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«NCIS: Los Angeles» season 6: air date

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When does «NCIS: Los Angeles» season 6 start on CBS? The TV show has been greenlit for 24 episodes and is set to air Fall 2014!

TV-channel: CBS
Pilot episode: September 22, 2009
Creator: Shane Brennan

Season 1 Episode 1: 16.32 million U.S. viewers

Season 5 Episode 1: 16.35 million U.S. viewers

The television series called «NCIS: Los Angeles» is a spin-off of «NCIS» project. Like an original version the story has been extended for the new season by CBS management.

The excellent ratings don’t let the rights holders close the show. They believe the ordered season 6 will be successful and its audience won’t decrease in 2014/2015. The air date for the new episodes of the given television series is scheduled for September 29, 2014, so we will enjoy 24 fresh episodes.

At the moment the show is being watched by more than 14 million Americans and not every project can boast of such numbers.

UPDATE 1 (February 29, 2016): CBS renewed the long-running procedural NCIS for Season 14 and 15.

UPDATE 2 (March 25, 2016): CBS renewed the series for an eighth season.

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