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NCIS season 13: premiere date (2015)

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When will NCIS season 13 come out on CBS? We need the premiere air date in 2015/2016! Let’s wait for the start together!

TV-channel: CBS
Created by: Don McGill, Donald P. Bellisario
Starring: Mark Harmon, Sasha Alexander, Michael Weatherly, Pauley Perrette, David McCallum…
Genre: police procedural drama

Season 11 Episode 24: 16.95 million U.S. viewers

Season 12 Episode 21: 15.84 million U.S. viewers

Even the most demanding critics are sure the creators of «NCIS» television series don’t have a right to end the story in the current year. The amount of fans of this TV-project is above 16 million people only in the USA, so why not to renew the show for Season 13?

The executive producer Gary Glasberg in his recent interview noted that the twelfth season would end at culmination, which would increase chances for the premiere date of Season 13 announcement.

Apparently, the series will be renewed and the new episodes will be released in the fall of 2015 on CBS.

NCIS season 13 start – [September 22, 2015] (Tuesday, 8 pm)

Season 13B (episode 12) premiere (Return Date) – [January 5, 2016]

Let’s wait for the official announcement.

UPDATE 1 (May 11, 2015): It’s Official: CBS renewed the series for a 13th season.

UPDATE 2 (February 29, 2016): CBS renewed the long-running procedural NCIS for Season 14 and 15.

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  1. Claud Febres

    NCIS is the biggest running show in forever. Hope they keep it!

  2. Shelba

    NCIS is already part of life )

  3. Debbie S.

    Please do not cancel NCIS! It is one of the best shows on TV. I like it. The spin-offs is s*cks.

  4. FaGa

    GREAT NEWS! So happy it is coming back!

  5. Jari

    NCIS is my favorite show on TV!!! Glad it is coming back for Season 13…hope many more seasons are to follow!

  6. Susan West

    If they don’t stop killing off main characters, not listening to the voice of the viewers, and keep leaving ridiculous cliffhangers, there will be no season 14. Even their most ardent fans will be sick of all that nonsense by then.
    Writers and producers, listen to your viewers WE know what we like!

  7. moira

    cannot wait for fall to watch my favorite show NCIS!!! heck with summer!!!

  8. Mark

    Same here but I hope they bring back ziva(Cote de Pablo) she was good in this show

  9. Sally Ann Price

    I am so glad it is coming back. It is such a great show. I hope Mark Harmon returns and also Cote De Pablo.

  10. JoDee


  11. Barbara

    Please don’t finish this programme off and don’t get rid of Gibbs. The only two programmes worth watching on TV are NCIS and NCIS LA.

    • James

      I agree, but NCIS New Orleans is good also.

  12. Sharon Williams

    Best show…year after year and they never get an Emmy nomination. Hollywood and New York can’t stand a successful military show. How sad…. My husband and I do not care for the new very weak Emily. She does not fit well with this agressive group. No excitement with her role.

  13. Wendy Barnett

    I want Ziva back !!

  14. jeffco

    bring Ziva back pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese

  15. Tom Wilson

    Please get rid of the blond. Give us another character to take her place.


    NCIS is a show that I am addicted to, I wish it will never end. although in reality that cannot be. the cast have become as family . I can sit and watch NCIS all night, or all weekend, even though I have seen the episodes many times over… NCIS is like comfort food…… cable tv these days leaves much to be desired on the weekend… I am so disapointed when NCIS is not having one of those all day bonanzers …just one of your big fans, in the bahamas…

  17. Carey Cahill. Daly

    I like Gibbs. Not Just. the NCIS Team the. Team Of NCIS Will Not Let The Show Started Without Leroy . Gibbs

  18. Snowman

    Please get rid of Bishop. She is awful in that cast of characters. Nobody can replace Ziva. We miss her!

  19. Trollhd

    Kate was good but ziva was better I think that bishop and ziva should be on at the same time

  20. Kristina

    I love NCIS and have been watching this show, now for 13 years and this tv series is part of our life and I can’t imagine this show ending anytime soon. The writers just need to be a lot more creative to keep the show going for many more seasons. All the characters are awesome; Gibbs, Abby, Bishop, McGee, and DiNozzo, Also The director Leon Vance ..

  21. esea

    i’m from indonesia, for ncis season 14 would you bring back ziva david please,,, thank you.

  22. Barbara

    My Family loves this show so much,we have Seasons 1-12 on DVD and are anxiously waiting for the DVD release date for Season 13,please advise release date, we have the “Can’t Hardly’s” waiting for it !!

  23. willeen schneider

    I love NCIS and I really hate that Denozzo is leaving and it will not be the same. The blonde is not a strong player. What is wrong with Sean Murray? Is he sick? He looks horrible to much weight loss.

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