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«No Ordinary Family» season 2: release date

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TV Series «No Ordinary Family» returning for season 2? What is known about premiere date?

American show about the family of superheroes won the hearts of many TV viewers, who were fond of the stories about the superpowers of the ordinary people. The given story premiered on ABC TV channel in 2010 and attracted its auditory. The last twentieth episode of Season 1 was broadcast in April, 2011 but the show ratings were not as high as in the beginning.

The reasons for such low ratings are still being discussed on the Internet forums. Probably, there are so many shows about superheroes that they become boring at last. Also it was possible, that the story about the superfamily didn’t meet its fans’ expectations, which led to the low ratings. As a result, the rightholders took a decision not to shoot the sequel of «No Ordinary Family» (Season 2).

Its release date was being discussed by fans of the show for a long time, but ABC TV Channel had to announce the following: The series is closed! There will be no sequel. Low rating of the show is the main reason.

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  1. leone

    need just one more season. i am so disappointed i loved that show.

  2. douglas

    i like no ordinary fmily they should have made the second series

  3. Sima J.

    It’s all about ratings =(

  4. More

    This is exactly why i dont pay for cable. Bring back! I want to watch the season 2

  5. Bobby

    NOF held my interest a long time and I hope NOF will be back.

  6. Mippo

    I watched the show in the beginning, but I stopped because of lack of money to afford cable. =)

  7. giveittome

    I realllly wanted to see season 2!! so they didnt get the ratings they wanted in the end so what !! make a season 2 and think of ways to advertise it to get more people intrested im sure all its oringinal fans will be pomoting people to watch it cause its awesome wahhhh i want more

  8. Disepointed

    I WANT SEASON twoooooooo

  9. honey

    season 2 pleeeeeaaaaassseee

  10. :(

    to bad… I wanted to see how it playes along, and I liked the character combinations too. You s*ck for not continuing 🙁

  11. adam

    Fkkking azzholes i have waiter several years for season 2 and now i see it will not be one … so damn disipointed

  12. Mari

    My whole family love this show. Including many friends and their families. It would be great that they would continue to run future series.

  13. mosy

    y the hell did you have to leave such an ending
    OK u do season 2 with a real ending….Season 2 p’se

  14. Rydlx Amegah Bench

    Hmm… I don’t even knw what to say right now!!! I’ve never fell 4 a movie series as much as i do like the “No Ordinary Family” Please i beg u guys in the name of God….. Kindly continue this show for us b’cos its so Awsome!!! I just love it and tell J.J that his abilities are mmwaaaaah!!! Awsome. Thank U

  15. jakov

    hey no ordinary family is so awsome and a ending is so intersting so pleaseeee releeaaaase 2 seassooooon

  16. Thereasea

    As soon as a decent family show gets on the powers that be decide that we do not need something this great.

  17. ido

    we want second season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Unknown

    Season 2!!! Season 2!!!! Season 2!!!!! We want season 2 please I mean seriously why would you end the show without us knowing what George’s power is and what Katie and Joshua are gonna do with the baby and if Jim and George are gonna be a superhero team

    • Pawelk198604

      It’s the best show i ever watched except Fringe:-)

      I am not an American but a Pole.
      I watched the movie because one of television’s bought it.
      I am surprised that the Americans do not appreciate such a wonderful show like this.

      I just started to write crossover fanfiction about meeting No Ordinary Family with Fringe team:-)

      It just will be epic if JJ meet Walter Bishop two greatest TV Genius

  19. Patient

    Please we really want it!!!!

  20. federico27

    please release season 2 this show was very interesting and we would like to see how is gonna end 🙁

  21. Marita Bøe

    Please bring the show back, it’s super good… greetings form Norway

  22. Clarette

    Maybe its low ratings cus they take so long to make a season 2 and now they say they are not making one. Thats so gay. I loved that show. YOU LEFT ME HANGING!

  23. DoS

    Нужен второй сезон однозначно.!!!Зачем дразнить было первым тогда?

  24. No ordanary

    I am so disepointet. I wached this show, and i love it! why cant u guys take the show make? atleast make a season 2? this show made my day! i love it! and u cant end season 1 like that with out making seasion 2…. this s*cks, i have been wating along time on finding season 2. if i could i would make it. but why stop it? you guys got a lot of fans that love this show.

  25. FS Sweden

    D’: I really want no ordinary family back !!!!! I don’t care how long it’s been since they cancelled it because I love it and as I know there is millions of more who does D’: I Seriusly think they should make a season 2 and maby 3 and i dont understad why people rated it as they did because this is the best tv show i ever seen and i watch 18 tv shows !!! But can you or they just give them a second chance because i think the serie got more fans now some years after they cancelled it :'( :'(

    • lucy


  26. lucy


  27. brock

    is there any way that you can bring season 2 back and if so HOW!?!? I really loved the show and I was really getting into it. I loved watching it when it was out in 2010 but than you guys stopped it so PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!! 😀

  28. A boy from Norway

    i like all series like
    No Ordinary Family
    Almost Human
    Being Human (US)
    Teen Wolf
    Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

    anything that is not ordinary, like animal-human changing people, humans with super abilities, and all the rest of things that is no normal.

    and i think its alot off people that have the same interest, but not always have the time to watch it on tv the time it goes.

  29. Bedan

    No ordinary family is on demand do something about it.

  30. Niezadowolona

    Jestem niezadowolona z tego że sezonu 2 nie będzie. Jest to naprawdę straszne fabuła świetna super aktorzy. Czegóż więcej można chcieć jak nie następnego sezonu. Niesprawiedliwe Bo niby za dużo już jest filmów i wszystkiego innego o bohaterach to raczej dobrze bo chociaż serial daje chwilę tego aby przenieść się do tej rodziny i zobaczyć ich dalsze losy.

  31. alex , norway

    season2 MUST come!!!!!!!!!!!! :0 bettter then most that goes at TV!!;((( really sad it may not come!!! hooked for sure. and my famly

  32. Sage Carino

    Listen no ordinary family was more than just a show , a family was created the actors had something to do with it to it’s not just the show ITS THEM they were the write chosen actors more or less if your having thoughts of the show ask the people playing the characters first many people love this show from this day I will wait 2010 I was 9 I loved the show , four years later I remember the show and finished the whole series today the way it ended made me sad its a good ending for a big start up for season 2 I’m saying this show has to be continued even from now I love this show my favorite character was j.j. he was cool if show does start up again same people or don’t start at all

  33. brittney leah

    its not as fun watching TV now or for a couple years. just because of ratings.
    P.S. bring it back that would be nice. =(

  34. Milan

    Please we all want SEASON 2 !!!

  35. Victoria

    Omg please come back season 2. please please

  36. Kira

    Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee we need season 2

  37. Lyn

    so disapointed to find out that there is no season 2. I loved this show and would really love to see more.

  38. lou

    Please my family love no ordinary family we need season 2

  39. pelle

    i have watched season 1 two times already i would really like to see another season of this great show. there can never be to many super series

  40. Nat

    Halo! There has to be the second series!! It was much better show than those now producting, plz just one more season! It can’t finish like thissssss

  41. Jane middlebrooke

    Bring back No Ordinary Family! One more season should do it. We need to find out what happened to George!

    • booray876


  42. Meri

    Please we need season 2 !!!!!!

  43. mohamed

    i’m so sad for that because i liked that series 🙁

  44. izack

    please we want season 2 please do a fever for us we have wanted season 2 for a long time please think about it. and if we didnt like it would we being asking for another season?

  45. Wissy

    Pls we luv it season2

  46. Christy


  47. Rochean

    Please give us a season 2, my daughter and I watch season 1 together it is a great family show, love the characters and story line. First super hero family I actually liked. I didn’t even like Hero’s

  48. Sarah

    Season 2 please need to know what happens next

  49. will

    abc should do season two especially that netflix brought in more fans if they dont would be a loss to abc if the writer went else where im sure people would be intrested i got faith in abc to bring it back for uk and usa peace out do the right thing and sort things out

  50. Valorie

    Please bring it back! My kids & I love it!!!!!

  51. r rod

    OMG! Never know about season 1 up until I found it on Hulu and watch the whole season in about two days! So sad that there isn’t going to be a season 2!

  52. Fev.P

    I saw the entire season 1 when it first came out and I loved it, I really wanted a season 2 and thought they would have made one. Now I only find out that there is no season 2 makes me so annoyed and disappointed. Please just make a season 2 even though it is a few years late it doesn’t matter. Please no season 2 because of the ratings that is a terrible excuse. Just make a season 2 and maybe ratings will go up for both seasons. Until than I am going to watch the whole season 1 again and again.


    • charlie

      I Agree!!

  53. zyon

    Ok i want a season 2 if america can go revamp godzilla y cnt we do the samething with no ordinary family u cnt just leave with a sorry ending lke that abc needd 2 make another season and end it the right way

  54. jessica tarman

    Please i want season 2 because i wanna know what happen to the mutants and george and it was
    the best serie i see in my life soo please come back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kisses jessica from amsterdam

  55. charlie

    No Ordinary Family was a GREAT show !!! We need season 2!! I think you all miscalculated the ratings. Their are thousands, millions of people, families,singles,kids etc. who LOVED this show. When there is a GREAT show don’t dismiss it, I believe this is a good family show that needs to continue. This show was very exciting, full of action, on the edge of your seat suspense, and it was nice to see a family so close with a great bond of love that would protect each other and the unity of their family!! 🙂 🙂

  56. juan

    I’m from belgium. If even in one of the smallest countries the show has being seen then why no second season.
    At least they have to take there responsebility for a real final. So bring it back?

  57. Oliver

    Great show and great ending, real bad there is no season two, whole family was watching it. That would be 6 full ratings from us, There must be a season two!

  58. booray876

    it so unfair that show was apsolutely amazing its so good we watch about two of the NOF
    every night and now we have only three to watch 🙁 you need seieries two cuase every one will hate the producers because the fans want another one . I think we need to protest MORE NOF, MORE NOF ,MORE NOF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. booray876


  60. Gemma picton

    Please put on a second series of Nour ordinary family I want to know if Jimshe mate the black guy gets powers and what powers will Joshuas baby have

  61. deb

    How can we be left with a cliff hanger and not make another series.

  62. kelly

    You being serious jst watches whole episode season one, look up season 2 be told no being dne how can u leave programme like that. Just cos low rateings out of order for people that actually wonted carry on watching it

  63. Anne Dobbs

    I have just watched all of season 1 on Amazon video’s I was hooked. I loved it wanted to watch season 2 then you had to disappoint me by not making season 2 not happy at all.

  64. Sheree marie Evans

    I loved watching no ordinary family please please bring bk a season 2!

  65. faye & danny

    Devastated theres no season 2! Got to bring it out we want to know what happens! Hate when they air things ab drop them like that. Look at all these comments surely that’s proof it needs to come back

  66. Zachary Ryan Starner

    Why in the hell would they leave us hanging like that in the end where (George St.Cloud) may or may not have gained powers and now the government wants help which should suggest that they’ve known about the family’s ability’s and means that they can freely use them without having to hide the secret. Then there’s Katie’s super baby with Joshua and they have the nerve to end it there!? Well I wonder if I could do an online petition and get this show back on air now who’s with me?!!

    • Genevieve

      I am seriously I didn’t even know the show existed poor advertising but I watched the entire series in two days also they need to at least finish it up.

    • Jonathan Sammy

      WHAT??? NO SEASON 2?? You gotta be kidding me… I was finally starting to get into it… Come on film season 2 please…

  67. Chris

    You can NOT end a show when it does not show there is one. Clearly the ending of season 1 when the government said to the family they need there help because of all the people that got abilitys and jim’s friend George has some powers that we need to see which we are all exited about. Think about it. One more does not hurt if anything it will gain much higher ratings

    • Mr.Logic

      totally agree with you chris.

  68. Anton Ryabow

    ABS TV please”No Ordinary Family”2sesone.Ukraine Odessa.I Love”No Ordinary Family”P.S” Respekt”

  69. LTab

    please we want season 2!!!!

  70. Mr.Logic

    give us season 2. I have been waiting for 6 years for it to come out and now I found out it isn’t I am so mad. bring it back no one cares about ratings. Why does it always have to be about ratings? there is still thousands of people out there who like these shows. Give the people what they want. You can’t just leave us on a cliffhanger like that. That is so uncool. Building up our excitement then taking it away. I am disgusted. I agree what chris said if you make a season 2 there probably be higher ratings. Please people bring back season 2

  71. marc vindemial

    I never forger that séries je je powel

    • marc vindemial


  72. unknown

    Please please I just finished watching season one and am dying for season two please continue please
    Look at the number of people begging for season 2
    Am sure after realising season 2 there will be higher rating

  73. Hope

    Please please I just finished watching season one and am dying for season two please continue please

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