Mar 26

New Girl season 3: air date

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When does «New Girl» season 3 start? Renewed or cancelled? Premiere air date is known!

Fans of the sitcom called «New Girl» can rejoice at the decision of the creators to renew the series for Season 3, which has been taken before the end of Season 2.

It should be mentioned that the given TV show debuted in September, 2011. More than 10 million TV viewers watched the episode 1 of the series. Frankly speaking, later the show lost some of its fans, since the amount of its TV viewers comprised 5.35 million Americans. Despite that fact, series ratings still allow the producers to continue the show. Therefore in March 2013 they financed Season 3 of the «New Girl» TV show. After the air date for the new episodes was confirmed by Kevin Reilly, all the doubts concerning the further development of the storyline disappeared. According to the director, «fresh» comedy episodes about Jess’ life will air on FOX TV channel in September, 2013. A broadcast will be carried out in the most convenient airtime.

«New Girl» season 3 premiere – [September 17, 2013]

Also according to the given announcement, such projects as «The Mindy Project» and «Raising Hope» will be renewed for the new Seasons. According to Reilly, all the above mentioned shows are worth broadcasting on FOX TV channel, since all of them are comic ones.

Are you supposed to be a fan of the given show? You can share your opinion concerning the season 3 storyline in comments.

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  1. kitty

    I am so happy with this piece of info! One of the best shows out there at the moment!

  2. petta

    Thrilled that New Girl Project got a pick up!

  3. tommy L.

    New Girl is awesome! The second season is so funny!

  4. Karen

    So happy they got renewed! Yay!!! I hope they do like Friends did…. Season after season of comedy and ending strong…. Love this show! I love the nick jess “romance” haha :))

  5. Mary Ann

    Am so glad that there will be a third season of “New GirlI” t’s the best tv show ever <3
    Nick and Jess 🙂 love the romance going on between them
    hope they get together in the end!

  6. Alex

    YaaaaAaaa so happy that new girl Is going to be renewed I love what is happening between nick and Jess! I wonder if there gonna show Cece get married

    • Amanda

      They showed in episode 25! 🙂

      • Isabel

        I missed out on all season two, but I recently watched them all online episode 25 was the last one correct?

        • Theodor

          correct! 🙂

  7. Andrea

    You literally have no idea how happy I am that New Girl is continuing! Everyone was telling me that the funding’s been cut and whatnot but I could literally cry tears of relief that it’s not 😀

  8. Justy

    HEY! seriously? why would they even think of cutting the fund for the show? IT’S HILARIOUS, FUN and LIGHT-HEARTED! it’s the best series for me! Hoping for more seasons! PLEEEEAAAASSSSSSEEEE?

  9. raj92

    oh!!! best TV show ever…. really HILARIOUS….
    Dying to watch season 3 and 4 and 5 ….. so ooonnnn

  10. Lily

    Yessss, I am so happy. This just made my day.

  11. Stela

    weeeeeeeee 😀

  12. sania

    I live them!!!! Jass and Nick are the best!Hope wi’ll see more their romance:)

  13. swedich

    Septemer 2013 is so far awey, I want to se season 3 now!! 😉

  14. Monika

    OMG !! I am soooo excited ! I LOVE NEW GIRL Its sooo funny it literally makes me laugh out loud !!!! LOVE the news ! September cant come quick enough !

  15. Julia

    This brings a smile to my face 😀

  16. Gladys

    Yes! I thought it was over! Cant wait til the 3rd season Nick and Jess the best couple 🙂 I love this show More seasons please! <3 #NEWGIRLFAN#

  17. nbd

    When will the season 3 start? Please answerrrrrr i cant wait.

  18. js

    When will the 3rd season start? I can’t wait any longerrrr!

  19. Lana

    Does anyone know the actual date for season 3 in September 2013, I’m dying here not knowing when it’ll be on!!

  20. jess

    I watch all the episodes ….RELIGIOUSLY. I just hope it doesn’t end :'(

  21. kathie

    I LOVE this show! it’s amazing! I can’t wait for the third season – I’ve watched the second season like a million times!

  22. mia pan

    im so excited at the season 3 ! i hope that nick and jess will be together till the end 🙂 love it <3

  23. em loves nick

    omg !yesssssssssssss!! 🙂 i hope there relationship (nick&jess) last!! it’s like “ness” or “niss” or “jicK” hehe<3 i love them! and cece and schdmit.:) i hope he choses her. but cece was bitch calling him out with elizebeth. shes gonna be crushed:(

    ohhhhh and daisy and winston. baby, its awsome. brenda song! whoop, whoop!

    taylor in the fanile ep? seriously??? they should have atleast called her taylor, i mean jess love taylor swifts music, it would have been perf. if she played herself

  24. jason

    i’m so glad that their still continuing new girl….although you shouldnt have waited two fr*aking years to start things up again….

  25. Tags

    Remember there are million of international viewers… Keep the show running, it’s super awesome…

  26. Theodor

    People tell me this show is for girls and maybe there’s something to it but I dont care, I love it! (I’m a boy in case you were wondering. :P) GREAT NEWS!

  27. Aiyana

    I love the New Girl Show so much it’s totally Amazing and Hilarious can’t wait for September to come Fast!!!!

  28. Katy

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy I love this show and nick and jess the comedy is so refreshing and genuine and real cannot wait!

  29. Carina

    I look like Jess.

  30. JW

    Got to keep renewing!!! Amazingly comical!

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