akready show it anyways!!! Please!!!! I’ll pay extra Netflix!!! Okay

  32. Larry Hastings

    The people who decided to end Madam Secretary are not VERYBRITE PEOPLE, AND GREEDY.They had a Great Show on their hands and PROBABLY Bowed down to Political Pressure to End a Great Series..A REAL BUNCH OF FOOLS..

  33. John

    It seems the network needs to do more homework. The series as a whole, was well done. Please give us back this show.

  34. Leslie G, PA-C

    So sad to see a cogent, intelligent and relevant show cancelled in the setting of so many poorly done, trite and irrelevant shows on to dull the mind. They got really close to being tightly relevant on the racism and #healthequity issues, that we have a suggestion on one that would be COMPLETELY Transformational! Our campaign re: Racism as a threat to public health, something completely relevant and life-saving! Join us and call for intelligent programming!

  35. Daniel

    My life is empty knowing I do not have this show to look forward to anymore 🙁


    Loved this series. Good family show. Hope they bring it back. Thank you for six great seasons.

  37. Susanne

    PLEASE continue Madam Secretary l?? Elizabeth and Henry have the best relationship that brings an innocent shining spirit and are a delight of fresh air!!! Please? It’s the only show I watch on Netflix. I don’t have cable so I watch it using my Netflix account. Please don’t cancel it please

  38. Sue

    Can you think of a more important time for a show to make a strong statement about the abhorrent mismanagement of a country during pandemic – a narcissistic wannabe dictator demanding authority without responsibility? Elizabeth would rip his throat out… where is this show when we need it?!?

  39. michaelllllllll

    sell the series to another station ………duh

  40. CGH

    Need a season 7 … have loved every episode

  41. deroy johnson

    Please please please please give us a season 7 I can’t live without it omg kill me now if its not coming back

  42. deroy johnson

    This would have been the perfect show to be In quarantining…. it’s hard to stay at home without my madam Secretary….

  43. Kevin Mitchell Belcoff

    Amazing show!! Actors are Phenomenal!! Season 7 needs to happen. Thank you for the last 6 years.

  44. Craig Kelso

    This show had a impact on Americans in many divergent directions. The topics were always dealing with a moral conflict, the issues, because of the main character always gave strength to women.This to me, was such an asset to are current political developments, especially, the Democratic nomination for President.
    I am very sorry for Madame Secretary leaving at this juncture in American Politics.

  45. P. Lutz

    Didn’t realize the last show I saw was the final one. Didn’t get that impression from the show. So


  46. Charles R Strain, Jr.

    Obviously need a season 7 OR, if not then transition to season 1 of Madam President (with the same cast!).

  47. angela Davis

    I just finished this series on Netflix. I loved the show. I caught some episodes on TV but with my schedule i had to miss some. so just streamed it all again.
    I wish the series would go on.

  48. P M Newman

    One of my fav shows and I only have 3, just like Commander in Chief which was brilliant, what is it with Americans that you cant foresee a female President either in real life or on tv. Grow up. Bring back Madam Secretary/President with some of the BEST acting on the box.

  49. Vicky

    I just finished watching all series in Netflix for the 2nd time. MUST BRING IT BACK! Love to see Bess as a grandmother and or see her win the 2nd term of presidency, how great is that!

  50. Ricardo J Salazar Sr

    It is an amazing, extraordinary, empowering, motivational, show that should be continued for many many more seasons. She has endured a lot to get to where she is at, and it just doesn’t feel right for it to end!!!! Granted it’s just a show but if she (Téa Leoni) should ever run as president she would have my vote, I mean just look at our so called president now Donald Trump really!!!! He didn’t even want to become president and some how he’s in office. Acting as president and being a president are two different things but one in the same, and at least she has experience acting as one!!!!

  51. Gizella Garcia

    “Madam Secretary” is a really good show. The cast is superb, the content is interesting,
    presented with wit and humor.
    I very much enjoyed the show, and it is sad that a show of this caliber is being cancelled.

  52. Teresa Irene Ferguson

    Madam Secretary makes the Oval Office come alive. MS brings current issues to the forefront. I often find myself shouting out, “Yes, this is the way it should be done!” I would love to see more intelligent programming that focuses on current issues. I want to thank all the actors and writers and support people who made the a quality program. Thanks so much for all your hard work. Bring this type of show back. It’s not always about the dollar sometimes it’s about your contribution to quality.

  53. Donna Deboard

    What a great program! The cast was very engaging and I loved the families values as well as ethics that it brought to television. So getting rare these days. Tea’s character was forthright, passionate and showed politics can be done right. Henry and Tea’s chemistry made it all the more fun as they are so cute together. You could laugh, cry and learn about current events as well as the basic workings of the government behind the scenes. Nice work by everyone and I loved every episode. Would love to see more seasons or a spin off.

  54. Lyn gandolf

    Looking for season 7!!!

  55. Steve

    A great series! I thoroughly enjoyed it. It really should continue!

  56. Bill

    Sorry to see it end. Best series in a long time. Bring it back!

  57. Amanda K Sollid

    Please bring more episodes of Madam Secretary..
    Great series, this is why i hate starting to watch a great series only to have it ripped out of my joy in life.. Loved it n characters!! Not like the one days of programs lasting for years….looking forward certain nights for our favorite program..
    Hate this cancellation.

  58. Pat Shanahan

    I only signed up for CBS all access for this show. I’m very disappointed that such an amazing series is being cut short. I will rethink my subscription.

  59. Sonja Begley-moore

    Yes, to all above, Netflix would be on to a winner, winner , chicken dinner! They left us hanging!

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