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Melissa & Joey season 5?

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When will Melissa & Joey season 5 be out? When do the new episodes start? The show will end its run after four seasons. No premiere air date anymore!

TV-channel: ABC Family
Distributor: Disney–ABC Domestic Television
Starring: Melissa Joan Hart, Joey Lawrence, Taylor Spreitler, Nick Robinson
Genre: Sitcom

Season 4 Episode 1: 1.19 million U.S. viewers

Season 4 Episode 5: 0.98 million U.S. viewers

«Melissa & Joey» television series finishes its run on the TV. The winner of People’s Choice Awards in Favorite Cable TV Comedy nomination won’t be renewed for season 5, as the fourth season is supposed to become the last one.

The creators confirmed, that the 100th episode of the TV-project, which will be broadcast on March 18, 2015, will also serve as its mid-season finale, and the start air date of the final episode of the show is scheduled for summer 2015.

Karey Burke (ABC Family Programming and Development executive vice president) noted that the show is ready to be finished, as kids had already grown up, Mel and Joe had married, and the finish of the story had been quite logical, hadn’t it?

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  1. Shawna

    I’m kinda glad because, Season 4 so far has been terrible.

  2. Allen

    This makes me very sad. I hope Baby Daddy is not at risk.

  3. Felipe Wade

    I’m not surprised, this show has gone downhill and ratings have dropped.

  4. Dustin A.

    This s*cks, I really enjoyed this show. If it is winning awards, why cancel it?

  5. TheLittleSherri

    This show is hilarious! I really enjoyed the series and am sad to see it go.

  6. Janis Kim

    It had a good run, show started going downhill after Mel and Joe got married. This season has not been great at all. Bye-bye!

  7. Rex Long

    Because we all know your story ends when you get married or the kids grow up. It is a good show, and I’ll miss it.

    • Janice Turner

      I miss the show and hope to see season 5

  8. Tanya

    Good job, ABC Family! 100+ episodes is awesome for any comedy nowadays.

  9. Bridget L.

    I’ve watched M&J since the pilot and even I think its time to wrap it up.

  10. Christie Taylor

    I’m so sad. Didn’t expect this at all. I hope we can see MJH and Joey Lawrence on another TV-show.

  11. Lily

    When J&M got married and introduced a lost child it went down for me. They should’ve got married at the end of the series. Loved it a first got but it got boring

  12. mallory

    This is bullsh*t! I love Melissa any Joey!

    • Tanya M.


  13. Tanya M.

    Ok….. Will you EVER keep Good shows on.. If Secret life could Last a million years SURELY the Lying Game and Chasing Life could have had a Much LONGER
    stay on the network. WOW!!!!!

  14. Alexandra

    Well that s*cks, every episode drew me in and you guys cancel it after revealing Mel’s pregnancy & Lennox’s engagement, wth??? I am disappointed in this decision. Would love to see a little more Bt oh well. Will there be another comedy like this but maybe based just on Lennox & Xander?? Would love to know more about what plans you have next for our entertainment.

  15. Carolyn

    I am Very Disappointed ABC Family,that you have taken a Good Show OFF the Air! It was one of my FAVORITE SHOWS,along with BABY DADDY! I am a 48 yr old mom of 6 and grandmother and I LOVE BOTH SHOWS! BOTH ARE GREAT SHOWS the WHOLE FAMILY COULD WATCH! I’m SO TIRED of all of the reality shows and the violent drama shows!!!! The World NEEDS MORE FUNNY SHOWS FOR FAMILY that isn’t geared just towards little children and teens. PLEASE KEEP BABY DADDY! Not ALL shows that have couples get together or get married, have to fail… THATS A CROCK!

  16. Mary A. Fischer

    I’m extremely disappointed in/with ABC Family/Freeform for cancelling such a great show. I know Lennox and Ryder are grown, and Mel and Joe are married but there’s still a story there. I mean what about having Lennox and Ryder’s Mother/Father getting out of prison. Mel and Joe could have a baby and have crazy antics with Joe’s daughter Dani, and Joes ex. I know ppl think the story is wrapped but u could get at least 3-6 more seasons out of the stories above. It’s sad that all the family friendly shows always get cancelled, so please reconsider cancelling the show for good. I know I’m not the only person upset and crossing their fingers the network, show creators, production team, and writers change their minds.

    • none of your business

      same but it was good while it lasted and if not anymore seasons they should do at least and hour or two goodbye/ending episode.
      i would also want to see what happens to ryder

  17. Jes

    I loved this show and really wish there was going to be another season.

  18. none of your business

    i dont know about yall but i want to see lennox and zandar ge married and mel have the baby they really should make at least an hour long goodbye episode or at most one more season. if yall want to see more of melissa joan hart and joey lawrence watch my fake fiance. its on netflix..

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