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NCIS: Los Angeles season 8 premiere date 2016

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NCIS Los Angeles season 8 premiere date

We are waiting for a Season 8 of NCIS: Los Angeles! CBS renewed the series for an eighth season. What about the start date in 2016?

Original network: CBS
Distributor: SShane Brennan Productions, CBS Television Studios

Season 6 Episode 24: 9.33 million U.S. viewers

Season 7 Episode 21: 8.24 million U.S. viewers

CBS Channel representatives have ordered the creation of the eighth season of the series NCIS: Los Angeles. It happened a month after the renewal of the original NCIS.

Despite of the bad start of seventh season (total 7.89 million viewers), right holders have decided to finance the new episodes and show it viewers in the fall of 2016. We hope that the rating of the project is no longer falling, because the ordering of new episodes directly depends on it.

The creator Shane Brennan has renewed his contract with CBS channel for one more year, as well as their participation in the eighth season, confirmed all the main actors.

NCIS: Los Angeles season 8 start – [September 25, 2016] (8 pm)

The exact premiere date will be announced a little later (UPDATE), so follow the announcements and keep the series NCIS: Los Angeles in the comments!

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  1. Lena F.

    It is the best of NCIS shows. I hope in a fantastic Season 8 but without Anna.

  2. Kim F.

    I been watching the show since the beginning. So glad it’s renewed… I was very worried, especially when they moved Blind spot in the same slot.

  3. PICO

    Congratulations NCIS Los Angeles! Only one of the NCIS trilogy I enjoy watching anymore.

  4. Patricia Ramirez

    Is great, is wonderful, I love ncis la
    Cant wait to see what happens in Season 8!

  5. Nicolas

    Love NCIS LA! Looking forward to enjoying another great season!

  6. -Lucia-

    Great cast! Love Kensi and Deeks. Best show on TV!
    P.S. Good Move CBS

  7. Wally

    I love watching all 3 of the NCIS shows

  8. Joani Washington

    I love all the NCIS shows but in particular L.A. Action pack, comedy and serious issues. Please keep this show.

  9. Leslie

    I LOVE THIS SHOW! Its the BEST of the NCIS’s!!!!! I’m mad its on sunday now??? Why?? But I will still Be watching or recording it if I am at work!!

  10. Jean

    I love NCIS LA but with all the date changes having a hard time finding the show. I have already missed the first 3 shows. Prefer LA follow
    The original NCIS and move NCIS New Orleans to another day.
    Sorry but don’t care that much for New Orleans show. But still watch.

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