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«Necessary Roughness» season 4?

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When does «Necessary Roughness» season 4 come out on TV? Will show return for new season in 2014? We have bad news…

TV-channel: USA Network
Pilot episode: June 29, 2011
Creators: Liz Kruger, Craig Shapiro

Season 1 Episode 1: 4.67 million U.S. viewers

Season 3 Episode 10: 2.36 million U.S. viewers

«Necessary Roughness» TV series failed to score ranking points as it was expected, so it lost all its chances to be renewed for Season 4.

USA Network TV channel isn’t planning to continue the abovementioned project, as the amount of its TV viewers, comprising 2.36 million Americans who are ready to watch the show, isn’t enough to finance the following season.

Channel management expressed its gratitude to Liz Krueger and Craig Shapiro for their work and also thanked the script writers, who always raised relevant topics in each of the episodes.

Experts as well as critics supported the decision to close the project, but the fans of the TV series started to express their discontent. Support the show in comments to draw the creators’ attention!

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  1. Marjorie

    OMG!!!! This is one of my favorite shows!! I just love the whole sports theme. And what about Dani & Nico?? I look forward to the show!!! Please keep it running.

  2. Patricia

    OMG!!! I can’t believe this show is cancelled. Another good show gets socked!! This is one of my favorite shows and there’s lots more to tell. What about Dani and Nico? Is there a chance that Matt is not happy in his relationship?? Please don’t ditch this show!!

  3. Christel

    SOO sad that was my favorite show. Have been waiting to see what happens with Dani and Nico! Please don’t get rid of it.

  4. tana

    Can’t believe they cancelled this show!!! Was one of my favorites! And I was so looking forward to seeing Dani & Nico finally get together. Very bummed that USA cancelled this!!

  5. Delma

    So many police, murder, law, or medical shows it was a refreshing change from the same old,same old, stale programs. I watch more movies now and less and less tv shows. No wonder I got rid of Dish network, not much worth wasting time on.

  6. Rhoda

    Hate that Necessary Roughness is canceled!!! No I have no reason to watch USA.

  7. Jenn

    I can’t believe this show was cancelled! There are still so many relevant story lines related to sports and the athletes!
    And of course everyone wants to know where Dani & Nico will go!

  8. Kathy

    OMG PLEASE PLEASE don’t cancel this show. top of my list1

  9. Verna

    Loved the show Necessary Roughness–Listen to all who watched it and loved it
    We want more !!
    Also tried to watch other shows for USA and they require you to enter you cable company–
    my mine isn’t listed–so couldn’t watch all the wonderful shows for USA–so sad

  10. LaDera

    This really s*cks this was one of the few shows I watch on this channel guess I’ll have to look for something else. These cable stations are really making me rethink keeping cable when I can watch whatever I really want online. USA you have done a disservice to your viewers

  11. Thomas Lightner

    Can’t believe this show was not continued for 2014. With so many of the same type of shows on TV, this was a breath of fresh air as well one of the few sports industry shows on TV.

  12. Erika

    I don’t watch very much TV, but this was one of five that I watched. It is a great show…Please bring it back!!!!!!!

  13. Alesia

    I hope & pray that the network will change it’s mind and bring back Necessary Roughness! I love this show!!!!! It is a great show and the characters or wonderful, especially Callie Thorne as Dani!

  14. Kelly

    Not sure if this comment will get anywhere…but I’m gonna give it a try. Necessary Roughness was a good, solid show that entertained both guys and girls and had potential to go along way. I am very disappointed to hear that it was cancelled. USA, you say that there were not enough viewers, however, that was the only recent show I watched on your network and now I am not watching your network at all. Therefore, any other shows, movies or specials, or advertising of your other shows are being missed by me because I have no reason to watch your network due to the cancellation of the only show of recent interest in your lineup of shows that I did watch, Necessary Roughness. Now you have lost a viewer of your network all together…does that sound logical to you? I enjoyed In Plain Sight and Burn Notice in the past, however, those shows on your network have been cancelled as well. At least those shows had an ending. You just left us with no ending or closure with Necessary Roughness. I have no interest in your current line up of original shows, and I see a lineup of reruns of some very good shows, but I already have seen them on their original networks on their original airdate. I hope you change your mind on cancelling or at least give the show a proper ending.

    • Ed Navarro

      I could not agree with you more. The good shows get cancel because bad tv is in. Where do smart people get great tv shows. There is alot of stupid tv,where do we go

    • RKC

      I agree with Kelly, as well as the many others posting their disapproval to the cancellation of Necessary Roughness and subsequent boycotting of USA Network.

      Necessary Roughness was a GREAT show… One of my favorites… And certainly one of the best on TV! In fact, this is the reason I started watching USA Network and other shows on their network. I had caught an episode of Necessary Roughness at my Mom in Law’s and I was forever hooked. Prior to that, I never watched anything on that network. However, I now follow several other programs… Or at least I did, until I heard of the cancellation!

      However, because those that run this network obviously have no brain, nor do they care to listen to the wants of it’s viewership, I too will no longer watch the USA Network… Nothing… Zilch… Nada… Period!!
      At the very least, you could have brought back half a season and brought some closure to such open, intriguing dialogue.
      So, you have yet another strike against you.

      Shame on you USA Network!
      You HAD one of the best shows, and you took it away.
      There are quite a few of your other long standing shows that should have gone in it’s place. In fact, not only have some definitely run their course into staleness, but a few new ones shouldn’t even be on past the Pilot. Yet, you discontinue a popular show?
      I know you indicate the numbers were down, but it seems to me, by the outpouring of sadness and even anger, that your system is flawed somewhere!
      Necessary Roughness IS still a popular and WANTED show!!
      You should listen to your viewers before making such a huge, bad decision and ultimate huge, bad mistake!
      Shame, Shame, Shame!

      • Kelly

        I agree with Kelly and many others!! What a great show!! Was so looking forward to season 4 and many more after that!! Great acting great story line!! Awesome show! Couldn’t be more disappointed!! You should bring it back!!

  15. gretchen

    I am disappointed that you will not be renewing Necessary Roughness. I have been patiently waiting all year for the new season. If you can not renew it at least give us a series finally so we can see what happens with all our characters.

  16. Joanne

    I love this show. Please keep it on since it is one of the few shows that I watch on that channel.

  17. KATHY B

    One of my favorite shows…i always look forward to each season and hate it when the finale episode comes around…please keep the show going i enjoy watching Necessary Roughness i love everything about the show very intertaining….Necessary Roughness & Covert Affairs my 2 favorite on USA and if you take one and then the other well USA will not be my favorite network

  18. Marcia

    So, so sad Necessary Roughness is gone. There are so many violent, creepy murder shows on TV that I refuse to watch, Necessary Roughness was so refreshing!! Loved the sports theme and all the characters. USA network you are losing me… And we will never know what happens Dani and Nico! Very unhappy with USA Network.

  19. Mel and Brian

    We are so bummed that they didn’t renew Necessary Roughness. We were really looking forward to it. We are really getting tired of seeing shows that we really like get cancelled! What is going on. We don’t want to watch all the other depressing cr*p. It used to be that our DVR was set to so many shows on USA but slowly they are going by the wayside leaving us with nothing to watch that doesn’t leave you feeling dark and depressed.

  20. scott lenoir

    Love the show, about the only show my wife and I enjoy together. Would love to see it continue!

  21. Hope

    I almost mimic the sentiment of one of the previous commenters. There are only three shows (Suits, Necessary Roughness and Royal Pains) that I watch on USA.

    Sadly, this network is not geared towards great meaningful original television shows. I am really tired of the Modern Family, SVU and NCIS reruns.

    Characters Wanted great motto but it does not reflect your network. I would like the Nielsen rating system in my home because your line-up would not be the re-run destination.

    Better Programming Wanted, are you all prepared for the challenge?

  22. Leticia

    Great show! Great storyline, original and highly addictive.
    So disappointed to see it cancelled without a proper ending.
    Reconsider and bring it back!!!

  23. Fayewray

    Great show! Great storyline, original and highly addictive.
    So disappointed to see it cancelled without a proper ending.
    Reconsider and bring it back!!!

    BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Sandy

    Please bring it back…..It is one of my favorite shows. It’s bad enough that the Glades on A&E isn’t returning and we will never know is Jim dies. Don’t kill this show too.

  25. janzella

    come on this show is fantastic waiting to see it start back

  26. Jessica Ledingham

    This is on e of my favorite shows and you are cancelling it? Why do networks do that? They cut off the good ones and keep the shows that are unoriginal and stupid. It the same with movies these days. Does anyone in Hollywood have any original ideas or does everything have to be a remake. I mean They remake movies five times over before they come up with a new concept. I mean someone pick up a book and read it. There are all kinds of great stories out there why can’t anyone use those? Necessary Roughness was a Great Original Show that showed promise and an ongoing story-line that shouldn’t be cut-off like that. At least finish it off. Do you not realize that the ratings are probably off because a lot of people record it to watch it later so they are not showing that they are also watching it. USA will continue to lose viewers if they don’t quit cancelling shows that are actually good.

  27. Susan

    This show is awesome. I wait all season to watch Callow & Nick. We have been waiting to find out what happened after they flew off in Nick ‘s jet. Please do not cancel this great show.

  28. Wilma

    I was watching Necessary Roughness reruns on another channel as there is nothing on TV I like and was wondering when it was going to start again and I see it’s canceled. Oh no, such a great program. So I guess your the number of viewers watching reruns of Law and Order during the day is higher than those watching Necessary Roughness at night. No wonder I watch news, sports and weather and often in that order.

  29. Lynne Kanoff

    Love this show bring it back!!!!! The story is not over yet! Why do good shows get cancelled and the cr*p stays on?

  30. cbeusafan

    I feel like we were left hanging with the “drug” story line and Nico and Dani. It was clear though that all the characters were dispersing to other teams never to be seen or heard from again. I would like one more season to either wrap up loose ends or start up a whole new direction. I liked the various issues that were addressed. The Psych part is what made the show interesting and different.

  31. Andrea Hale

    I loved this show. It truly was a breath of fresh air. There are soo many cop shows, all pretty much the same! This show was liked by girls and guys.My husband and I both watched this show. For a longest time this and Glades was our favorites. Now both of them cancelled. Cannot win! Please bring the show back if for nothing more but give an actual end to it!! Just like Glades you guys also dropped the show without actually ending it!!! I’m not surprised that slowly but surely the cable companies will lose all of its customers. Very, very disappointing!

  32. Kari

    Are you kidding me?????? One of the most different and
    Fun shows on TV!! What about Nico and Dani??
    Yes, I say again, shat about Nico and Dani?

  33. Margie

    Oh sad..but kinda expected it after all last years changes. The quick rush through
    Of The two main characters relationship, girlfriends pregnancy , Matt’s marriageNOT
    TO DANI!!! , and dani and nico . It was on fire the first two seasons !! Then you mucked up the story. Liked stamos , but u deflated the story by shredding and fast forwarding the storyline from at the end of the season , and somehow thinking u could trash it within the first 10 mins of new season . INCREDIBLE STUPID !!’ STUPID STUPID STUPID all of you that let it happen. We’ll miss the ‘ what next sizzle from Dani & Matt, with additional sizzle w Dani & Nico ! You flushed $$$ down the toilet !!

  34. Karen

    So Sad. I loved this show. It was a great changer from all the cops and reality junk tv. Please bring it back. It was a fantastic show.

  35. Lucy

    OMG what’s going on??? I Love this show I was looking forward to Season 4. It’s not right to leave the fans hanging I was looking forward to find out what happens with Dr. Dani and Nico.
    I know it wasn’t the number of viewers you people were hoping for but you did get 2.36 million viewers…Doesn’t that count for something? What about us the viewers that do watch the show???
    As it is…there are a very few good shows left to watch on TV and now you took this one from us. What’s wrong with you people??? Why is it that all the Great shows keep being cancelled and the
    Cr*p stays on for many years… Please bring it back At least give us a good satisfying ending. Cliffhangers are Not Nice People We the People/Viewers deserve to know what happens with Dani, Nico and TK. Give us CLOSURE I am very SAD and DISAPPOINTED to hear it’s been cancelled. USA will continue to lose viewers if they don’t stop doing this Cr*p…cancelling our good shows

  36. JoAnn Calandra

    This was a quality show ! Callie Thorn was phenomenal in the role . How can you ditch a gray show like this, and keep reality show garbage on ! Please give this show another shot.

  37. joy

    I can’t believe this show was cancelled. What are people watching? This was a show we looked forward to during our summer’s.

  38. Jeanne

    This is a great show and there are way too many loose ends please bring it back!!!

  39. Sam

    Wow! Mind blowing ! You guys come up with an original show that entertained male/female viewers and you cancelled it???? Characters are not welcome.
    Could”a at least gave us viewers character closure

  40. Tammara Love

    Truly sad to see this show cancelled especially when there is so much other garbage reality TV and informercials playing non-stop! Loved this show….not sure who the Hecht these TV exec’s are polling for points, but maybe they should actually poll those if us that do t get caught up in the reality drama queen and other true junk on TV!!!

  41. Judy

    Sorry to sound like the other comments but I really enjoyed the sports theme. The break from the usual crime drama or sitcom was very refreshing. But then again I find that I’m watching more National Geographic, Smithsonian and Destination America.

  42. robin

    Please bring it back. One of my favorite shows.

  43. Zon

    I love this show. The characters are so refreshing. Dr Dani with her honest character with unquestionable morals. The show is such that It is a definite choice to be one of the movies which my children would be watching.

  44. peggy

    I have been waiting for the new season. Now I am really disappointed.

  45. Honey

    Dr. Dani is the reason I went back to school for counseling. I was waiting to see what happened with her and Nico and with the rest of the cast. This show should not have been cancelled, it was really a good show. Bring it back!!! I have searching to make sure I record the series on my DVR & realized it is not showing up anywhere. Come on Execs, get the memo and bring it back!!!

  46. Dawn Cachia

    I love this show.i can’t wait fir the summer so I can disappointed. Great cast of character. I will truly miss it. Please bring it back

  47. MaryAnn

    This was a terrific show, with lots of fantastic performances. Should NOT have been cancelled. Please bring it back!!

  48. AMFER

    Why would USA not renew for season 4? This was a great show, with much to build on. Very disappointing!!!!!!!

  49. Carial

    Bring it back! My husband and I enjoyed the topical story lines. Loved the characters….take us out of Law and Order purgatory and bring back some fresh programming!

  50. Mel

    Just because the other people in the world didn’t turn in doesn’t mean you should punish the viewers that enjoyed this show. There are some really dumb shows that are being broadcasted that I think should be canceled, but Necessary Roughness was a good show.

  51. Margie

    One of my favorite shows! Hoping it will be renewed.

  52. Karen yocham

    Oh my gosh this is one show that should have continued. It’s the best show on tv.

  53. Heather

    Miss this show!!! Like others have stated, it’s different from all the other junk reality/cop/vampire shows out now. Having a psych degree, it’s nice to see a show I can relate to and am genuinely interested in! Most shows I have grown to like never seem to make it beyond the first or second season, so it was nice that it came back for a third. I wish that it would at least be renewed to bring closure to the show. Too many cliffhangers!

  54. Angela

    Loved that show and always looked forward to watching it on my DVR. Sad about their decision.

  55. Anna

    What a disappointment that this great show was cancelled! Really different subject matter and so entertaining (love Scott Cohen).

  56. Anna

    Why cancel this great show? It had humor and serious subject matter.

  57. Rachel

    I am very disappointed that Necessary Roughness has been cancelled. I dont watch alot of TV and this is one of them that I do watch. Can you at least give us a finale to see what happens to our characters?

  58. Dianne

    I had an inkling that the last program may be the end, with Dani and Nico getting on his plane to wherever. OK, they’re going to start a new something or other. So give us a chance to see what they’ll start. The dynamic with them and all the other cast was great. But, no, you’d rather run one rerun after the other, what’s the ratings on all those reruns? Doesn’t matter much since they were already done and don’t cost much to rerun, but it sure doesn’t make USA channel watchers happy.

  59. Margaret

    I cannot believe they are not continuing the show. Our family enjoyed the series and are disappointed that it is not returning. Spending time watching tv is limited but this was one show I never missed. The cast was amazing At least do one more short season to let us fans have an idea of what happens to the characters. Ever think of of spin off The dynamic between Dani and Nico was wow. Just think of where the show could go with the two of them. What a mistake not to bring back a compelling show.

  60. Star

    Necessary Roughness is one of my familes fav shows. The only reason that we haven’t been watching is because we no longer have cable. We rely on netflix, and sadly hulu. (Netflix is a million times better than hulu!) I have only kept my hulu subscription for the couple of shows that I really wanted to keep up with, this one, Suits, and White Collar. I really hope that USA changes their mind when they realize that more and more people are getting rid of cable and they could make so much more if they were to allow their shows to air on netflix!

  61. ginelle

    I was really looking forward to seeing a new season. I really loved this show.

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