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«Lost Girl» season 4: air date

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When does «Lost Girl» season 4 start? Renewed or cancelled? Premiere air date is known!

A Canadian supernatural drama «Lost Girl» was approved to be renewed for Season 4. Despite the fact that the final of the current Season, broadcast by SyFy, is scheduled for April, 2013, the rightsholders have already announced about their decision to produce 13 new episodes.

The creators of the series note that they can’t finish the show about Bo because of its ratings. Multimillion «fan army» expects the show to be continued, that’s why one of the usual meetings of the creators resulted into the decision to renew «Lost Girl» for Season 4. The air date (premiere) for the new episodes was already announced and scheduled for the November 10, 2013. More info will be announced later by SyFy.

What do you want out of season 4? Let’s support the show in comments!

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  1. Sobberi

    Love lost girl so glad where getting a 4th season the how just keeps getting better.

  2. Anastacia


    • Britt

      Me too girl!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant stand Lauren!. I mean I love the fact she is the smart genius of the bunch but I want her to go I want Dyson and Bo back together. They are so right for each other! This is killing me not being able to find out anything. I can’t believe Canada gets to see it before we do! Their air date is November 14th!! Why cant we see the same? Does anyone know how to get episodes even if they are from Canada to US?? lol. Thanks

      • Meg

        there are sites where ppl put series online where u can watch them for free.. try its something like that.. its free ull have to make an account.. theres a chance it will be on there.. i’m already looking lol

      • Cameron Ray Benge

        To watch the new episodes now you go to Google and search project free tv and then click the first result and the top of the page will be yellow and say project free tv. There are officially 6 episodes already on there in English from Canada.

      • Sylvia Mae Bray

        I agree I want Lauren to go away, Bo and Dyson really do belong together.

    • Doreen Nagler

      I agree totally that they should be back together!!

  3. adarian bergheger

    I am so excited bout the renewal of lost girl. I cant wait to be able to buy season 3 to add to my collection!! And tostart wwatching season 4. I hope they bring bo n dyson back together n ive been waiting for kenzi n hale to get together as well. Writers I hope u r reading all this, cause I have to say this is the best tv series that had ever beenmade since charmed. And I do bbelieve this is even better then that. Keep the actions comming, cause me and my family enjoy this series and can’t hardley wait for mondays to get here…ty again

  4. damoa

    TEAM LAUREN!!!! =)

    • Elle

      Team Lauren all the way!! She can be stupid sometimes but they’re so cute together. Gay all day haha

  5. Carmen

    I hope Bo’s mom comes in and smokes the dad’s ass.
    I can’t believe I have to wait till 2014 to see the next season of lost girl.
    Kenzi and Bo are awesome!
    Team Dyson!

    • Britt

      ME TOO!!! Thats what I just asked in another comment!! It airs in Canada in November and we have to wait until 2014!! I wonder if we could still buy or get the episodes from a website in canada or something lol! Team Dyson all the way!! I cant wait to get season three to add to my collection as well. I have one and two and have recorded all the season three on my dvr lol. The suspense is totally killing me!!!

  6. Claire

    Team Lauren 🙂

    • j

      nasty.. I hope Lauren dies. She gets on my nerves

      • Britt

        Hell yeah!! Go J!!

  7. Laura

    so glad the show is being continued and i cant wait till the season 4!

  8. daniela

    i hope lauren become a fae,so bo can feed from her forever!
    por favor transformem a lauren em fae, assim ela e a bo podem viver juntas pra sempre!

  9. shelia

    have watched from the beginning and love the show, would be a shame to end such a great show , and not let the fans know what happens with Bo’s father

  10. DoDoD

    I want new season sooner …..

  11. Holly

    I love this tv show! I am for DYSON!!

  12. Gabie

    It would be soo cool if Dyson and Bo got back toguether and then the father daughter reunion and to know about his history and stuff and then he kind of turnes out to be the baddest of bad guys and then the “super team” would come to the resque and it would be cool to learn a lot more about the fey wold

    But still i think that Bo and Dyson realy should get back toguether

  13. Scarlett

    When i first heard about ‘Lost Girl’ I put off watching it, but within the first five minutes of watching I was obsessed and watched series 1-3 in just over two days. I love Bo and Dyson’s together and they have to try their relationship again. I am so confused now – I can’t even say what i live better succubus’s or Vampire’s?

  14. Tammy

    What I want out of season 4 is the promise of a season 5!

    • Regina

      Amen to that!

  15. Amalia

    So glad they renewed Lost Girl! Love that show so much <3 Literally obsessed with this series 🙂

  16. shawna

    I love Lost Girl. I want Lauren and Bo to stay together! I also want to see what happens with Bo’s dad. Hope season 4 can come soon!:)

  17. Kathy

    i can’t wait until season 4 of Lost Girl. i am so obessed with the series. i love Anna’s character Bo, she is hot and awesome.

  18. Sarah

    I wish Bo and Lauren to be together , love their chemistry….they are smoking hot together…

    • robin 234

      yea they are good together and they have great chemistry

    • robin 234

      they should make lauren some type of fae so then she and bo can have better chemistry dyson and bo are not meant to be they should have let him have kiarra . they never going to work. dont get me wrong i like dyson he just needs to find someone new like really put him with tansmin there is potential there and lauren with morrigan thats an interesting idea let her get caught up in some trouble and let bo save her and build there relationship again when she is made a fae

  19. Monica

    Team Lauren and Team Dyson are so first and second season.I’m for Valkubus!!! 😉

    • j

      she needs someone new… Lauren should die on season 4

  20. neenee

    If Bo could get pregnant by Dyson, the endless possiblities of plots would ensue. They would also have an interesting hybrid of a kid. Love that Lauren finally has an interesting past, a little shadyness makes me enjoy her character a bit more. Why not let Lauren’s character develop outside of a relationship with Bo so that people could stop pitting Lauren against Dyson; they are both good actors and I hate seeing the fans divided between the two. Why not try a relationship with Lauren and the Morgan? it would be something different, and keep sexual heat on the show as far as Lauren is concernede. Not trying to jbe a kill-joy; but, Lauren and Bo’s sex scenes are so boring…Always the same thing with a different background. Lauren is pretty, pleasie consider giving her more relationship options so that she doesn’t come across as so needy and helpless. Love the sexual tension and forbidden love between kinsey and Hale…make you want to see fire. Great show, really. Still hoping Bo chooses to be a victor for the humans up to the end. We miss Hale like crazy and hope his character and powers are developed more beyond what we’ve seen so far. The dark fae are pretty interesting characters, It’s neat seeing the shallow minded divas among them. Keep up the great work! Look forward to an interesting season 4.

    • lauren

      I agree with everything u say except the part that lauren should be with the morrigan. I would like to see her with tamsin it would be fun. Apart from that I agree with everything u said

  21. Ez

    Get rid of Lauren and go team dyson!!!

  22. Tami

    Bo back with Dyson and Anna’s pregnancy written into the show!!!

  23. christina

    I cant belive they were ever NOT going to make a season 4 .. Lets Get On the air already!!!!! Cant wait to watch!!!! SYFI chanel has been resurected!!!

  24. De

    Just started watching show. awesome! Cant wait til season 4. I think Bo is going to win lauren back for sure!! They are great together.

  25. XXXX

    Lost Girl is the new Buffy I need it in my life.

  26. j

    Season 4. Lauren probably dies, I hope… She’s so boring.

  27. cc

    Can’t wait for season 4. I’d also would like to see Bo & Dyson back together. Now that she knows Dyson has his love back for her I think she will want to go back to him. They look great together. Now Tamsin on the other hand, I think has a thing for Bo too. The new season will be very interesting indeed. Not sure about Lauren. Kenzi want to become Fae… I wonder what kind of Fae she would want to be. All kinds of room for new episodes. Can’t wait to watch.

  28. roberta

    this is my all time fave show i pray it doesnt get canceled ever!!!!

  29. Son

    Can’t wait for season 4! Go team Dyson.

  30. B

    Bo and Lauren forever!!!!

  31. Suzan

    I am really forward to the new shows, when I though it would not be renewed , I was disappointed because it seems like all the good show are. I am expecting something new to enter into the seen with kenzi, Not sure what but I just have a feeling that something know one expects is about to come forth .. a thrill I am sure. At least I can sit and watch a good TV weekly show !! And I am a Author in progress , so know the writers have plenty for us to see to continue the show.. happy happy

  32. LaCie chapman

    Love the show keep more seasons coming!!

  33. nina

    I would like Bo and Dyson back together.

  34. Jules

    Bo and dyson should get back together they are perfect together how can you not see that

  35. Rusty

    Bo is still trying to find out who dad is and I think it is the wander who is also dark fae. kenzy will become a fae too by what bit her is season three.

  36. robin 234

    I want bo and lauren to have a healthy relationship without fighting her and lauren are so good together but they need to make lauren more hip like bo . make lauren more willing to do things with bo and get her presents and i want dyson to find a new true love so he can move on i dont like him with bo as for kezi i hope you put her and hail together . Hail is so sexy and i love him and i love kenzi sense of humor and sarcasim . U,

  37. Kley-Kley

    I SO can’t wait for S-4 to air!
    Can I be Team Kenzie? I swear, had it not been for her awesome and out-of-this-world sense of humor, I wouldn’t have gotten through several of the slow (boring / filler) episodes. I love how she believes herself to be a fashion diva when…ahem…NOTHING to do with…but still, she rocks! I’d love to see her and Hale, together. Kenzie becoming fae would be the coolest thing in S-4…that and Bo getting back together with Dyson. Although I really like Lauren, she needs to find some cool human to be with – I see many of them, here, on this comment trail! 😉

    Also, if Bo is the daughter of the most powerful and badass Dark Fae there is, then she should be showing off more and better fighting skills. She really needs to kick a*s, galore! I just can’t wait to see what’s in store for all of us, Lost Girl Seekers!! LOL!!

  38. smorris

    I love this show! Bo and Lauren are great together they need to keep them as lovers, we never get to see gay lovers last on a show. kenzie is great and her humor is awesome,the whole cast is great. I too hope it last for years to come,

  39. Denzi

    I want to see some dyson/kenzi Though it may never be… DX

  40. Kris

    Bo and Tamsin, hope they get together

  41. Kim

    I love this show and have from the beginning. I love the fact that it is a Canadian show. All the actors are great together. Although I like the Lauren/Bo chemistry I much prefer the Bo/Dyson dynamic and really hope they get back together. Lauren is just not quite right for Bo. And I love the rest of the crew. It’s hard to pick a favourite but I think it would have to be a tie between Kenzi and Tick with everyone else following closely behind including Vex and Tamsin

    • Kim

      That should be Trick…not Tick 🙂

  42. yvonne

    I love that I finally have a show that my husband enjoys watching with me! The only problem I always have with syfy is that they always stop making shows when they start to get really good. Hopefully they will recognize this show for the gem that it is for the MA audience.

  43. Donna

    I have watched all 3 seasons and I love them all. Every season gets better and better, I just wish that the seasons were longer. Yes I hate the fact that Canada gets to see the season before us, but that is why we as the fans have to keep voicing our opinions so that they know WE LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!

  44. Doreen Nagler

    love the show and glad it hasn’t been cancelled. Can hardly wait until it comes on. Would have loved to see it at same time airs in Canada.

  45. aliyah

    am team bo. love u bo

  46. pinkwoman

    Watched all 3 seasons in 1 week, can’t wait for 4…waiting to see Bo & Dyson back together and hopefully a child.

  47. Luv The Fae

    Keep this show coming, PLEASE! There are lots of fans. Who does these t.v. polls? They keep taking the really good shows off the air when almost everyone I know watches them, waits for them even sets the timer so when it’s showtime the channel turns to it automatically, loves them and yet none of us or anyone we know has ever been asked. Also, it’s time for No and Dyson to come together for good.

    • Sonja

      I agree wholeheartedly !

  48. TJ

    Absolutely soooo glad there’s a season 4 and ya totally agree about Bo and Dyson they are so perfect for each other, as for Lauren we need her even though she’s annoying sometimes it wouldn’t be the same without her, she keeps Bo’s feathers ruffled and that wolf on his toes lol…

    • gea vox

      And gives Bo some emotional content. Dyson for a shag, Lauren for loving, a home, children… I mean… I adore dogs, but I wouldn’t have children with one of them!

  49. Aaron Fletcher

    I find Lauren-Bo boring and chemistry-less, I can’t imagine anyone
    rooting for her unless its just because its a lesbian relationship.

    Personally because of the divide between fans they’re either going
    to have to piss one group off, either the doctor fans, or the dyson.

    IMHO the smartest thing for the writers to do since Lauren can’t feed Bo alone would be to go, Dysodocubus.

  50. skye

    I want Bo and that Blond head Cop to hook up or Bo and Kenzi. Sexi sh*t

  51. Mel

    Bo & Lauren belong together!!! Dyson can hook up with someone else…That ship has passed…
    Bo is better off with females for sure 🙂

  52. HP

    Team Lauren
    Blonde!!! Cop…

    • gea vox

      Definitely Team Lauren!

  53. gea vox

    I want Bo and Lauren to get married and have one kiddie each; Dyson can father them both.. though Lauren would no doubt opt for artificial insemination. 😀

  54. lashell

    Lauren and Bo it’s not going to happen.Bo Needs someone that can handle her like Dyson duh.

  55. sarah

    love love love lost girl! She needs to end up with Dyson!

  56. Suzan

    Would like to see Kinzie receive some type of power and maybe a new character to the show , although I love each one and am so looking forward to the new shows starting after the New Year in Feb my birth month this is a great gift for me to watch, so glad it was renewed !!!!!

  57. Donna


  58. sr

    I think Bo and Kiarra should have an affair! As far as Bo being with a female,Kiarra would be more of a challange and equal for Bo. Then Dyson could join, a “3 FAE”.

  59. iris

    Team Dyson! Lauren is Fu’ tard…..

  60. Cindal Bowman

    Dyson doesn’t want just anyone he wants Bo. I think that would be a great up coming season for Bo and Dyson to get married and have a baby. Them some wierd devil like ancient asshole comes and tries to take their baby becyase it is so powerful. I have a whole storyline. Pure awesome.

    • Delana Thomas

      Team Dyson

  61. Sonja

    This show is AMAZING- we’ll thought out plots, great character development, in depth and accurate mythology and great acting. I’m in the US and stumbled upon it in netflix, bought season 3 and now I simply can’t wait for season 4. I would buy 10 more seasons/ passes if you produced them. I’m a double boarded physician, and I’m so impressed with this show and it’s cast and writers.

  62. Slayer

    I have enjoyed this show through all three seasons. I have read all the comments and find it very interesting the different takes on who should be with whom. I vote for team Lauren. She grounds Bo and the two of them have great chemistry. Looking forward to season 4 and what is in store for all the characters.

    I don’t like the back and forth between Lauren and Dyson. It needs to be one or the other not back and forth. I pick team Lauren.

  63. Living with melancholy

    So Kenzie with vex or Kenzie and hail?

  64. Stephanie Lynn

    So glad they are making season 4!!! Love this series!!! Hope it continues for a long time!

  65. Essence

    I really hope kenzie becomes fae. Because it hinted at it. I hope it’s a really badass fae also. And everyone goes to save Bo from her dad and kenzie and Bo defeat him together. Also It would be cool if kenzie became the ash or even better the Morgan. To get rid of the rude one. Then the dark and the light can come together as one finally. Then a marriage. That would be nice.

  66. formervisionary

    The world needs more Lost Girl… Especially Dyson!

  67. Sly

    Lost girl is the best, hope Bo’s dad turns out to be one of the good guys and shows Bo how to reach her full potential. looking forward to season 4

  68. Vanessa DivaAmba Harrison


  69. jason townsend

    Man I love this show. Bo is friggin hot, the story lines are awesome. Am really glad to hear there will be a season 4.

  70. Delana Thomas

    I am so ready for this next season. Hopefully Bo and Dyson get back together.

  71. Jessica Clow

    I am so glad that the show is renewed, I love it!!!! I love the characters, all of them. Don’t get rid of any of them!!! And put hale back in there, I missed him in the end of the 3rd season. Kenzi and Bo are my favorites, especially there scenes together! I like the episodes that are more about bo and kenzi taking on cases and working with everyone to solve them. I’m not saying that I don’t like the drawn out epic tales but sometimes the witty, comical, sexual, upbeat episodes can be more fun then the dramatic battles and what not. Either way I’ll always the show! I got my boyfriend and family hooked on it to.

  72. Will Williams

    I am an avid watcher of the Lost Girl series. After last nights episode ( 1/27/14 ) I was sickened by this lesb*an scene that had nothing to do with the main character. I had to turn the channel , which I have never had to do in the past. Please do not conform to the main stream versions of society and ruin a very good TV series. Last night just crossed the line. I was watching TV at 9pm with my youngest daughter and stepped away and came back to be shocked by that HORRIBLE LESB*AN SCENE that was allowed to run its course. STOP IT STOP STOP IT. Science Fiction is perfectly fine without all of the details being shown. Its this kind of compromise that completely undermines great TV and poisons our youth. I grew up watching Star Trek with my mom and grew to Love it. I will not allow my child to grow up watching this TV series if this continues. I am FURIOUS.

  73. Amythyst

    I absolutely love lost girl it is by far my all time favorite show!! I look forward to what the 4th season will bring! I hope Dyson and Bo get back together!!

  74. COLIN


  75. pauline lewis

    Can’t wait for season 5 to be aired here in the UK. Have all of seasons 1 – 4 and love being able to re watch them time and time again.
    By far the best series, ever produced. Long may it continue.. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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